Penn State vs Iowa Highlights

Penn State vs Iowa Highlights

Penn State vs Iowa Highlights

The #2 Penn State Nittany Lions went to Carver Hawkeye Arena to take on the #4 Iowa Hawkeyes. The dual meet featured high level match ups through out the meet. In the end Penn State defeated Oklahoma State. Relive the dual meet in this video as well as the dual meet instant updates complied by Ryan Holmes.

125: No. 3 Nick Suriano (Penn State) vs. No. 1 Thomas Gilman (Iowa)
Period 1: Tough hand fighting to start off. Shot by Gilman and he scores the first points of the match. Suriano gains the escape to make it 2-1. Stalemate with 27-seconds to go in the period. The first period finishes with Gilman leading 2-1.

Period 2: Suriano starts the period on bottom. Escape Suriano to tie it at 2-2. 50-seconds of riding time for Gilman. No attacks and we are tied at 2-2 going into the 3rd.

Period 3: Gilman starts on bottom. Caution on Suriano. Escape Gilman to go up 3-2. Riding time not a factor (Gilman has 38-seconds of RT). Shot by Suriano. Fought off by Suriano. Double stall for finger fight. Suriano trying to pick up the pace. Gilman fends off the final shot attempt by Suriano and wins 3-2.

Gilman wins 3-2

Team Score: Iowa 3-0

133: NR George Carpenter (Penn State) vs. No. 3 Cory Clark (Iowa)
Period 1: Early takedown by Clark and he sticks in a leg to go to work on top. Escape Carpenter. Shot by Clark to make it 4-1. 4 point near fall for Clark as they close out the first period. Clark leads 8-1.

Period 2: Clark starts on bottom and gets the immediate escape and takedown to go up 11-1. Escape Carpenter. Clark pushing the pace (stall warning on Carpenter). Clark in on a shot and scores anther takedown to go up 13-2 as the period ends.

Period 3: Carpenter starts on bottom. Another stall warning on Carpenter - 1pt to Clark. Escape Carpenter, takedown Clark, escape Carpenter, takedown Clark - score now at 18-4 and Clark has RT locked up. Clark wins by 19-4 tech.

Clark wins 19-4 TF

Team Score: Iowa 8-0

141: No. 18 Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State) vs. No. 19 Topher Carton (Iowa)
Period 1: Shot by Gulibon, Carton fights it off and goes around to score the takedown and take the 2-0 lead. Out of bounds with 1:23 left in the period. Gulibon up to his feet and Carton on the return. Carton sticks in a leg and RT goes over a minute. Sit out by Gulibon as he looks for a reversal, Carton follows and maintains control to ride out the rest of the period.

Period 2: Carton starts on bottom. Carton up to his feet and hits a roll but they go out of bounds. Carton up to his feet again after the restart. Gulibon called for stalling after getting caught down on a leg. Gulibon able to erase the riding time. Carton up to his feet and finally gets away to go up 3-0. Stalemate as Carton has a front headlock. Shot by Gulibon on the restart. Carton keeps pressure on Gulibov's head and they are stalemated again. Carton almost scores a takedown but time runs out.

Period 3: Gulibon picks neutral to start the period. Shot by Gulibon and he scores the takedown to make it 3-2. They get stalemated again and Gulibon gives the escape on the restart and scores another takedown to tie it up. Escape Carton makes it 5-4. Another shot and takedown by Gulibon and he takes the 6-5 lead as they go out of bounds, Gulibon releases him again then scores another takedown to go up 8-6 then another stalemate. Gulibon holds on and gets the 8-6 win to get PSU on the board.

Gulibon wins 8-6

Team Score: Iowa leads 8-3

149: No. 1 Zain Retherford (Penn State) vs. No. 3 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa)
Period 1: Takedown Retherford and quick escape for Sorensen to make it 2-1. Shot by Sorensen and he scores the takedown, quick escape Retherford and they are tied at 3-3.

Period 2: Retherford starts on bottom. Escape Retherford to go up 4-3. Tough hand fighting and a shot by Retherford but Sorensen fights it off. Period ends with Retherford leading 4-3.

Period 3: Sorensen starts on bottom. Was nearly out, but Retherford able to follow and the run out of bounds. Retherford throws a leg in on the restart, Sorensen stands up - potentially dangerous. Sorensen up and out on the restart. RT not a factor. Shot Sorensen and he scores the takedown. Retherford gets an escape and is immediately on the leg to score the takedown and take the 7-6 lead. Retherford stays down on the leg and is hit for stalling. Escape Sorensen with 10 seconds left to tie it at 7-7 and they are headed to OT.

OVERTIME: (On their feet) No one scores.
Retherford on bottom: Half and thigh pry from Sorensen, but Retherford escapes. Sorensen road for 11 seconds.
Sorensen now on bottom: Crab ride, Retherford sticks in the legs and Sorensen fights them off to get the escape and tie it at 8-8.
Back on their feet: Shot by Sorensen Retherford tries to go behind Sorensen stops him and more top and bottom wrestling.
Sorensen on bottom: Back to crab ride - Retherford able to ride Sorensen out this time.
Retherford on bottom: Sorensen gives escape to make it 9-8. Retherford holds him off to get the win.

Retherford wins 9-8 OT.

Team Score: Iowa leads 8-6

157: No. 1 Jason Nolf (Penn State) vs. No. 2 Michael Kemerer (Iowa)
Period 1: Shot by Nolf, Kemerer dives underneath to pass a leg and potentially dangerous as they get tied up. Nolf back in on the leg after the restart. Another scramble and it's stalemated. Nolf back in again, trying to come out the back, but Kemerer ties him up again and there's another stalemate. Another shot by Nolf - Kemerer hit for stalling. Shot Kemerer, nearly a go-behind by Nolf, but Kemerer stays in front. Nolf in on a shot as time runs out in the period. Scoreless.

