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Watch 5 extra minutes of Pat Downey and dog talk with 2X world champion, Kyle Dake.

03:21 - Why did Kyle take the gloves off against Jordan Burroughs on FRL?

0:05:26 - Were you waging psychological warfare? 

0:07:56 - Anything you wish you hadn’t said to JB?  Do you worry you poked the bear?

0:08:01 - Why were people so drawn to your two quotes “getting younger everyday” and “JB is going to leave his shoes on the mat”

0:12:11 - What happens if you train the way you do now from 2013 on instead of from 2016 on.

0:14:26 - Why do you think how Jordan Burroughs trains is detrimental?

0:16:21 - Does Kyle Dake have a coach?

0:20:36 - How important are daily coaches for guys?  How many guys train like Kyle Dake without a coach?

0:23:01 - What’s the average Kyle Dake practice like?

0:24:36 - What leads to the 1-0 Dake vs the 10-0 Dake?

0:26:36 - Do you still write down your goals like you used to?

0:30:11 - Could 2020 have been the end of your competitive career?

0:34:21 - Why does Frank Chamizo call you blonde one?

0:34:51 - When did you start to think about Frank Chamizo as someone who could be in your way?

0:35:11 - Could Chamizo’s loose style be a mistake?

0:37:36 - Is Frank a good measuring stick for your progress towards JB?

0:38:41 - Is it fair that Frank doesn’t count your 79kg titles?

0:39:03 - Any Par Terre fear?

0:41:41 - What do you want to emulate about J’den Cox?

0:42:11 - A chuckle about Musukaev

0:43:51 - Why does Frank Chamizo think Dake is scared of him?

0:47:11 - Is a blowout possible?

0:47:51 - How good are you at exploiting weaknesses?

0:48:50 - What do the next few weeks look like for you training wise?

0:49:56 - Thoughts on Downey/PD3? Hows training with Pat?