Nebraska vs Penn State Recap + Iowa Lineup Questions | FloWrestling Radio Live (Ep. 1,001)

1,001. Nebraska vs Penn State + Iowa Lineup

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The guys recap Penn State vs Nebraska, discuss Iowa's lineup, and more on the 1,001st episode of FRL.

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(0:00) episode 1,000 talk

(7:00) the potentially dangerous calls that dominated the weekend

(27:00) Penn State - Nebraska recap 

(33:09) should Iowa wrestle Gabe Arnold this season?

(41:56) back to Penn State - Nebraska

(55:30) heavyweights vs 184 pounders. Who wins?

(1:01:30) why Worls in Albania is important

(1:01:55) best of the rest of the weekend

(1:06:20) state championship talk - which state is the best?

(1:19:50) questions