Austin Gomez | The Bader Show

Austin Gomez

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0:01 Austin Gomez talks about the end of his wrestling career
0:05 How did Gomez work to recover from his concussions
0:07 The concussion knowledge Gomez gained
0:09 The hard decision to stop wrestling
0:13 What it was like to watch Iowa State’s first dual meet
0:14 Gomez’s role now with the Iowa State program
0:16 How Gomez got started wrestling at a young age
0:19 The role Austin’s dad played in his wrestling career
0:22 Gomez breaks down his match with Austin DeSanto
0:29 Gomez’s Southern Scuffle match with RBY
0:36 How Gomez gets motivated by people picking against him
0:37 Wins & Whoopins with Austin Gomez
0:40 Austin’s plan now that competition is over