2023 US Open Wrestling Championships

Complete U17 Preview & Predictions For 2023 US Open Wrestling Championships

Complete U17 Preview & Predictions For 2023 US Open Wrestling Championships

The U17 division at the 2023 US Open is about as deep as it could possibly be. Here's a complete preview of all the action complete with predictions.

Apr 24, 2023 by David Bray
Complete U17 Preview & Predictions For 2023 US Open Wrestling Championships

This year's U17 US Open is as deep as any tournament in recent memory. There aren't many top high schoolers who haven't registered, so wrestling fans should expect to see some of the best high school action of the year with a whole lot at stake. Here's what to expect at every weight.

45 kg - 1 Ranked in the Top 20

45 kg - #3 (106) Haakon Peterson, Dodgeville High School Wrestling, Wisconsin

45 kg - HM Kole Davidheiser, Team Renegade Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

45 kg - HM Cason Craft, Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma, Oklahoma

45 kg - HM Caleb Noble, Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy, Illinois

45 kg - HM Mac Crosson, Sebolt Wrestling Academy, Iowa

45 kg - HM Ignacio Villasenor, Pomona Elite (PWCC), Colorado

In 2021 and 2022, Bo Bassett and Dominic Munaretto made their way onto Team USA at this weight before either had wrestled a high school match. Both went on to win U17 World titles, and both are currently ranked #1 in the country at 120 lbs and 106 lbs respectively. If you don’t know the names in this bracket, you will soon enough.

Haakon Peterson is currently ranked 6th in the country at 106 lbs despite being undersized at the weight. He was a finalist at this weight a year ago falling to eventual World champ Dom Munareto. He followed that performance with double stop signs in Fargo at 94 lbs. He might be the favorite in Vegas, but this weight has plenty of contenders.

U15 bronze medalist Mac Crosson and Caleb Noble met in a memorable Fargo final last summer. At the end of regulation, Noble won and even hit a celebratory backflip, but after a review, Crosson was declared the victor. Noble went on to win the Greco title a few days later. Both will be contenders.

Crosson and Noble's wild Fargo final


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Kole Davidheiser was a double-Fargo placer a year ago and finished on the podium a PIAAs. Ignacio Villasenor won the 44kg bracket at U15s a year ago, so keep an eye on him. Middle schoolers Gavin Landers and Kavin Myleart will be serious factors in this bracket as well.

Prediction: 1) Haakon Peterson 2) Gavin Landers 3) Kavin Muyleart 4) Mac Crosson 5) Caleb Noble 6) Kole Davidheiser 7) Ignacio Villasenor 8) Cason Craft

48 kg - 3 Ranked in the Top 20

48 kg - #1 (106) Domenic Munaretto, Illinois

48 kg - #6 (106) Dominic Deputy, Pennsylvania

48 kg - #14 (106) Lincoln Sledzianowski, Pennsylvania

48 kg - HM Griffin Rial, Colorado

48 kg - HM Revin Dickman, Brownsburg Wrestling Club, Indiana

48 kg - HM Grey Burnett, Perrysburg Wrestling Club, Ohio

48 kg - HM Slater Hicks, Sunkist Kids/Monster Garage, California

48 kg - HM Alex Rozas, Predator Wrestling, Louisiana

48 kg - HM Cole Welte, MWC Wrestling Academy, Nebraska

48 kg - HM Che Jenkins, Cyclones Wrestling & Fitness, Arizona

48 kg - HM Paul Kenny, New Jersey

48 kg - HM Evin Gursoy, New York

48 kg - HM Dunia Sibomana, LONG BEACH-USA WRESTLING CLUB, New York

The defending World champ, Dom Munaretto, is the easy pick in this weight. He waited a long time to register, but now that he’s in, he’s the clear favorite to win this bracket and make a push at another World title. The weight has plenty of contenders, but it's hard to pick against someone with a World gold.

Domenic Munaretto's World championship match


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PIAA finalist Dominic Deputy finished on the podium in the 45kg bracket that Munaretto won a year ago. Bishop McCort's Lincoln Sledzianowski was in the finals of last year's 44kg U15 bracket in freestyle and won the title in Greco. Those two both hold top-20 rankings at 106 lbs.

