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The Bader Show | Kyle Cochran

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The Bader Show | Kyle Cochran (Ep. 267)

Jan 25, 2022

Maryland senior Kyle Cochran joins The Bader Show.

0:00: AJ Ferrari situation.

1:30: Kyle Cochran’s introduction to wrestling. 

5:30: Having success.

9:00: Greco.

10:00: Folkstyle only.

12:00: Becoming a Terrapin

13:30: Lifestyle changes.

14:30: Meeting Alex Clemsen.

17:30: Hitting rock bottom.

19:00: Renewed energy.

20:00: Superstitions. 

21:30: Winning Southern Scuffle.

24:30: Changes to the Maryland program.

26:00: Wrestling in the B10.

27:30: Thinking about nationals.

29:00: Sweat it out

34:00: Wins and whoopins.