Miguel Rodriguez | The Bader Show (Ep. 368)


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Miguel Rodriguez joins the show to talk about Dunia Sibomana and how they met. Dunia was attacked by chimpanzees, came to the US and won a state title in New York as an 8th grader.

0:01 - Miguel watched the film

0:04 - Long Beach

0:05 - Isaiah Bird

0:09 - Long Beach wrestling

0:12 - Meeting Dunia

0:17 - If he stays in LB we can help him

0:20 - Have to have a sense of humor

0:23 - Dunia’s wrestling introduction

0:26 - Dunia making varsity in 8th grade

0:31 - Tough road ahead medically

0:33 - Blessing in disguise?

0:35 - Dunia wants to be an architect 

0:37 - Today and the wrestling season