Other contenders with national-level freestyle or Greco accolades include Griffin Rial who was 6th at 45kg Greco a year ago, Revin Dickman who placed in U15 Greco and in both styles in Fargo, Grey Burnett, who was a double champ at U15s, Slater Hicks who was 5th at 45kg last year and 4th in Fargo, Cole Welte who placed in both divisions in Fargo and finished on the podium at 45kg at the US Open a year ago, Fargo placer Che Jenkins, and U15 bronze medalist Dunia Sibomana.

Keep your eyes on Louisianna's Alex Rozas, New Jersey's Paul Kenny, and New York's Evin Gursoy as well.

Prediction: 1) Dominic Munaretto 2) Dominic Deputy 3) Slater Hicks 4) Grey Burnett 5) Alex Rozas 6) Lincoln Sledzianowski 7) Revin Dickman 8) Cole Welte

51 kg - 11 Ranked in the Top 20

51 kg - #2 (113) Christian Castillo, Thorobred Wrestling Club, Arizona

51 kg - #3 (113) Keanu Dillard, Steller Trained Wrestling, Pennsylvania

51 kg - #6 (113) Seth Mendoza, Region Wrestling Academy, Illinois

51 kg - #10 (113) Jayden Raney, Union County High School Wrestling, Kentucky

51 kg - #14 (113) Jake Knight, Sebolt Wrestling Academy, Iowa

51 kg - #15 (106) Hudson Loges, MWC Wrestling Academy, Nebraska

51 kg - #18 (113) Cadell Lee, Integrity Wrestling Club, Virginia

51 kg - #19 (113) Ayden Smith, Lost Boys Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

51 kg - #19 (106) Aydan Thomas, Cowboy Wrestling Club, Oklahoma

51 kg - #20 (113) Edwin Sierra, Poway Wrestling, California

51 kg - HM Titan Friederichs, No Nonsense Wrestling, Minnesota

51 kg - HM Mikey Ruiz, Omada Kitrinos Wrestling Club, Texas

51 kg - HM Lawson Eller, New Prague Wrestling, Minnesota

51 kg - HM Kody Tanimoto, Spartan Mat Club, Texas

51 kg - HM Jace Hedeman, Immortal Athletics WC, Iowa

51 kg - HM Tyson Roach, Bronco Wrestling Club, Louisiana

51 kg - HM Rylan Seacrist, Seasons Freestyle Club, Ohio

51 kg - HM Nikos Filipos, X-Calibur Athletics Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

51 kg - HM Landon Sidun, Knights Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

51 kg - HM Evan Sanati, Integrity Wrestling Club, Virginia

Christian Castillo is a returning World silver medalist, but he’ll have his hands full to make another World team. Two-time Illinois state champ Seth Mendoza was Castillo’s finals opponent at both last year’s U17 trials last spring and Super 32 in the fall. Castillo has gotten the most recent wins, but Mendoza won their 2021 Fargo Final and has surely been working to get the series moving in his direction.

Christian Castillo & Seth Mendoza's deciding best-of-three bout last year


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Mendoza’s Fargo finals opponent, Jayden Raney, might be the most dangerous guy in the bracket. He, like his twin brother Jordyn, wrestles at a break-neck pace and isn’t afraid of taking risks in order to win. Raney got the better of Mendoza in the Fargo finals but hasn’t had a crack at Castillo yet. He has basically no aversion to risk which could cost him a big match but might also lead him to win this whole bracket.

Freshman PIAA champ Keanu Dillard has plenty of freestyle chops. He was a Fargo finalist last summer and currently holds the #3 ranking at 113 lbs. Iowa freshman Jake Knight won a tough state final over nationally ranked Dru Ayala this year. He finished on the podium at this tournament a year ago and was 4th in Fargo.

Those five wrestlers might be at the top of the field, but this bracket boasts 11 total top-20 competitors and just as many who have already established themselves as threats to crack the podium at an event this prestigious.

