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Iowa Wrestling vs Oklahoma State Wrestling Dual Match Notes

Iowa Wrestling vs Oklahoma State Wrestling Dual Match Notes

Iowa takes down Oklahoma State, 28-7, inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena. Get full match notes from the final dual of the season for both teams.

Feb 19, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Iowa Wrestling vs Oklahoma State Wrestling Dual Match Notes

Get a full breakdown of Iowa's 28-7 win over Oklahoma State on Sunday, February 19.

165 - #9 Patrick Kennedy, Iowa dec. #19 Wyatt Sheets, Oklahoma State, 7-4

First period: No score halfway through the period. Kennedy deep on a double and scores the takedown with 45 seconds remaining for a 2-0 lead. Sheets gets to his feet near the end of the period but Kennedy runs him out of bounds with seven seconds left. Sheets almost escapes but Kennedy keeps him down. Kennedy leads 2-0.

Second period: Sheets starts down, turns, faces, and is out in 12 seconds. Kennedy leads 2-1. Sheets in on a low shot but called a stalemate after 15 seconds. Kennedy in on a double, Sheets hips in, a wild scramble ensues, and Sheets eventually scores to take a 3-2 lead at the end of the second. 

Third period: Kennedy takes bottom and Sheets puts the leg in and Kennedy kicks away and escapes to tie the score, 3-3. Kennedy hits a double, Sheets hips in but Kennedy gets the takedown this time for a 5-3 lead with 54 seconds left. Sheets escapes and is in on a single but Kennedy counters and scores with 15 seconds left for a 7-4 lead and the victory. 

Iowa 3, Oklahoma State 0

174 - #15 Nelson Brands, Iowa dec. #9 Dustin Plott, Oklahoma State, 3-2

First period: No score halfway through the period. Brands was in a single after a stall warning against Plott but no score. No scoring. 

Second period: Plott chooses bottom and escapes in six seconds for a 1-0 lead. Brands is deep on a single and brings up the leg but the action goes out of bounds and a takedown is awarded. Brands leads 2-1. Plott out right away to tie the score, 2-2 with one minute remaining. 

Third period: Brands choose bottom and escapes in eight seconds for a 3-2 lead. A few shots by Plott, including a super duck but no takedowns. Nelson Brands wins, 3-2. 

Iowa 6, Oklahoma State 0

184 - #9 Abe Assad, Iowa dec. #11 Travis Wittlake, Oklahoma State, 4-2

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Assad deep on a low single and Wittlake squares up and doesn't give up a takedown. Still no score. Another low single and Wittlake kicks out again. No score.

Second period: Wittlake takes bottom and switches out for a reversal and a 2-0 lead. Assad out with 1:11 to go to cut the lead in half. Long double from Assad and Wittlake sprawls out and Assad scores with a second left for a 3-2 lead. 

Third period: Assad chooses bottom and escapes in 13 seconds for a 4-2 lead. Wittlake attempts a late shot but Assad holds on for a 4-2 win. 

Iowa 9, Oklahoma State 0

197 - #12 Jacob Warner, Iowa dec. #21 Luke Surber, Oklahoma State, 3-2

First period: Warner hits an ankle pick and had Surber's leg in the air but Surber kicks out. Surber scores a takedown on a single and nearly had a cradle locked up. Surber strikes first for a 2-0 lead. Warner hits a sit-out with 47 seconds left to cut the lead in half. 

Second period: Surber chooses bottom and Warner is still on top riding as action carries out of bounds with 1:20 left. Warner rides out the entire period and accumulates 1:17 of riding time. 

Third period: Warner chooses bottom and locked hands called against Surber so the score is tied 2-2. Surber erases riding time but Warner escapes for a 3-2 lead. Warner is in on an ankle pick but potentially dangerous called. Stall call on Warner with five seconds left and Warner hangs on for a 3-2 win. 

Iowa 12, Oklahoma State 0

285 - #3 Tony Cassioppi, Iowa dec. #18 Konner Doucet, Oklahoma State, 4-0

First period: No scoring halfway through the period. Cassloppi scores on a snatch single with 1:07 left for a 2-0 lead. Cassioppi rides out the period with 1:08 of riding time accumulated. 

