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Completed · Jan 24-28, 2019

For the first time, one of the world's toughest tournaments is live on Flo. Some of the best from the U.S. including, Kyle Snyder, James Green, Thomas Gilman, Zain Retherford, Sarah Hildebrandt, Becka Leathers, and Tamyra Mensah-Stock, will do battle against the best Russia has to offer.


Men's Freestyle


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Full men's freestyle results from day 1.


Thomas Gilman (Bronze medal winner)

R1: tf. A. Alvarez Blanco (CUB), 10-0

Quarters: defeated by A. Magomedov (RUS), 12-6

Rep: dec. A. Peker (TUR), 9-0

Bronze: dec. Erdenebat Bekhbayar (MGL), 14-8

Zane Richards

R1: defeated by T. Tumenbileg (MGL), 8-7

Note: Richards was eliminated after Tumenbileg failed to make the finals.


Joe Colon

R1: tf. Cory Clark (USA), 10-0

Quarters: defeated by E. Grigoriev (RUS), 10-1

Note: Colon was eliminated after Grigoriev failed to make the finals.

Cory Clark

R1: defeated by Joe Colon (USA), 10-0

Note: Clark was eliminated after Colon failed to make the finals.


Zain Retherford

Quarters: defeated by G. Rashidov (RUS), 4-3.

Note: Retherford was eliminated after Rashidov failed to make the finals.


James Green

R1: tf. P. Hommadov (TKM), 13-0

Quarters: defeated by D. Baev (RUS), 10-2

Note: Green was eliminated after Baev failed to make the finals.

Jason Chamberlain

R1: tf. K. Yeerlanbieke (CHN), 10-0

Quarters: defeated by M. Gazimagomedov (RUS), 12-0

Rep: defeated by Zhamaov (RUS), 8-2

79kg (Pool play)

Alex Dieringer (Bronze medal winner)

R1: tf. L. Zeping (CHN), 13-0

R3: dec. A. Zaseev (RUS), 7-3

Semis: defeated by A. Gadzhimagomedov (RUS), 5-2.

Bronze: Dieringer wins by default. 

Note: Zaseev did not weigh in on the second day.


Sammy Brooks

R1: tf. Dudarov (GER), 13-2

Quarters: defeated by Valiev (RUS), 11-3

Note: Brooks was eliminated when Valiev lost in the semis.


Kyle Snyder

R1: defeated by R. Magomedov (RUS), 6-5

Note: Snyder was eliminated when Magomedov lost in the quarterfinals. 

Women's Freestyle


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Full women's freestyle results from day 1.

50 kg 

Victoria Anthony (Bronze medal winner)

Quarters: tf N. Tsogtochir (MGL), 11-1

Semifinals: defeated by A. Vetoshkina (RUS), fall

Bronze: dec. E. Vostrikova (RUS), 6-1


Sarah Hildebrandt (CHAMPION)

Quarters: tf. S. Erdenechimeg (MGL), 13-2

Semis: dec. E. Poleshchuk (RUS), 4-4

GOLD: defeated M. Natalia (RUS), 6-4.

Haley Augello (5th place)

Quarters: dec. L. Herin Avila (CUB), 8-6

Semis: injury defaulted to M. Natalia (RUS)

Bronze: defaulted to L. Karymova (RUS) due to injury.


Becka Leathers (5th place)

Quarters: defeated by T Sukhee (MGL), 9-1

Bronze: defaulted to Grace Bullen (NOR) due to injury.

Kelsey Campbell

R1: defeated by G Bullen (NOR), 10-0

65 kg

Forrest Molinari (5th place)

Quarters: fall S. Aleuatdinova (UZB), 1:37

Semifinals: defeated by M. Kuznetsova (RUS), 7-4

Bronze: defeated by Y. Prontsevitch (RUS), 4-1


Tamyra Mensah (CHAMPION)

Quarters: tf. Zakharchenko (RUS), 10-0

Semifinals: dec Kolesnikova (RUS), 9-4

Gold: fall Kagami (JPN), 2:43