Prediction: 1) Jayden Raney 2) Christian Castillo 3) Isaiah Cortez 4) Seth Mendoza 5) Keanu Dillard 5) Jake Knight 6) Cadell Lee 7) Ayden Smith 8) Edwin Sierra

55 kg - 9 Ranked in the Top 20

55 kg - #1 (120) Bo Bassett, Bishop McCort High School Wrestling, Pennsylvania

55 kg - #2 (120) Marcus Blaze, Perrysburg Wrestling Club, Ohio

55 kg - #2 (126) Anthony Knox, Rhino Wrestling LLC, New Jersey

55 kg - #5 (120) Jordyn Raney, Union County High School Wrestling, Kentucky

55 kg - #7 (120) Isaiah Cortez, Gilroy High School Wrestling, California

55 kg - #7 (113) Moses Mendoza, Gilroy High School Wrestling, California

55 kg - #8 (113) Lukas Littleton Mascaro, Malvern Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

55 kg - #9 (120) Gauge Botero, Lion's Den Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

55 kg - #10 (106) Liam Neitzel, Pinnacle Wrestling Club, Wisconsin

55 kg - #14 (120) Caio Aron, Boneyard Wrestling Academy, Texas

55 kg - HM Gus Cardinal, Arizona

55 kg - HM Keyan Hernandez, Montana

55 kg - HM Nathan Carrillo, Sunkist Kids/Monster Garage, California

55 kg - HM Elijah Cortez, Gilroy High School Wrestling, California

55 kg - HM Maximus Riggins, Moen Wrestling Academy, Iowa

55 kg - HM Jason Worthley, Sanderson Wrestling Academy, Utah

55 kg - HM Christian Fretwell, Lake Gibson High School Wrestling, Florida

55 kg - HM Isaiah Schaefer, Maurer Coughlin Wrestling Club, Indiana

55 kg - HM Declan Koch, Team Nazar Training Center, Wisconsin

55 kg - HM Jackson Blum, Michigan

55 kg - HM Devon Harrison, Victory Wrestling, Missouri

55 kg - HM Adam Bilby, South Central Punisher Wrestling, Kansas

55 kg - HM Geronimo Rivera, Sanderson Wrestling Academy, Utah

55 kg - HM Ronnie Ramirez, Pounders WC, California

55 kg - HM Seach Hibler, New Jersey

55 kg - HM Mason Carlson, Sanderson Wrestling Academy, Utah

55 kg - HM Michael Romero, Sunkist Kids/Monster Garage, California

55 kg - HM Kolter Burton, J.E.T., Idaho

This is probably the deepest weight in the U17 division with a #1, two #2s, and double-digit ranked wrestlers. Bo Bassett is a World champ and ranked #1 in the country. He has the most recent win over #2 (at 126 lbs) Anthony Knox in the Super 32 finals and fellow World champ Luke Lilledahl who has aged out of the U17 division, but the last time he was in a bracket that included many of these guys, he fell to both #5 Jordyn Raney and #9 Gauge Botero. That's no slight against Bassett, just a testament to how tough this field will be in Vegas. There's a good chance that Bassett's World title earns him the #1 seed which would likely put Knox and Blaze on the same side of the bracket.

The aforementioned bracket happened in Fargo. It included Bassett, Knox, Blaze, Raney, and Botero who are all in this field and are all ranked. Blaze took home that stop sign with a semifinal victory over Raney and a 3-3 criteria win over Knox. He also has an Ironman title in his career. His head-to-head results probably make him the on-paper favorite.

Marcus Blaze vs Anthony Knox in the 2022 Fargo finals


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Anthony Knox was the latest addition to the field. He's a two-time New Jersey state champ who owns a Fargo stop sign, a Super 32 belt, and two victories at Who's Number One. Still, he's lost his most recent meeting with both Blaze and Bassett, so expect him to be on a war path.

Kentucky freshman Jordyn Raney made a name for himself by pinning Bo Bassett in Fargo last summer. Since then, he's been a consistent placer at the nation's top tournaments. He'd love to represent the US at the World Championships this summer. Gauge Botero also owns a win over Bassett. He took home a PIAA title this season.

California state champ Isaiah Cortez and National Prep champ Lukas Littleton Mascaro are the kinds of guys who would be top seeds in most tournaments, but in a bracket this deep, they may run into the top seeds in the quarterfinals. Gilroy's #7 Moses Mendoza will be back in action this week as well. He missed the California postseason after winning titles at Doc B and 5 Counties.

