2016 Cadet Worlds USA Greco Preview

2016 Cadet Worlds USA Greco Preview

2016 Cadet Worlds USA Greco Preview

The 2016 United World Wrestling Cadet World Championships starts Tuesday, September 13th at 1:00 a.m. CDT. Let's take a look at the Greco-Roman team heading over to Tbilisi, Georgia for the first two days of competition.

42kg - Andrew Chambal, Michigan

Every year, there is someone who doesn’t win Akron that still gets to go to Cadet worlds. Andrew Chambal is the one for this team, so he’ll have an extra chip on his shoulder. He is prone to giving up a big move, as evidenced in the UWW Cadet finals, as well as when he got pinned three times at Cadet Duals. But the Michigan lightweight rebounded with a second place finish at Fargo, as well as a Pan Am title in which he got three pins and a tech down in Peru.

46kg - Mosha Schwartz, Colorado

Mosha Schwartz has been one of the best Greco lightweights in the country over the past two years. He was fourth last year in Akron at 42kg, then went undefeated at Cadet Duals and won 88lbs in Fargo. The Colorado native dominated UWW Cadets this year, racking up five techs and a pin. Schwartz is not afraid to throw headlocks or go back arch, so it will be interesting to see how the foreign competition counters his height and leverage on big moves.

Mosha Schwartz goes big in Akron

50kg - Malik Johnson, Missouri

Malik Johnson made the natural progression from Fargo champ to Cadet world team member. Johnson has preternatural calm and often relies on his ability to float his hips in dangerous situations to prevent scores or at least minimize the damage from his opponents. The rising junior at Christian Brothers College in St. Louis frequently comes out on top in scrambles, which is particularly crucial at the Cadet level with two minute periods.

54kg - Real Woods, Illinois

An IzzyStyle guy, we know Real Woods will come full bore the whole match. Points are at a premium against high level international competition, and Woods was very stingy in giving up only two points in six matches in Akron. While he may be styled as a grinder, don't be surprised to see Woods outslick some opponents in Georgia. He'll be joining Johnson on day one, and with an even 24 entrants in his bracket, a top-side draw may be crucial in seeing him get an opportunity to wrestle for a medal.

58kg - Jack Davis, Pennsylvania

Jack Davis was one of two world team members to battle through three matches in Akron. But we can take a lot from that series, as his finals opponent Jack Karstetter is a banger who will try to bully you, a la many Europeans. Coming from Pennsylvania, some may be surprised that Davis is this proficient in Greco. So he’ll be looking to bring some hardware back to the Keystone state, and his constant foot movement is a big reason of why he might be a threat to do just that.

63kg - Peyton Omania, California

Along with Davis, Omania had to fight his way through a three match final set to qualify for the world team. His good buddy and fellow Californian Randon Miranda just did battle at junior worlds, so hopefully the Golden Staters shared some tips and tricks to help Omania land in a medal match.

69kg - Max Wohlabaugh, Florida

More than perhaps any other athlete on this team, Max Wohlabaugh is not at all afraid to be in a scrap. While that could cost him as he gets too lost in the fight, it may also serve him well in that he won't back down from even the stiffest of competition.

Wohlabaugh gives the finger wag after making the Fargo finals

76kg - Clay Lautt, Kansas

It shouldn't be surprising that Kansas put a kid on the Cadet world team given their success at USA Wrestling Greco events over the past few years. Even though UNC is headed up by a leg grabber, Lautt does not shy away from his desire to go upper body and focus on his Greco goals. But, like half the team, Lautt went to Fargo and did not win, so he will have certainly have something to prove on this business trip nine time zones away from his home.

85kg - Brandon Whitman, Michigan

Whitman joins his Mitten state teammate Chambal as a guy who did not win in Akron but will be heading to Cadet worlds. Whitman will need to do a good job of getting his hips in and not burying his head, because passive points will come quick and fast this week. Whitman is a two-time state champ in Michigan entering his junior year. One thing that becomes apparent when reviewing his results, is that he either blows people out or wins close. He'll have to get out to a quick start and bury people early.

100kg - Cohlton Schultz, Colorado

Without a doubt, Schultz is the number one Greco prospect for America at Cadet worlds. When you watch him wrestle freestyle and folkstyle, he wrestles a Greco style. Schultz stands straight up, working underhooks, two-on-ones and body locks, allowing very minimal transition time to what national team coach Matt Lindland hopes is his preferred style. It will be interesting to see how last year's Pan Am champ bounces back from his Fargo loss to Tyler Curd as he works his way towards a medal on day one.

Cohlton Schultz wins Fargo