Women's College Pound-For-Pound Rankings

Wild Wrestling Weekend Leads To Women's Pound-For-Pound Rankings Shakeup!

Wild Wrestling Weekend Leads To Women's Pound-For-Pound Rankings Shakeup!

Midlands, Soldier Salute, and National Duals created a stir in the third women's college wrestling pound-for-pound rankings of the season.

Jan 12, 2023 by Kyle Klingman
Wild Wrestling Weekend Leads To Women's Pound-For-Pound Rankings Shakeup!

Below are the second pound-for-pound rankings of the women’s collegiate wrestling season, which includes all divisions. Off-season results factored slightly into the rankings but the most recent college results weighed heaviest.

The North Central Open, Desert Duals, Midlands, Soldier Salute, National Duals, and a smattering of other results were crucial to this round of rankings. Things can change, and so can this list. This ranking is a collaboration between FloWrestling and American Women’s Wrestling.

1. Dymond Guilford (Cumberlands), SR, NAIA, 170 pounds

Guilford — a 2022 Senior and U23 World teamer — wrestled two matches at World Cup but won both. Who cares if she was pinned in a Beat the Streets event a few days later? She’s still the class of the women’s college wrestling field.

Previous rank: 1

2. Yelena Makoyed (North Central), SR, NCAA, 170 pounds

Makoyed is on a limited college wrestling schedule but her pin over the reigning World champion at the World Cup proves how good she is. She has crushed everyone in college this season; however, she was crushed when King’s Cheyenne Bowman — her last college loss — moved up to 191 pounds during the National Duals final.

Previous rank: 2

3. Adaugo Nwachukwu (Iowa Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 136 pounds

Nwachukwu has blitzed the 136-pound field so far, including a dominating run at Soldier Salute and pinning #2 Paige Respicio at National Duals.

Previous rank: 3

4. Lexie Basham (Texas Wesleyan), SO, NAIA, 130 pounds

Basham lost twice at the World Cup but that doesn’t hurt her in the pound-for-pound rankings. Like Guilford and Makoyed, she is wrestling a high-caliber schedule.

Previous rank: 4

5. Sydnee Kimber (McKendree), SR, NCAA, 191 pounds

Kimber is the dominant 191-pound force this season. The three-time national collegiate champion is undefeated and came up with a quarterfinal fall against Augsburg at the National Duals that gave her team a criteria win.

Previous rank: 6

6. Peyton Prussin (Life), SO, NAIA, 109 pounds

Prussin dismantled two wrestlers at National Duals — including Ira Navarro of Providence who moved up from 101 — and won a gritty 11-8 shootout against Grand View’s Cailin Campbell at 116. Campbell is currently ranked #5 at 123.

Previous rank: 8

7. Marissa Gallegos (Colorado Mesa), JR, NCAA, 123 pounds

Gallegos wasn’t at the National Duals due to illness but has been dominant this season otherwise. It’s hard to argue against all falls and tech falls.

Previous rank: 9

8. Jaslynn Gallegos (North Central), JR, NCAA, 116 pounds

Gallegos won Midlands with a tech and two falls and had three quick falls at National Duals. She was pinned during the finals of the North Central Open by King’s Samara Chavez but she vindicated that loss by pinning her in the National Duals final.

Previous rank: 13

9. Nina Makem (Augsburg), SO, NCAA, 136 pounds

Makem has been on a tear since an early season loss to North Central’s Yele Aycock. She has three wins over Aycock since — including a fall in the Midlands final — and dominated both her matches at National Duals.

Previous rank: 20

10. Ana Luciano (King), SR, NCAA, 136 pounds

Luciano teched Augsburg’s Katie Lange in the finals of the North Central Open and moved up to 143 for National Duals, going 3-0. She pinned McKendree’s Alara Boyd — a 2021 national champion — and North Central’s Kendall Bostelman in Louisville. She’s moving back down to 136, but she was clutch when her team needed her.

Previous rank: 15

11. Victoria Baez-Dillone (Umpqua CC), FR, NJCAA, 130 pounds

Baez-Dillone — a 2022 U23 World teamer for Spain — lost to Basham at the Missouri Valley Open and finished third but hasn't faced Guerin. She recently won the Soldier Salute with all techs.

Previous rank: 18

12. Alexis Gomez (Grand View), SR, NAIA, 143 pounds

Defeated Oklahoma City’s Destiny Lyng, 4-0, pinned Indiana Tech’s Samantha Snow, beat Life’s Jamilah McBryde, 7-3, and defeated Southern Oregon’s Emily Se, 9-6 at National Duals. She also won a tough Midlands bracket that included Alara Boyd (McKendree), Katie Lange (Augsburg), and Kendall Bostelman (North Central). Her 9-7 win over Boyd in the finals added another signature win to an impressive season.

