2023 NCAA Watch Party: Penn State vs Michigan & Iowa vs Nebraska

Nebraska vs Iowa Match Notes

Nebraska vs Iowa Match Notes

Iowa cruised to a 34-6 win over Nebraska inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena on Friday, January 20.

Jan 21, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Nebraska vs Iowa Match Notes

Iowa cruised to a 34-6 win over Nebraska inside Carver-Hawkeye Arena. 

125: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) FALL #3 Liam Cronin (Nebraska), :38

First period: Lee pushes the pace and scores a takedown and immediately secures a cradle for a fall in 38 seconds. 

Iowa 6, Nebraska 0

133:  #12 Brody Teske (Iowa) dec. Kyle Burwick (Nebraska), 5-2

First period: Burwick hits a double and scores a takedown for a 2-0 lead. Teske escapes within 30 seconds to cut the lead in half. Burwick hits a low shot and a lengthy scramble ensues the ends in a potentially dangerous call. Burwick picks up his second takedown on a neutral danger call for a 4-1 lead but the officials examine the call. After review, no neutral danger takedown so the score is 2-1 at the end of the first.

Second period: Teske starts on the bottom. Brands throws the challenge brick for an illegal kickback on a mat return. After review, no illegal kickback. Teske gets a reversal with 30 seconds remaining in the period for a 3-2 lead. 

Third period: Burwick chooses neutral but has riding time. Teske picks up a takedown to go up 5-2 and eventually erases riding time. Burwick called for stalling with 35 seconds remaining. Teske rides out the remainder of the period and wins 5-2. 

Iowa 9, Nebraska 0

141: #2 Real Woods (Iowa) dec. #4 Brock Hardy, 6-4 

First period: Woods hits a head to the inside single but Hardy rolls through at the edge and no takedown. Great scramble but no points. Nebraska challenges that there was a takedown for Hardy. After review, a takedown and no near fall. Hardy leads 2-0 with 1:25 to go. Hardy locks up a cradle but Woods rolls through and gets a reversal to a tilt. Woods leads 8-2 after a two-point tilt and a four-point tilt but there's another Nebraska challenge. After review, reversal, and two near fall. The score stands at 4-2 with 29 seconds.

Second period: Woods starts down and nearly shakes off Hardy but Hardy maintains position and is still on top. Woods rolls through and snags a reversal halfway through the period for a 6-2 lead. Woods attempts a couple of tilts but doesn't score any additional points. 

Third period: Neutral to start the period. Neither wrestler commits to any serious scoring attempts but Hardy gets to a leg with 20 seconds left and scores at the edge, but Real Woods wins 6-4.

Iowa 12, Nebraska 0

149: #10 Max Murin (Iowa) FALL Dayne Morton (Nebraska) 

First period: Murin scores on a low double a minute into the match for a 2-0 lead. Morton called for stalling but gets an escape to cut the lead in half. Murin gets his second takedown late in the match for a 4-1 lead. 

Second period: Murin starts on the bottom and escapes for a 5-1 lead then hooks up a cradle and picks up a fall.

Iowa 18, Nebraska 0

157: #1 Peyton Robb (Nebraska) dec. #13 Cobe Siebrecht (Iowa), 7-1

First period: Siebrecht is in on a shot off the whistle but a stalemate is called. Robb comes out the back door for the first takedown of the match and a 2-0 lead halfway through the period. Robb ends the period on top with 1:32 of riding time. 

Second period: Robb starts on the bottom and gets called for a false start. Robb rolls through and gets a reversal for a 4-0 lead. Siebrecht escapes with 1:15 to go. Robb scores on a single with two seconds left for a 6-1 lead.

Third period: Siebrecht starts on the bottom. Siebrecht gets to his feet and escapes halfway through the period but Robb leads 6-2. A riding time point makes the final score 7-2.