Wrestling fans are lucky to have a bracket as deep as 55kg. I'm making predictions because I've done that at every other weight, but it's a fool's errand. I'm mostly going with the most recent results between these athletes, but I fully expect I'll be wrong.

Prediction: 1) Marcus Blaze 2) Bo Bassett 3) Anthony Knox 4) Gauge Botero 5) Jordyn Raney 6) Isaiah Cortez 7) Moses Mendoza 8) Lukas Littleton Mascaro 

60 kg - 6 Ranked in the Top 20

60 kg - #1 (126) Benjamin Davino, St. Charles WC, Illinois

60 kg - #3 (132) Jax Forrest, Pennsylvania

60 kg - #6 (126) Kellen Wolbert, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin

60 kg - #7 (132) Landon Robideau, MN Elite Wrestling Club, Minnesota

60 kg - #18 (132) Sam Herring, Bishop McCort High School Wrestling, Pennsylvania

60 kg - #19 (132) Cooper Hilton, Boom Ranch Wrestling Club, Tennessee

60 kg - HM Timothy Koester, Big Game Wrestling Club, Iowa

60 kg - HM Manuel Saldate, Gold Rush Wrestling, Nevada

60 kg - HM Matthew Botello, Massachusetts

60 kg - HM Owen Pritchard, Askeo International Mat Club, Washington

60 kg - HM Noah Torres, Black Cat Wrestling Club, Arizona

60 kg - HM Giosue Hickman, Aces Wrestling Academy, Arizona

60 kg - HM Gunner Andrick, Mothman Wrestling Club, West Virginia

60 kg - HM Elias Navida, Poway High School Wrestling, California

60 kg - HM Anthony Lucchiani, Integrity Wrestling Club, Virginia

60 kg - HM Leo Macias, California

60 kg - HM Max Wirnsberger, Buffalo Valley Regional Training Center, Pennsylvania

60 kg - HM Eren Sement, Pennsylvania

60 kg - HM Wyatt Medlin, Super Soldiers Wrestling Club, Illinois

Standing atop the 60kg bracket are #1 Ben Davino and U17 World silver medalist Jax Forrest. They met last year in a back-and-forth battle that was one of the most exciting matches of the tournament. Forrest won that contest. Since then, both Davino and Forrest have put together incredible seasons. If that rematch happens in a best-of-three series, buckle up.

Forrest vs Davino from last year's U17 Trials


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Before you think the top two are unbeatable, keep in mind that Forrest just suffered a defeat to #19 Cooper Hilton at Elite 8 Duals. Hilton also lost to #18 Sam Herring at the event which demonstrates the depth of this weight.

#8 Kellen Wolbert is a freshman phenom. The Fargo champ at 113 lbs just beat Nebraska commit Alan Koehler at the AWA vs Pinnacle dual and beat nationally ranked Ben Bast in the Wisconsin state finals. Now he's up at 60kg. It would be a surprise if Wolbert took out one of the top guys at the weight, but he's proven to be full of surprises.

#7 Robideau is a staple atop the rankings. He finished in the top 8 at Super 32 this year and was a Fargo finalist last summer, only falling to Davino.

Outside the top 20, there are plenty more guys ready to make noise. This will be one of the most fun weights at the U17 US Open.

Prediction: 1) Jax Forrest 2) Ben Davino 3) Landon Robideau 4) Kellen Wolbert 5) Sam Herring 6) Cooper Hilton 7) Manuel Saldate 8) Elias Navida