Previous rank: 23

13. Cameron Guerin (McKendree), JR, NCAA, 130 pounds

Guerin is part of the wild and crazy 130-pound class where everyone seems to beat everyone. Guerin lost to Basham at the Missouri Valley Open but was teched by Aurora’s Lexi Janiak during the semifinals of the North Central Open. The two could have met at Midlands but Guerin didn’t compete. The Bearcat star went 4-0 at National Duals with an 8-4 win over rival Montana DeLawder of King.

Previous rank: 5

14. Ashlynn Ortega (King), SR, NCAA, 143 pounds

Freestyle has an activity clock, and so do these rankings. Ortega hasn’t competed recently but indications are that she will be back soon. The King star is a top-tier wrestler who can raise her stock in the coming weeks.

Previous rank: 7

15. Andrea Schlabach Grand View, JR, NAIA, 130 pounds

Schlabach gave Nwachukwu her closest match this season (13-4) but the Viking star is moving down to 130. She went 4-0 at National Duals with three dominant wins at 130. She bumped up to 136 in the Southern Oregon final and secured a 5-1 win over Bella Amaro.

Previous rank: NR

16. Marlynne Deede (Augsburg), SR, NCAA, 155 pounds

Deede lost to North Central’s Tiera Jimerson, 4-4, in the Midlands finals but has been dominant otherwise. She had falls or techs at the National Duals and also has a 10-4 win over Jimerson earlier in the season. 

Previous rank: 10

17. Sage Mortimer (King), SO, NCAA, 109 pounds

Mortimer defeated North Central’s Sydney Petzinger and pinned McKendree’s Pauline Granados at National Duals, but was pinned by Gannon’s Julianne Moccia. Mortimer also beat Petzinger, 8-2, at the North Central Open so her quality wins only knocked her down five spots.

Previous rank: 12

18. Sydney Petzinger (North Central), SO, NCAA, 109 pounds

Petzinger cruised to a Midlands title but lost 15-14 to Mortimer even though she was behind 8-0 at one point.

Previous rank: 13

19. Ashley Lekas (Augsburg), SO, NCAA, 170 pounds

Lekas dominated the North Central Open but didn't wrestle at Midlands or National Duals so she moves down two spots.

Previous rank: 17

20. Emily Cue (Simon Fraser), SR, NCAA, 170 pounds

Cue dominated everyone at Desert Duals and won the Mat Cat Open with an 8-1 win over Eastern Oregon’s Olivia Robinson in the finals.

Previous rank: 22

21. Alexis Janiak (Aurora), FR, NCAA, 130 pounds

The 130-pound class is like the wild west right now. Janiak teched Guerin at the North Central Open after getting pinned by her to start the season. Janiak was recently pinned in the Midlands finals by North Central’s Sara Sterner who is 2-1 against Janiak but both wins are by fall and Janiak's win was by tech.

Sterner has lost three times to Guerin this season along with losses to DeLawder and McKendree’s Jennifer Soto. Janiak is being rewarded heavily for a dominant win over Guerin despite a pair of losses to Sterner.

Previous rank: NR

22. Joye Levendusky (Southern Oregon), SR, NAIA, 170 pounds

A 3-0 loss to Lekas at the Missouri Valley Open is the only setback on an otherwise unblemished season. Levendusky had all techs at the National Duals, and two of them came in the semis and finals when both duals were on the line. 

Previous rank: NR

23. Cheyenne Bowman (King), SO, NCAA, 170 pounds

As mentioned above, Bowman handed Makoyed her last college loss. She is also undefeated this season and bumped up to 191 pounds for a National Duals clinching victory over North Central’s Traeh Haynes.

Previous rank: NR

24. Kelani Corbett (Missouri Valley), SR, NAIA, 191 pounds

Corbett’s has a pair of losses to pound-for-pound #5 Kimber but has had techs or falls for most of the season.

Previous rank: NR

25. Viktorya Torres (King), SO, NCAA, 136

Torres was a few seconds away from not making this list. She was down 7-0 late against North Central’s Yele Aycock during the National Duals final before securing a fall. Her only losses are to Aycock at the North Central Open and to Presbyterian’s Paige Wehrmeister at the Wasp’s Women’s Open. Wehrmeister lost to Aycock at Midlands, which is why Torres gets the nod here.

Previous rank: NR