Iowa 18, Nebraska 3

165: #10 Patrick Kennedy (Iowa) major dec. HM Bubba Wilson (Nebraska), 12-4 

First period: Kennedy scores in the first seconds for a 2-0 lead but Wilson gets an immediate escape. No scoring for the remainder of the period. Kennedy leads, 2-1. 

Second period: Kennedy chooses bottom and escapes in 10 seconds and eventually scores a takedown for a 5-1 lead. Kennedy rides out the period and accumulates 1:16 of riding time.

Third period: Wilson chooses bottom and Kennedy stays committed to the ride but releases Wilson and scores a quick takedown with 32 seconds left. Another takedown makes it 9-3 and an escape makes in 9-4. Kennedy adds another takedown at the end of the period and rides out for a 12-4 major with riding time.

Iowa 22, Nebraska 3

174: #2 Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) dec. #17 Nelson Brands (Iowa), 3-2

First period: Lots of hand fighting and snaps but no scoring. 

Second period: Labriola takes bottom and Brands gets a mat return as Labriola gets to his feet. Labriola eventually escapes for a 1-0 lead. Labriola shoots late in the period and Brands defends and the period ends with Labriola leading, 1-0. 

Third period: Brands starts down and escapes in 15 seconds. Labriola hits a head to the inside shot for a 3-1 lead but a quick escape makes it 3-2. Brands hits a shot halfway through the period but a scramble is called a stalemate with 46 seconds left. A stall call against Labriola late in the match isn't enough as he secures a 3-2 decision. 

Iowa 22, Nebraska 6

184: #8 Abe Assad (Iowa) dec. #15 Lenny Pinto (Nebraska), 6-5

First period: Pinto rolls through on a shot for a takedown but gives up the escape immediately for a 2-1 lead. 

Second period: Assad starts on the bottom trailing by one but escapes in 13 seconds to tie the score, 2-2. A long shot by Assad and switches off to a double for a takedown and a 4-2 lead with 45 seconds remaining. Pinto escapes with 20 seconds remaining but Assad still leads, 4-3. 

Third period: Pinto starts on the bottom and Granby's out in four seconds to tie the score, 4-4. Assad hits a low single and switches to a single for a 6-4 lead but Pinto gets an escape at the edge of the mat. After an official review, no loss of control, and the score is 6-4 in favor of Assad. Pinto escapes with eight seconds remaining and picks up a 6-5 decision. 

Iowa 25, Nebraska 6

197: #10 Jacob Warner (Iowa) dec. #13 Silas Alred (Nebraska), 3-2

First period: Stalling against Allred with 45 seconds remaining. Warner hits a head to the outside shot but Allred hips out. Blood time with 12 seconds left stops the action. A scoreless period after action resumes.

Second period: Allred starts on the bottom and Warner rides out the entire period. 

Third period: Warner starts on the bottom and escapes in 22 seconds for a 1-0 lead. Allred scores on a low shot for a 2-1 lead with 28 seconds remaining but Warner has riding time. A quick escape by Warner makes the score 2-2 but Warner has riding time and wins, 3-2.

Iowa 28, Nebraska 6

285: #3 Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) FALL HM Cale Davidson (Nebraska), 6:39

First period: Cassioppi scores two on a single for a 2-0 lead. Cassioppi picks up his third point after a second stall call against Davidson. Cassioppi finished the period on top.

Second period: Davidson chooses neutral and Cassioppi picks up a second takedown for a 5-0 lead. Davidson escapes and Cassioppi scores another takedown for a 7-1 lead. A third stall call makes the score 8-1 lead. 

Third period: Cassioppi chooses neutral and scores on a single for a 10-2 lead after an escape. Another takedown makes it 12-2 with 1:15 remaining. A tilt out of bounds adds four near-fall points for a 16-2 lead. An intentional release makes it 16-3 but Cassioppi picks up the fall from neutral with 21 seconds remaining. 

Iowa 34, Nebraska 6