65 kg - 6 Ranked in the Top 20

65 kg - #3 (145) Kollin Rath, Pennsylvania

65 kg - #3 (138) Brock Mantanona, Coachella Valley Wrestling Club, California

65 kg - #4 (145) Collin Gaj, Quakertown High School Wrestling, Pennsylvania

65 kg - #16 (138) Maddox Shaw, Pennsylvania

65 kg - #17 (145) Vince Bouzakis, Pennsylvania

65 kg - #18 (138) Gabriel Bouyssou, Mayo Quanchi Wrestling Club, Rhode Island

65 kg - HM Melvin Miller, Bishop McCort High School Wrestling, Pennsylvania

65 kg - HM Adyn Bostick, Arizona

65 kg - HM Bas Diaz, Big Game Wrestling Club, Iowa

65 kg - HM Tre Haines, Ascend Wrestling Academy, Washington

65 kg - HM Kane Naaktgeboren, Big Game Wrestling Club, Iowa

65 kg - HM Tyson Charmoli, Pinnacle Wrestling Club, Minnesota

65 kg - HM Blue Stiffler, Roundtree Wrestling Academy, Georgia

65 kg - HM Brock Weiss, M2 Training Center, Pennsylvania

65 kg - HM Donny Almeyda, Edge Wrestling, New Jersey

65 kg - HM Benjamin Weader, Integrity Wrestling Club, Virginia

65 kg - HM Billy Greenwood, GRIT Athletics Wrestling Club, Colorado

65 kg - HM Emil Necula, Level Up Wrestling Center, Georgia

65 kg - HM David Gleason, Team Central Wrestling Club, Missouri

65 kg - HM Garrett Reece, Black Fox Wrestling Academy, Colorado

65 kg - HM Gabriel Delgado, Gold Rush Wrestling, Nevada

Kollin Rath and Collin Gaj each won a PIAA title this year as sophomores. Rath won when they met in the 3rd place match at the 2022 PIAA Championships, but Gaj took their freestyle rematch at last year's Northeast Regional. Now, they just might meet with a U17 World Team spot on the line, but 2022 California state champ Brock Mantanona would love to spoil that party. Mantanona has yet to wrestle either Gaj or Rath, but his appearance in the Super 32 finals suggests he just might be ready to win a bracket this deep.

Kollin Rath vs Collin Gaj at the 2022 Northeast Regional


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Maddox Shaw, Vince Bouzakis, and Gabriel Bouyssou are also ranked in the top 20 and could make things interesting at this weight. A year ago, Bouyssou took out PJ Duke in a massive upset. He's capable of knocking off the best. Bouzakis and Shaw met in the 2021 Powerade finals in a match that Bouzakis won. This bracket has plenty of depth outside of the top 20. Keep an eye on 8th grader Melvin Miller who has made serious noise this spring.

Prediction: 1) Collin Gaj 2) Kollin Rath 3) Brock Mantanona 4) Vince Bouzakis 5) Maddox Shaw 6) Gabriel Bouyssou 7) Melvin Miller 8) Tyson Charmoli

71 kg - 2 Ranked in the Top 20

71 kg - #3 (152) Ladarion Lockett, Cowboy Wrestling Club, Oklahoma

71 kg - #9 (152) Claudio Torres, Spartan RTC FL, Florida

71 kg - HM Brandon Ploehn, Stallions Wrestling Club, Utah

71 kg - HM Bronson Baxter, Spartan Mat Club, Texas

71 kg - HM Tristan Steldt, Fennimore Wrestling Association, Wisconsin

71 kg - HM Christopher Creason, Wrestling Prep - Virginia, Virginia

71 kg - HM Christopher Mance, Climmons Trained/AWC, Georgia

71 kg - HM Evan Rizzo, Seasons Freestyle Club, Ohio

71 kg - HM Aliaksandr Kikiniou, Poway High School Wrestling, California

71 kg - HM Waylon Cressell, North Dakota

71 kg - HM Cameron Clark, Warrior Regional Training Center, Indiana

71 kg - HM Nicholas Campagna, New Jersey

71 kg - HM Cade Parent, Level Up Wrestling Center, Georgia

71 kg - HM Jake Stoffel, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin

71 kg - HM Jamar Dixon, DELSEA JR. WRESTLING ASSOC., New Jersey

71 kg - HM Christopher Crawford, KD Training Center, New York

71 kg - HM Kody Routledge, Dark Horse Wrestling Club, Oklahoma

LaDarion Lockett was on pace to make the U17 finals at this weight a year ago but fell to KJ Evans in a weird semifinal. Now, the #3 ranked 152-pounder in the country is the favorite to win the whole thing.

Claudio Torres is a surging sophomore who’s won National Prep and NHSCA titles this year taking out Ironman finalist Will Henckel (who beat Lockett in a strange match), so Torres is clearly the top contender at the weight. Don't be surprised to see Lockett vs Torres in the best of three on Sunday.

The last time Lockett and Torres met was in the U15 Greco quarterfinals at 62kg two years ago. Torres led with a little over a minute to go, but Lockett ended up with a tech. Don't make too big a deal of that 2-year-old Greco result.

