2018 Super 32 Challenge
Oct 27-28
Greensboro, NC

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Finals Results 

106: Stevo Poulin (NY) DEC Drake Ayala (IA), 11-8

Notes: Both AA'd in Fargo and Akron.

Paths: Poulin - Cangro (NJ), Treanor (NC), Steen (PA), Dunnigan (NJ)

Paths: Ayala - Martinez (CA), Almeyda (NJ), Brown (TX)

113: Richard Figueroa (CA) DEC Greg Diakomihalis (NY), 5-4

Notes: Figs was runner-up here last year to Schriever at 106, where he's still ranked #1. Greg was 3rd in Akron.

Paths: Diakomihalis - Melofchik (NJ), Lujan (CA), Reno (MO

Paths: Figueroa - Spratley (NY), Nardone (NJ), Agin (OH)

120: Lucas Byrd (OH) DEC Sam Latona (AL), 6-3

Notes: Latona was 7th last year; Byrd was 5th at Ironman

Paths: Latona - Ventresca (NJ), Bouzakis (FL)

Paths: Byrd - Littel (IN), Lorenzo (CA), Cardenas (CO)

126: Shayne Van Ness (NJ) DEC Ryan Jack (CT), 10-6

Notes: Van Ness was in backup duty at Blair last year and won NHSCA Freshmen. Jack (Kevin's younger brother), was 3rd in NHSCA Sophs.

Paths: Van Ness - Camacho (PA), Busiello (NY), Orine (MO)

Paths: Jack - Horst (TN), Serrano (CO), Mendes (IN), Henson (GA)

132: Dylan D'Emilio (OH) DEC Beau Bartlett (PA), 5-2

Notes: Bartlett was runner-up here last year to Jakob Camacho. D'Emilio, a former World Team Member, was 5th in that same bracket.

Paths: Bartlett - Polanco (CA), Washington (OK), Rivera (FL)

Paths: D'Emilio - Herrmann (PA), Hamdan (MI), Hillegas (PA)

138: Jaden Abas (CA) DEC Jesse Vasquez (CA), 3-1

Notes: Both Abas (to Ryan Anderson) and Vasquez (to Joey Silva) were runners-up last year in Greensboro.

Paths: Abas - Viduya (IN), Sanchez (OH), Medora (WI), Crace (OH)

Paths: Vasquez - Smith (GA), Ulaszek (CO), Hall (WV), Henson (MO)

145: Keegan O'Toole (WI) F James Whitaker (MI), 2:55

Notes: O'Toole won a monster weight at Fargo this year. Whitaker's breakout was here last year when he took 5th. He went on to win FloNationals.

Paths: O'Toole - Allred (IN), Tamburino (PA), Lee (IN), Bryant (IN), Schwartzkopf (MO)

Paths: Whitaker - Zargo (NJ), Miller (PA), Lovett (FL), Vulakh (PA)

152: Connor Brady (OH) DEC Cameron Amine (MI), 5-2

Notes: Amine was 5th here last year while Brady placed at S32 two years ago. Brady beat Amine 3-2 in the finals of last year's Brecksville.

Paths: Amine - Lawrence (PA), Anderson (PA)

Paths: Brady - Mosher (NY), Gandara (AZ)

160: Alex Facundo (MI) DEC Nick South (IN), 7-3

Notes: Facundo was 5th here last year and a Cadet Worlds Bronze medalist. South won an Indiana State title.

Paths: Facundo - Ulrey (PA), Lagoa (OH)

Paths: South - Frinzi (PA), Minto (FL), Ortiz (IL), Shettler (MI)

170: Dustin Plott (OK) DEC Patrick Kennedy (MN), 16-12

Notes: Kennedy is a defending Champ. Plott was runner-up here last year and a runner-up at Vegas JRS.

Paths: Plott - Blubaugh (IN), McIntosh (IN), Reitsma (NJ), Fisher (KS)

Paths: Kennedy - Shumate (OH), Walker (IN), Littles (GA), Cramer (IL)

182: Abe Assad (IL) DEC Gerrit Nijenhuis (PA), 5-3

Notes: Assad won the toughest bracket in Akron and then a World Bronze. Nijenhuis has been busy - he AA'd in Akron, made FloNationals finals, and won NHSCA Sophs.

Paths: Assad - Elam (MO), Fisher (VA)

Paths: Nijenhuis - Poznanski (NJ), Turley (VA), Foca (NJ)

195: Jacob Cardenas (NJ) DEC Wyatt Hendrickson (KS), 9-7

Notes: Cardenas is an NJ State Champ that was 5th in Akron and won FloNationals. Hendrickson has numerous ranked wins and with 7th in Akron and 3rd in Fargo.

Paths: Cardenas - Tobiasson (CO), Allred (IN), Chakonis (NJ)

Paths: Hendrickson - Cantu (OR), Good (CA)

220: Braxton Amos (WV) DEC Konner Doucet (OK), 5-0

Notes: Amos is the returning champ and won Ironman. Doucet was an Akron finalist.

Paths: Amos - Cornwell (IN)

Paths: Doucet - McMaster (PA), Orduno (AL)

285: Aidan Conner (TX) DEC Colby Whitehill (PA), 11-4 

Notes: For Connor, who is committed to Princeton, this is his first real major other than JR Duals. Whitehill, a Clarion commit, was your runner-up in Fargo.

Paths: Whitehill - Mukai (VA), Kudra (MA)

Paths: Connor - Bryant (MD), Hoaglund (PA)

Semifinal Results

Quarterfinal Results