Taylor Lujan & Katherine Shai | The Bader Show

Taylor Lujan & Katherine Shai

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0:00 Bader unboxes his milestone awards
0:05 Why is Taylor Lujan wearing a Britney Spears shirt
0:07 Lujan’s start in wrestling
0:10 When Lujan got started with The Compound
0:13 Lujan’s dad became hands-off in middle school
0:15 Becoming a fan of wrestling was important for Lujan
0:18 Where did Lujan’s work ethic come from?
0:20 Lujan’s quest to be a 4x state champ
0:23 Getting better with Lee Roper
0:25 The recruiting process at UNI
0:26 Lujan’s goals when he got to college
0:28 Getting over missing the podium
0:29 The heartbreak of NCAAs being canceled
0:34 Lujan didn’t consider leaving the sport
0:36 Making adjustments to compete in freestyle
0:38 When Lujan heard about the 8-man bracket
0:40 What Lujan felt when he wrestled Gabe Dean
0:42 How Lujan feels about this competition0:43 Katherine Shai asks Lujan if he picked up any quarantine habbits
0:44 Lujan asks Shai if she likes a right side or left side headlock
0:45 Katherine’s quarantine habits
0:49 Shai’s introduction to wrestling at a young age
0:56 Dealing with a negative experience wrestling a boy
0:58 The women’s college scene when Shai came out of high school
1:00 Katherine’s sister helped her set her sights on the senior level
1:02 Comparing the size of brackets then to the size now
1:04 Watching Katherine’s sister have success
1:07 Katherine’s process of deciding whether or not to wrestle after she had her son
1:14 When Katherine got connected at Northern Colorado
1:16 Competing at Senior Nationals after a long layoff
1:21 Katherine’s son is around wrestling all the time
1:22 Northern Colorado had 3 finalists at Senior Nationals
1:23 Katherine Shai’s wins & whoopins