picture of 2019 Wyoming Cowboy Open

Nov 2, 2019

Air Force, Northern Colorado, and #25 Wyoming headline the field at the always tough Cowboy Open. Also, keep an eye out for stud blue-chip recruit Andrew Alirez and possibly some hammers from the Elite Athlete Program at the Olympic Training Center. 


Results from the 2019 Wyoming Cowboy Open.

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125Sidney Flores (Air Force) DEC Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado), 9-4

133Theorius Robison (Unattached - Northern Colorado) DEC Montorie Bridges (Wyoming), 3-2

141Christopher Sandoval (Northern Colorado) DEC Gabriel Tagg (Unattached - North Carolina), 7-4

149Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) MD Jaron Jensen (Wyoming), 14-5

157Jimmy Fate (Northern Colorado) MD Ethan Leake (Northern Colorado), 12-0

165Randy Meneweather ii (Air Force) F Harlan Steffensmeier (Air Force), 1:12

174Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) MD Billy Higgins (Northern Colorado), 9-0

184Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) DEC Tate Samuelson (Wyoming), 3-2

197Cale Davidson (Wyoming) DEC Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado), 7-5

285Brian Andrews (Wyoming) DEC Kayne Hutchison (Air Force), 5-0


125Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado) DEC Cole Verner (Wyoming), 6-4

125Sidney Flores (Air Force) TF Cian Apple (Colorado Mesa), 15-0 5:17

133Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) DEC Jared Van vleet (Air Force), 2-1

133Theorius Robison (Unattached - Northern Colorado) DEC Colin Poynter (Air Force), 9-5

141Christopher Sandoval (Northern Colorado) DEC Wesley Dawkins (Nebraska-Kearney), 10-4

141Gabriel Tagg (Unattached - North Carolina) TF Chase Zollmann (Unattached - Wyoming), 19-2 6:36

149Jaron Jensen (Wyoming) DEC Shonn Roberts (Unattached - Providence), 7-6

149Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) F Jacob Greenwood (Wyoming), 1:29

157Ethan Leake (Northern Colorado) F Trey Brisker (Air Force), 5:54

157Jimmy Fate (Northern Colorado) DEC Casey Dobson (Unattached - Providence), 6-4

165Randy Meneweather ii (Air Force) DEC Cole Moody (Wyoming), 9-4

165Harlan Steffensmeier (Air Force) DEC Dewey Krueger (Wyoming), 3-2

174Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) F Brock Jennings (Air Force), 1:16

174Billy Higgins (Northern Colorado) DEC Casey Randles (Wyoming), 3-1

184Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) MD Joshua Flanagan (Northern Colorado), 10-1

184Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) F Steeler French (Unattached - Montana State-Northern), 


197Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado) DEC Isaac Bartel (Montana-Northern), 11-9

197Cale Davidson (Wyoming) DEC Majid Muratov (Northwest College), 7-1

285Brian Andrews (Wyoming) DEC Dalton Robertson (Northern Colorado), 2-1

285Kayne Hutchison (Air Force) F Landon Brown (Western Wyoming College), 1:01


125Cole Verner (Wyoming) DEC Josiah Nava (Utah Valley), 3-1

125Jace Koelzer (Northern Colorado) DEC Graham Shore (Air Force), 8-3

125Sidney Flores (Air Force) DEC Doyle Trout (Wyoming), 6-2

125Cian Apple (Colorado Mesa) F Iyean Varela-romero (New Mexico Highlands), 1:45

133Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) DEC Michael Johnson (Northern Colorado), 8-3

133Jared Van vleet (Air Force) MD Cameron Santiago (Unattached), 14-5

133Theorius Robison (Unattached - Northern Colorado) DEC Isaiah Delgado (Utah Valley), 12-8

133Colin Poynter (Air Force) M FOR Sean Cannon (Northern Colorado), 0-0 0:10

141Christopher Sandoval (Northern Colorado) TF Chris Mesa (Unattached - Providence), 24-9 7:00

141Wesley Dawkins (Nebraska-Kearney) DEC Lenny Petersen (Air Force), 17-13

141Chase Zollmann (Unattached - Wyoming) DEC Noah Hermosillo (Adams State), 4-2

141Gabriel Tagg (Unattached - North Carolina) MD Jonathan Killingsworth (Nebraska-Kearney), 13-2

149Jaron Jensen (Wyoming) DEC Gavin Melendez (Colorado State-Pueblo), 3-2

149Shonn Roberts (Unattached - Providence) MD Parker Simington (Air Force), 12-3

149Jacob Greenwood (Wyoming) DEC Alec Opsal (Air Force), 7-5

149Andrew Alirez (Northern Colorado) F Teontae Wilson (Nebraska-Kearney), 2:11

157Ethan Leake (Northern Colorado) MD Jerry Rubio (Utah Valley), 10-2

157Trey Brisker (Air Force) DEC Daniel Snediker (Unattached - UVRTC), 6-5

157Casey Dobson (Unattached - Providence) F Cole Mortensen (Western State Colorado University), 4:36

157Jimmy Fate (Northern Colorado) DEC Marcus Amico (Air Force), 5-1 SV

165Randy Meneweather ii (Air Force) F Koy Wilkinson (Utah Valley), 4:01

165Cole Moody (Wyoming) F Jair Flores (Colorado State-Pueblo), 4:06

165Harlan Steffensmeier (Air Force) DEC Fred Green (Unattached), 10-3

165Dewey Krueger (Wyoming) DEC Jordan Robison (Northern Colorado), 8-4

174Hayden Hastings (Wyoming) MD Xavier Vasquez (Northern Colorado), 9-0

174Brock Jennings (Air Force) DEC Seth Bogulski (Northern Colorado), 4-3

174Casey Randles (Wyoming) DEC Jimmy Laconte (Western State Colorado University), 6-5

174Billy Higgins (Northern Colorado) DEC Cody Surratt (Air Force), 8-7

184Tate Samuelson (Wyoming) MD Trenton Schultz (Northern Colorado), 10-0

184Joshua Flanagan (Northern Colorado) DEC Jordan Wengreen (Air Force), 3-2

184Steeler French (Unattached - Montana State-Northern) DEC Garrett Niel (Air Force), 7-4

184Alan Clothier (Northern Colorado) MD Ruger Wyneken (Western State Colorado University), 20-8

197Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado) F Cole Phelps (Air Force), 2:20

197Isaac Bartel (Montana-Northern) MD Casey Jumps (Air Force), 9-0

197Majid Muratov (Northwest College) DEC Cole Forrester (Air Force), 3-2

197Cale Davidson (Wyoming) DEC Donald Negus (Colorado Mesa), 5-0

285Brian Andrews (Wyoming) DEC Logan Church (Western State Colorado University), 8-2

285Dalton Robertson (Northern Colorado) MD Lee Herrington (Nebraska-Kearney), 11-3

285Kayne Hutchison (Air Force) TF Weston Mayer (Wyoming), 19-1 4:32

285Landon Brown (Western Wyoming College) DEC Matt Wagner (Air Force), 7-2