Kody Routledge would love to spoil the Lockett vs Torres final. He won a Fargo title last summer with victories over PIAA champs Kollin Rath and Collin Gaj last summer. He competes everywhere and is capable of massive wins.

Chris Crawford trains in the Wyoming Sem room and has big wins throughout his career. He just might be poised for a big-time result. Keep an eye out for Fargo AA Jake Stoffel, U15 bronze medalist Christopher Creason, Fargo Greco champs Tristan Steldt and Aliaksandr Kikinou, and Fargo Greco AA Waylon Cressell.

Prediction: 1) LaDarion Lockett 2) Claudio Torres 3) Kody Routledge 4) Christopher Crawford 5) Jake Stoffel 6) Jamar Dixon 7) Evan Rizzo 8) Nicholas Campagna

80 kg - 3 Ranked in the Top 20

80 kg - #2 (182) Zack Ryder, M2 Training Center, New York

80 kg - #18 (170) Adam Waters, Lion's Den Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

80 kg - #19 (182) De'Alcapon Veazy, Legends of Gold Wrestling, Indiana

80 kg - HM David Alonso, California

80 kg - HM Mason Ontiveros, Pitman High School Wrestling, California

80 kg - HM Marcell Booth, Pinnacle Wrestling Club, Minnesota

80 kg - HM Isaac Sheeren, Spring Klein Wrestling Club, Texas

80 kg - HM Anthony Rinehart, Howe Wrestling School, LLC, Indiana

80 kg - HM Peyton Westpfahl, Victory Wrestling, Missouri

80 kg - HM Dylan Pile, Bay Area Dragons Wrestling Center, California

80 kg - HM Brent Slade, Moen Wrestling Academy, Iowa

80 kg - HM Braedon Welsh, Knights Wrestling Club, Pennsylvania

80 kg - HM Cade Ziola, M2 Training Center, Nebraska

80 kg - HM Bryce Burkett, Pinnacle Wrestling Club, Minnesota

80 kg - HM Hudson Rogers, Team Idaho Wrestling Club, Idaho

80 kg - HM Aydan Carlson, Pinnacle Wrestling Club, Minnesota

80 kg - HM Samuel Watkins, Hoxie Kids Wrestling Club, Kansas

80 kg - HM Elijah Diakomihalis, New York

80 kg - HM Conor Mccloskey, Teknique Wrestling, Georgia

80 kg - HM Aiden Peterson, Eagle Club, Ohio

80 kg - HM Jordan Chapman, New Jersey

80 kg - HM Tyrel Miller, Eagle Club, Ohio

80 kg - HM Peter Snyder, McDonald Wrestling Academy, Maryland

Penn State commit Zack Ryder won this tournament last year and brought home a bronze medal from the U17 World Championships. Despite missing some time this year due to injury he's been excellent and will be the clear favorite in Vegas.

Zack Ryder's U17 World bronze medal match


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Ryder's biggest threat just might be Pennsylvania freshman Adam Waters who won a PIAA title in dramatic fashion this season. He’s as dangerous as they come as evidenced by the headlock he hit in the state finals.

Nebraska sophomore Cade Ziola will be a household name soon. He was undefeated at Elite 8 Duals a few weeks ago and finished on the podium in Fargo last summer. He can make serious noise in this bracket.

Bryce Burkett was a double Fargo finalist a year ago. He was a runner-up in freestyle and a Greco champ. Keep an eye on Fargo placers Jordan Chapman, Peyton Westphal, Hudson Rogers, Brent Slade, Hudson Rogers, Aydan Carlson, Samuel Watkins, Tyrel Miller, and Peter Snyder as well.

