Caldwell On Return To Wrestling, How He Developed His Style And Best Bracket Ever

The Wolf" Darrion Caldwell

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Take 30 minutes out of your day and hear from Darrion Caldwell.  

Warning; Strong language.

0:00 - Why did you want to wrestle again?

0:01:45 - Do you ever play the “what if?” game with your career if you hadn’t got injured?

0:02:30 - How was  DC able to develop and learn such a unique style?

0:04:50 - Can we talk about your insane bundle of Lance Palmer, and how you hit it so cleanly during your career?

0:06:15 - Your top game was established when??

0:07:25 - What made you want to go everywhere and wrestle so often in high school?

0:08:50 - What was it like being a showman in wrestling?  Did you ever second guess your approach? Why did you want to be a showman?

0:10:55 - Would things be different if you were a college wrestler now? Let’s talk about the cartwheel to the superduck real quick.

0:12:20 - Contrast 2011 DC vs 2009 DC. 

0:14:00 - Ok, we gotta talk about 2008 149, The toughest weight of all time. Brent Metcalf, Bubba Jenkins, Jordan Burroughs, Darrion Caldwell.

0:16:20 - DC was in a wreck, then his dad offered him a new car IF he beat Brent Metcalf in the dual.

0:18:00 - That Bubba Jenkins semi was insane.

0:20:15 - After 2008, Metcalf was thought to be unbeatable.  Was that fuel?

0:21:00 - Your excelled when NC State struggled, what impact did the room have on you positively or negatively?

0:22:20 - Ever talk with Dake about 2011 149?

0:24:15 - Luke Pletcher is real good, does he have the skills to beat you? Concern you won’t have folkstyle top game?

0:25:30 - Any chance you’ll consider a return to wrestling more seriously?

0:26:44 -What’s next for DC after MMA?

0:29:25 - DC’s bold prediction for July 25th.