Reno Worlds And Tulsa Summer Showcase Takeaways | Who's #1 The Show (Ep. 85)

85. Reno Worlds And Tulsa Summer Showcase

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Who’s #1 the Show Summer Showcase Clip-stravaganza!

0:04 Nathan Jesuroga vs Anthony Knox

0:08 Jordan Williams Doesn’t Game Plan

0:11 Jordan Williams And Mason Gibson Sparring

0:13 Sammy Sasso Sparring With Mason Gibson And Cannon Webster

0:17 Jagger Condomitti Is Ready For Who’s #1

0:19 Victor Voinovich vs Jesse Vasquez

0:21 Jagger Condomitti Didn’t Like The Idea Of Nebraska At First

0:24 Jagger Condomitti and Erik Gibson Sparring

0:25 Why Erik Gibson Chose Cornell

0:29 Erik Gibson The Gymnast

0:30 Tate Picklo Is An Athletic Big Man

0:31 Tate Picko Is Ready To Prove He’s #1

0:35 Troy Spratley And Ryder Block Drilling

0:38 The Visit Made The Difference For Maximo Renteria

0:42 Jordan Williams vs Maximo Renteria

0:46 Vinny Kilkeary and Cael Hughes 30 Second Spar Go

0:48 Vinny Kilkeary vs Jacob Vandee

0:50 Mac Church Talks 2020 State Tournament

0:54 Rocco Welsh And Ethan Stiles Sparring