Ranking Seabass At 141 + HS Lightweight Preview | Who's #1 The Show (Ep. 83)

83. Rankings Seabass/HS Lightweight Preview

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Brock, Nomad and Spey preview the 2021 high school lightweights and debate where Sebastian Rivera should be ranked at 141. It's a fun time with pal on episode 83 of Who's #1 the Show.

Show rundown

0:00 Spey’s kick’s off the show with a rant against Boise State’s former president Bob Kustra (more info here).

16:40 Schedule updates: JMEN, WNO, JR U23 WTT, SR Nats, UWW

26:45 Quick recruiting round-up and a deep dive into upcoming 2020-21 High School Rankings lightweight (106, 113 & 120-pound) preview. Covid continues to cause weight class conundrums

57:10 Where should Sebastian Rivera be ranked since he’s bumping up to 141-pounds? There are competing theories on the matter!