The Best 149 To Not Win NCAAs + Breaking Down Battle At The Ballpark | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 707)

707. Best 149 To Not Win NCAAs

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The boys debate who the best 149-pounder from the past 10 years to not win NCAAs was, break down Battle at the Ballpark, and answer a whole lot of questions.

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Run of Show

0:01 - Battle at the Ballpark is going to be the greatest event in the history of wrestling

0:26 - best 149 from the past decade not to win NCAAs


0:30 - how we feel about people wrestling in college forever

0:34 - could we see Spencer Lee double up at the Ballpark?

0:36 - why is Jordan Burroughs popular in Iran?

0:38 - why doesn’t UWW use bonus points + solving all of international wrestling’s problems

0:48 - better athlete: Snyder or Sadulaev?

0:50 - is Kyle Snyder a defensive wrestler?

0:51 - what does Gable vs Sadulaev look like?

0:52 - Is Bo Bassett eligible for the 2024 Olympics and do most phenoms pan out?

0:57 - The true freshmen who could make an impact this year

1:04 - Our favorite wrestlers to watch both international and domestic