Coach Myers Wrestling S&C Band Workout for Speed

Coach Myers Band Workout

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Here is a great workout for improving your power and wrestling specific speed. Watch the video for full details and technique demo.

3 rounds:

  • Band Rotations - 5/5
  • Banded KB Swing - 10
  • Band Snap Downs - 10/10
  • Palof Press - 10/10

Do 2 minutes active recovery between rounds - stance motion, jogging or airdyne bike.  If doing this with other strength work, do this FIRST and your heavy strength work after.

The other one is a med ball workout and I will send the caption over for that here in a few.  I'm planning on shooting some youth strength content this weekend with my son - there might have been one during the regime change that didn't get used.  Let me know if that's the case and I can resend that one.

Coach Myers is the strength coach for the Ohio Regional Training Center at The Ohio State University. With the Ohio RTC since 2012, he served as Ohio State Wrestling’s primary strength coach from 2014-18, helping the Buckeyes win three Big Ten titles, their first-ever team NCAA championship, and two runner-up finishes.

A certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), Coach Myers owns the Old School Gym in Pataskala, OH, and is a founding partner of top supplement company Max Effort Muscle. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook, learn more about his strength and conditioning programs for wrestlers of all ages here, and check out Coach Myers' new website here.