Prediction: 1) Zack Ryder 2) Adam Waters 3) Bryce Burkett 4) Cade Ziola 5) Jordan Champman 6) Peyton Westphal 7) Hudson Rogers 8) Elijah Diakomihalis

92 kg - 4 Ranked in the Top 20

92 kg - #3 (195) Aeoden Sinclair, Askren Wrestling Academy, Wisconsin

92 kg - #8 (220) Cash Henderson, Sanderson Wrestling Academy, Utah

92 kg - #12 (195) Dreshaun Ross, Sebolt Wrestling Academy, Iowa

92 kg - #16 (195) Vincenzo Lavalle, Edge Wrestling, New Jersey

92 kg - HM Aiden Cooley, Allen High School Wrestling, Texas

92 kg - HM Rocco Dellagatta, New York Athletic Club, New Jersey

92 kg - HM Jason Singer, Pennsylvania

92 kg - HM Carson Gooley, Team Idaho Wrestling Club, Idaho

92 kg - HM Melvin Whitehead, Gold Rush Wrestling, Nevada

92 kg - HM Kayden Cartee, Sunkist Kids/Monster Garage, California

92 kg - HM Brennan Carey, Nixa High School Wrestling, Missouri

92 kg - HM Karson Tompkins, Warrior Trained Wrestling, Texas

92 kg - HM Mason Ellis, Alabama Takedown Academy, Alabama

It’s hard to believe Aeoden Sinclair is still U17 eligible because he's been a serious factor on the national level for years and is already committed to Missout, but he’s a young Junior. He’s the clear favorite, but his match against Joey Novak in the AWA vs Pinnacle Dual showed that the right kind of opponents can score on him. Sinclair was a Fargo champ a year ago and finished 3rd in this tournament at 80kg.

Sinclair will have multiple Fargo champs in his way. Fort Dodge, Iowa freshman Dreshaun Ross won this tournament in the U15 division a year ago and followed it up with a Fargo title a few months later. Now he has an Iowa state title under his belt and is looking to prove that he belongs with the nation’s best. His preparedness for an opponent as seasoned as Sinclair is one of the most interesting questions of the entire U17 tournament. Utah's Cash Henderson was an Ironman finalist this year and won 220 lbs bracket in the U16 division at Fargo last summer. That means last year's Fargo champs at 182 lbs, 195 lbs, and 220 lbs will all be in the same bracket in Vegas.

New Jersey 3rd place finisher Vincenzo Lavalle was Dreshaun Ross' Fargo finals opponent last summer. Lavalle won the takedown battle against Ross 2-1 last summer, so even though he lost, he's likely to approach the rematch with a gameplan and a lot of confidence.

Dreshaun Ross vs Vincenzo Lavalle in last year's Fargo finals


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Fargo freesytle placers Melvin Whitehead, Rocco Dellagatta, Aiden Cooley, Jason Singer, Kayden Cartee and Mason Ellis can do damage in this bracket as can Fargo Greco champ Brennan Carey and placer Karson Tompkins.

Prediction: 1) Aeoden Sinclair 2) Dreshaun Ross 3) Cash Henderson 4) Vincenco Lavalle 5) Rocco Dellagatta 6) Melvin Whitehead 7) Karson Tompkins 8) Jason Singer

110 kg - 2 Ranked in the Top 20

110 kg - #13 (285) Sampson Stillwell, Kobra Kai Training, Missouri

110 kg - #16 (220) Nicholas Sahakian, Sunkist Kids/Monster Garage, California

110 kg - HM Jacob Levy, Georgia

110 kg - HM Adam Farha, Poway High School Wrestling, California

This is by far the smallest bracket in the U17 division. Currently, only 15 wrestlers are set to compete. Still, Team USA should have a quality representative when it's all said and done. Sampson Stillwell is the 13th-ranked heavyweight in the nation on the strength of a third-place finish at Fargo a year ago and plenty of other excellent results. His biggest competition looks to be Nicholas Sahakian of California who's ranked #16 at 220 lbs. Sahakian won the California state title this year, and he's been a threat on the national level since he entered high school He’s yet to bring home a title on a national stage like the one he’ll have in Vegas, but this might be the one. Sahakian and Stillwell met in both Freestyle and Greco at the Open a year ago. Stillwell won the Greco bout, but Sahakian won a tight contest in Freestyle.

Sahakian vs Stillwell in freestyle at last year's US Open


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The two top-20 ranked wrestlers will likely be pushed by Fargo finalists Jacob Levy of Georgia and Adam Farha of California. Both of these wrestlers have proven to be factors on the national stage.

Prediction: 1) Nicholas Sahakian 2) Sampson Stillwell 3) Adam Farha 4) Jacob Levy