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Wild Iowa vs Wisconsin Dual Comes Down To Criteria!

Wild Iowa vs Wisconsin Dual Comes Down To Criteria!

Iowa rides to a 19-18 win over Wisconsin when the meet comes down to criteria following a Tony Cassioppi decision at heavyweight.

Jan 22, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Wild Iowa vs Wisconsin Dual Comes Down To Criteria!

Follow along as the #2 Iowa Hawkeyes take on #10 Wisconsin in Madison at 2 p.m. CT.

#2 Iowa (10-0, 3-0) vs #10 Wisconsin (6-4, 0-3) Probables

125: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) FALL #8 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin), 4:37

First period: Lee hits Barnett with a whip over the right side for a takedown then gets a tilt. for four and a 6-0 lead. Another two makes it an 8-0 lead. Barnett escapes to make it 8-1 with 1:43 to go. Lee hits a high crotch, and Barnett rolls through but Lee eventually scores the takedown for a 10-1 lead and takes riding time over a minute.

Second period: Barnett chooses top and Barnett gets two near-fall but Lee gets a reversal in the exchange, Lee leads 12-3. Lee loads up Barnett with his two-on-one tilt and scores four near-fall then adjusts, cinches the position tight, and gets the fall with 23 seconds left.

Spencer Lee's fall via Iowa On BTN's Twitter account

Iowa 6, Wisconsin 0

133: #12 Brody Teske (Iowa) dec. Taylor LaMont (Wisconsin), 4-0

First period: LaMont attempts a headlock but Teske slips out and scores a takedown for a 2-0 lead at the end of the period. 

Second period: Teske takes bottom, gets to his feet, and escapes in 18 seconds. A lot of hand-fighting but no serious scoring opportunities for the remainder of the period. 

Third period: LaMont takes bottom and appears to commit to the ride during the first 55 seconds after a restart out of bounds. Teske rides out the entire period and wins 4-0 with a riding time point. 

Iowa 9, Wisconsin 0

141: #2 Real Woods (Iowa) dec. HM Joseph Zargo (Wisconsin), 9-2

First period: Woods scores a takedown and almost had near fall points off a cradle position but only gets the two for the takedown. Woods gets two near fall points with a minute to go then loads up again for four near fall and an 8-0 lead with 45 seconds remaining. 

Second period: Woods chooses neutral. Zargo has a single and holds on to the leg for 30 seconds before he finally finishes and cuts the lead to 8-2 with 20 seconds remaining and finishes the period on top.

Third period: Zargo chooses neutral. No scoring during the first half of the period. Stall call against Woods with 35 seconds remaining. Woods wins 9-2 with the riding time point.

Iowa 12, Wisconsin 0

149: #2 Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) dec. #10 Max Murin (Iowa), 5-3

First period: Gomez in on a head to the inside shot and scores to take a 2-0 lead within the first 15 seconds. Murin escapes in 10 seconds, cutting the lead in half. Murin gets called for stalling with 1:25 to go. 

Second period: Murin chooses bottom and escapes in 16 seconds. No additional scoring and the score is tied, 2-2.

Third period: Gomez chooses bottom and escapes in six seconds for a 3-2 lead. Gomez catches the ankle on a low shot and converts for a takedown and a 5-2 lead with 34 seconds remaining. Murin escapes with 27 seconds left. Gomez hit for stalling but holds on for a 5-3 win.

Iowa 12, Wisconsin 3

157: #13 Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa) dec. #22 Garrett Model (Wisconsin), 3-2

First period: Siebrecht has double underhooks halfway through the period but Model defends. Model hits a single followed by a lengthy scramble then rolls through to the edge but no scoring despite some good action.

Second period: Model chooses bottom and escapes in 15 seconds for a 1-0 lead. No scoring for the remainder of the period.

Third period: Sibrecht picks bottom and is out in six seconds to tie the score, 1-1. Siebrecht hits a single and Model fought off the shot out of bounds with a Whizzer halfway through the period. A single leg by Siebrecht moved across the body to a double and a 3-2 win after an escape by Model. 

Iowa 15, Wisconsin 3

165: #6 Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) dec. #10 Patrick Kennedy (Iowa), 4-3

First period: Kennedy is in on a shot with 2:15 left but Hamiti counters and a stalemate is called at 1:52. Kennedy is in on another single but Hamiti attempts a cradle as Kennedy holds on. A stalemate is called with 46 seconds left. Several attacks but no scoring.

Second period: Kennedy takes bottom and Kennedy gets out in 27 seconds for a 1-0 lead. Neither takes a significant shot the remainder of the perioid.

Third period: Hamiti chooses bottom gets a switch for a reversal but Kennedy escapes. The score is tied 2-2 but Hamiti scores off a long shot, Kennedy counters, but Hamiti dives through for the takedown and a 4-2 lead with 22 seconds remaining. Kennedy's escape makes it a one-point match but Hamiti holds on for a 4-3 win.

Iowa 15, Wisconsin 6

174: Josh Otto (Wisconsin) dec. Drake Rhodes (Iowa), 6-5

First period: Low shot by Rhodes with 45 seconds left for a 2-0 lead. Otto escapes in the final 10 seconds to cut the lead in half.

Second period: Rhodes chooses bottom and escapes in eight seconds for a 3-1 lead. Otto hits a solid single but Rhodes squares up and Otto eventually gets to the rear standing and eventually scores to tie the score, 3-3. An uncontested escape with 30 seconds left, now Rhodes leads, 4-3. Stall against Rhodes late in the period after a shot by Otto at the edge.

Third period: Otto starts on bottom and escapes in 25 seconds to tie the score, 4-4. Attack on the edge by Otto but the action went out of bounds. Otto hits a high crotch with 35 seconds remaining and scores a takedown for a 6-4 lead. Otto called for stalling. Rhoads escapes with 15 seconds remaining but Otto holds on for a 6-5 win. 

Iowa 15, Wisconsin 9

184: Tyler Dow (Wisconsin) FALL #8 Abe Assad (Iowa), 1:23

First period: Dow has double over hooks and tosses Assad to his back for a fall with 1:37 left in the period. 

Footage of the sequence from Wisconsin On BTN's Twitter account

Iowa 15, Wisconsin 15

197: #17 Braxton Amos (Wisconsin) dec. Kolby Franklin (Iowa), 4-0

First period: No score.

Second period: Franklin chooses down and Amos rides out the entire period. 

Third period: Amos chooses down and escapes in eight seconds for a 1-0 lead. Amos has a cradle and the crowd is up for grabs but the hands weren't locked completely so no near fall but a takedown is called. Amos wins, 4-0, with a riding time point. 

Wisconsin 18, Iowa 15

285: #3 Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) dec. #11 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin), 4-1

First period: No score.

Second period: Hillger chooses bottom and escapes in six seconds for a 1-0 lead. Cassioppi hits a single and nearly gets a neutral danger zone call but Brands throws a challenge brick on a potential three-count. The call stands and action begins in neutral. No scoring for the remainder of the period. 

Third period: Cassioppi chooses down and gets out in four seconds to tie the score, 1-1. Cassioppi scores a takedown for a 3-1 lead. Cassioppi gets over a minute of riding time as the action stops out of bounds at 28 seconds left. Cassioppi rides out and gets a 4-1 win after a riding time point. 

Iowa 19, Wisconsin 18

Iowa wins on match points, 31-24, after the score was tied, 18-18.