picture of 2018 Wolfpack Open

Completed, Nov 18, 2018

Returning NCAA Tournament fourth place finisher, North Carolina State, plays hosts to one of the nation's toughest open tournaments. 

Full brackets and results can be found in here in FloArena. 


125 Zurich Storm Raleigh, NC (NCSU Unattached) NC Jakob Camacho Danbury, CT (NCSU Unattached)
157 Jake Keating University, VA (Virginia Unattached ) NC Justin Mccoy New Paris, PA (Virginia Unattached )
165 Thomas Bullard Raleigh, NC (NCSU Unattached) M FOR Kellen Ekern Norfolk, VA (ODU unattached)
174 Daniel Bullard Raleigh, NC (NCSU Unattached) NC Trent Hidlay Lewistown, PA (NCSU Unattached)