The Next Steps For Women's Wrestling + Cyon's Return! | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 699)

699. What's Next For Women's Wrestling?

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Ben is in the studio to discuss Iowa adding women's wrestling and have a heated debate about Dake vs Taylor's careers + Cyon joins the show to tell some crazy recruiting stories.

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Run of Show

0:01 - the University of Iowa has added a women’s wrestling program

0:10 - what are the challenges to building a women’s wrestling club

0:16 - Cyon joins the show and tells some crazy recruiting stories from his Iowa State days

0:35 - back to Iowa women’s wrestling

0:37 - Is Kyle Snyder sad that Sadulaev is going to be at Worlds?

0:45 - the SEC just added a rule that could be advantageous to Missouri

0:50 - Who’s career would you rather have if they ended today: Kyle Dake or David Taylor?

1:03 - User voicemails

1:19 - Questions from friends