Period 2: Nolf starts on bottom. Up to his feet, Kemerer on the return. Nolf back up and gains escape, 1-0 Nolf. Low double by Nolf and that time he scores the takedown to go up 3-1 after giving up the escape. Another shot by Nolf and he sticks a leg in to the other side to get another takedown to up up 5-1 as the period closes out.

Period 3: Kemerer starts on bottom. Nolf does a good job of following Kemerer as he comes up to his feet. Blood time for Kemerer with 1:33 left to wrestle. Escape Kemerer after the restart and he follows it up with a shot, but Nolf defends and they are stalemated. Another shot by Nolf, he comes out the back to score another takedown. Nolf goes catch and release on a few takedowns to go up 9-4 and get the win.

Nolf wins 9-4

Team Score: PSU takes lead 9-8

165: No. 6 Vincenzo Joseph (Penn State) vs. No. 19 Joey Gunther (Iowa)
Period 1: Early takedown by Cenzo. Drives Gunther across the mat and picks up the takedown then they go out of bound. Gives escape then scores another takedown on the edge after a good fight by Gunther. Cent leads 4-1. Escape Gunther. Stall warning on Gunther, another shot by Cenzo and he scores another takedown, Gunther gets another escape to make it 6-3. Out of bounds with 25-seconds to go in the period. Another shot by Cenzo, blocked off by Gunther and the period ends with Cenzo leading 6-3.

Period 2: Gunther on bottom to start. Close to a reversal, but the ref says they are out of bounds, Cenzo still on top. Gunther gets escape on the restart. Another leg attack by Cenzo, stalemate with a minute left. Period ends with Cenzo leading 6-4.

Period 3: Cenzo starts on bottom. Escape Cenzo after Gunther gets the RT under a minute. Cenzo leads 7-4. Cenzo warned for stalling. Match comes to a close with Cenzo getting the 7-4 win.

Cenzo wins 7-4

Team Score: PSU leads 12-8

174: Mark Hall (Penn State) vs. No. 13 Alex Meyer (Iowa)
Period 1: Hall in on a shot, collects both ankles and scores first to take 2-0 lead. Escape Meyer. Hall awarded a takedown, but it gets waved off. 26-seconds left in the period, Hall leads 2-1.

Period 2: Hall starts on bottom. Hall up to his feet and scores the escape, he leads 3-1. Shot by Hall, Meyer defends and has him flattened out and goes around to score the takedown and tie it up at 3-3.

Period 3: Meyer starts on bottom. Escape Meyer to take 4-3 lead. Duck under by Hall scores it, immediate escape by Meyer, tied at 5-5 - RT not a factor. Shot by Meyer and he scores the takedown with 15 seconds left.

Meyer wins 7-5

Team Score: PSU leads 12-11

184: No. 2 Bo Nickal (Penn State) vs. No. 4 Sam Brooks (Iowa)
Period 1: Shot by Brooks and Nickal hits a spladle and pins Brooks in 47-SECONDS!!!

Nickal pin in 47-seconds

Team Score: PSU leads 18-11

197: No. 8 Matt McCutcheon (Penn State) vs. NR Cash Wilcke (Iowa)
Period 1: Takedown MM as they go out of bounds. Escape Wilcke on the restart. Periods ends 2-1, MM.

Period 2: MM starts on bottom. He gains escape to go up 3-1. Shot MM on the edge, fought off by Wilcke and they work back to the center. MM with the 3-1 lead as the period ends.

Period 3: Wilcke starts on bottom. Gains escape to make the score 3-2. Shot Wilcke, blocked off by MM. Slick duck under by Wilcke for the takedown. MM gets escape to make it 4-4.

OVERTIME: Shot Wilcke, go-behind attempt by MM, but no one scores and we will go to the 30-second tiebreaker.
MM starts on bottom: Reversal and MM stays down on the leg to get hit for stalling. Wince up to his feet on the restart, MM drops down to the leg and gets hit for stalling with 2 seconds left to make it 6-5.
Wilcke on bottom: Scores the escape to tie it at 6-6.
On their feet again: No one scores
Wilcke on bottom: Escape Wilcke to make it 7-6.
MM on bottom: Escape MM and he will win it on RT with 14 seconds in OT.

MM wins 8-7

Team Score: PSU leads 21-11

285: No. 5 Nick Nevills (Penn State) vs. Steven Holloway (Iowa)
Period 1: Takedown Nevills to go up 2-0. RT goes over a minute for Nevills, Holloway hit with stalling on bottom, escape Holloway - 2-1 Nevills. Go-behind for Nevills as time runs out and he extends his lead to 4-1.

Period 2: Nevills on bottom. Escape Nevills, 5-1. Shot by Holloway, Nevills fights it off and goes around to score another takedown. Nevills leads 7-1. Another stall warning on Holloway - 1pt to Nevills makes it 8-1.

Period 3: Holloway chooses neutral. Shot Nevills and he scores another takedown, escape Holloway, takedown Nevills and they go out of bounds, 12-2. Optional start, escape Holloway, takedown Nevills, escape Holloway, takedown Nevills, escape Holloway, takedown Nevills, escape Holloway, takedown Nevills, RT point makes it a 21-6 tech for Nevills.

Nevills wins 26-6 tech fall.

Final Team Score: PSU wins 26-11.