Spey's Stupid Podcast Episode 18: NCAA Finances With Hunter Sharpless

Spey's Pod Ep 18: NCAA Finances

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Hunter Sharpless joins Spey for a numbers driven look at NCAA finances in the age of Covid-19.


0:00:00 - Welcome FloSports' Swiss Army Knife, Hunter Sharpless!

0:14:00 - The Covid-19 impact on NCAA sports timeline.

0:19:20 - A deep dive into the NCAA's finances.

0:36:00 - Now let's specifically dig into Old Dominion's finances.

0:54:50 - What does the future hold? We make some conjectures.

0:57:30 - We briefly revisit the Boise State debacle and discuss more paths forward from Spey's Soapbox.


April 2, ODU drops their wrestling program.

April 14, Cincinnatti drops men’s soccer.

April 14, G5 schools (MAC etc) petition NCAA to change rules.

April 22, coaches from non-rev sports petition the NCAA not to change rules.