Second period: Doucet chooses bottom. Stall warning against Doucet with 30 seconds remaining. Cassioppi rides out the entire period and still maintains a 2-0 lead. 

Third period: Cassioppi chooses bottom and escapes with 1:10 left for a 3-0 lead. No scoring the remainder of the period. Cassioppi wins 4-0.

Iowa 15, Oklahoma State 0

125 - #1 Spencer Lee, Iowa FALL Reece Witcraft, Oklahoma State, :51

First period: Lee stops a Witcraft fall and throws him to his back and Lee gets the fall in 51 seconds. 

Iowa 21, Oklahoma State 0

133 - #2 Daton Fix, Oklahoma State major decision #13 Brody Teske, Iowa, 11-3

First period: Fix hits a head-to-the-inside single for a 2-0 lead with 2:15 left. Stall warning against Daton Fix for dropping down to the ankle with 1:07 left. Teske out for an escape after an optional start by Fix. Fix still leads 2-1. 

Second period: Fix starts on bottom but stall call against Teske after a lengthy scramble. Fix finally squirms out for a reversal and now leads 4-1 with 25 seconds left. Teske gets an escape with five seconds left to cut the lead in half. 

Third period: Teske starts on bottom and escapes in five seconds. Fix leads 4-3. Reattack by Fix for a takedown and four near fall after holding Teske on his back for 30 seconds. Fix wins 11-3 after riding time. 

Iowa 21, Oklahoma State 4

141 - #2 Real Woods, Iowa major dec. #14 Carter Young, Oklahoma State, 11-0

First period: Woods nearly has a takedown but Young scrambles out, comes out the back door and it ends in a potentially dangerous call with 2:26 to go. Woods in on a single and scores with 2:01 left for a 2-0 lead. Stall warning against Young with a minute to go. Another stall call against Young makes it 3-0 with 30 seconds left. Woods hits a roll-through tilt at the end of the period for four near fall and a 7-0 lead. 

Second period: Young chooses neutral to start the period. Woods almost scores on a cradle but time runs out. Woods still leads, 7-0.

Third period: Woods chooses bottom and Woods escapes in 15 seconds for an 8-0 lead. Woods scores a takedown with under a second for an 11-0 win with riding time.

Iowa 25, Oklahoma State 4

149 - #10 Max Murin, Iowa dec. HM Victor Voinovich, Oklahoma State, 4-3

First period: Voinovich in deep on a high crotch and secures the takedown with 2:25 left for a 2-0 lead. Murin is out for an escape a few seconds later to cut the lead in half. Murin scores on a double with 17 seconds left to take a 3-2 lead at the end of the period. 

Second period: Voinovich chooses bottom and escapes in 10 seconds. The score is tied, 3-3. No scoring the remainder of the period. 

Third period: Murin chooses bottom and Voinovich hits a mat return but Murin escapes with 1:20 remaining for a 4-3 lead. Stall warning against Murin with 35 seconds remaining. A late shot attempt by Voinovich but Murin holds on to the 4-3 win. 

Iowa 28, Oklahoma State 4

157 - #13 Kaden Gfeller, Oklahoma State dec. #10 Cobe Siebrecht, Iowa, 3-2 UTB

First period: Gfeller in on high crotch and Siebrecht flattens him out at the end of the period. No score. 

Second period; Siebrecht chooses bottom and he escapes in five seconds for a 1-0 lead. No scoring for the remainder of the period.

Third period: Gfeller chooses bottom and gets a reversal but gives up the escape. The score is tied 2-2. Siebrecht walks Gfeller out of bounds with double underhooks and earns a stall call against Gfeller. 

Sudden victory: Gfeller in on a single on Siebrecht's right leg off the whistle. Stalemate called with 1:38 left. Shot by Siebrecht and a scramble ensues but Oklahoma State throws a brick. They want a neutral danger zone takedown. No takedown.

Ultimate tiebreakers: Gfeller starts the first 30-second tiebreaker on bottom. Gfeller is out in 22 seconds so Siebrecht has 22 seconds of advantage. Siebrecht his turn on bottom. Gfeller rides out and takes the win, 3-2.

Iowa 28, Oklahoma State 7