Iowa vs OK State Has Dual Of The Year Potential | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 1,002)

1,002. Iowa vs OK State/O'Toole-Carr Preview

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The FRL crew previews an amazing weekend in college wrestling.

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(0:00) fun and easy banter

(3:20) Ben goes back in on potentially dangerous

(7:15) bringing back instadeath

(9:40) CP's biggest regret from episode 1,000

(11:40) Iowa vs Oklahoma State

(13:31) random youth state tournament/pizza divergence

(20:22) back to Iowa vs Oklahoma State

(45:17) David Carr vs Keegan O'Toole IV

(51:25) where Carr vs O'Toole stacks up against all-time rivalries

(1:03:20) best of the rest of the weekend

(1:15:50) questions - including heated prime Cael Sanderson vs prime Aaron Brooks debate