picture of 2018 Super 32 Challenge

Oct 27-28, 2018

The nation's best pre-season high school wrestling tournament is once again live on FloWrestling. Just how tough is this tournament? 8 NCAA finalists from last season competed at Super 32 during their high school careers, and over a third over the 330 wrestlers in the NCAA Tournament field also competed at Super 32. Over 100 ranked high school wrestlers are expected at this years edition so it will surely not disappoint. Complete brackets and instantly archived matches can be found inside FloArena.


Full Brackets on FloArena

Finals Results 

106: Stevo Poulin (NY) DEC Drake Ayala (IA), 11-8

Notes: Both AA'd in Fargo and Akron.

Paths: Poulin - Cangro (NJ), Treanor (NC), Steen (PA), Dunnigan (NJ)

Paths: Ayala - Martinez (CA), Almeyda (NJ), Brown (TX)

113: Richard Figueroa (CA) DEC Greg Diakomihalis (NY), 5-4

Notes: Figs was runner-up here last year to Schriever at 106, where he's still ranked #1. Greg was 3rd in Akron.

Paths: Diakomihalis - Melofchik (NJ), Lujan (CA), Reno (MO

Paths: Figueroa - Spratley (NY), Nardone (NJ), Agin (OH)

120: Lucas Byrd (OH) DEC Sam Latona (AL), 6-3

Notes: Latona was 7th last year; Byrd was 5th at Ironman

Paths: Latona - Ventresca (NJ), Bouzakis (FL)

Paths: Byrd - Littel (IN), Lorenzo (CA), Cardenas (CO)

126: Shayne Van Ness (NJ) DEC Ryan Jack (CT), 10-6

Notes: Van Ness was in backup duty at Blair last year and won NHSCA Freshmen. Jack (Kevin's younger brother), was 3rd in NHSCA Sophs.

Paths: Van Ness - Camacho (PA), Busiello (NY), Orine (MO)

Paths: Jack - Horst (TN), Serrano (CO), Mendes (IN), Henson (GA)

132: Dylan D'Emilio (OH) DEC Beau Bartlett (PA), 5-2

Notes: Bartlett was runner-up here last year to Jakob Camacho. D'Emilio, a former World Team Member, was 5th in that same bracket.

Paths: Bartlett - Polanco (CA), Washington (OK), Rivera (FL)

Paths: D'Emilio - Herrmann (PA), Hamdan (MI), Hillegas (PA)

138: Jaden Abas (CA) DEC Jesse Vasquez (CA), 3-1

Notes: Both Abas (to Ryan Anderson) and Vasquez (to Joey Silva) were runners-up last year in Greensboro.

Paths: Abas - Viduya (IN), Sanchez (OH), Medora (WI), Crace (OH)

Paths: Vasquez - Smith (GA), Ulaszek (CO), Hall (WV), Henson (MO)

145: Keegan O'Toole (WI) F James Whitaker (MI), 2:55

Notes: O'Toole won a monster weight at Fargo this year. Whitaker's breakout was here last year when he took 5th. He went on to win FloNationals.

Paths: O'Toole - Allred (IN), Tamburino (PA), Lee (IN), Bryant (IN), Schwartzkopf (MO)

Paths: Whitaker - Zargo (NJ), Miller (PA), Lovett (FL), Vulakh (PA)

152: Connor Brady (OH) DEC Cameron Amine (MI), 5-2

Notes: Amine was 5th here last year while Brady placed at S32 two years ago. Brady beat Amine 3-2 in the finals of last year's Brecksville.

Paths: Amine - Lawrence (PA), Anderson (PA)

Paths: Brady - Mosher (NY), Gandara (AZ)

160: Alex Facundo (MI) DEC Nick South (IN), 7-3

Notes: Facundo was 5th here last year and a Cadet Worlds Bronze medalist. South won an Indiana State title.

Paths: Facundo - Ulrey (PA), Lagoa (OH)

Paths: South - Frinzi (PA), Minto (FL), Ortiz (IL), Shettler (MI)

170: Dustin Plott (OK) DEC Patrick Kennedy (MN), 16-12

Notes: Kennedy is a defending Champ. Plott was runner-up here last year and a runner-up at Vegas JRS.

Paths: Plott - Blubaugh (IN), McIntosh (IN), Reitsma (NJ), Fisher (KS)

Paths: Kennedy - Shumate (OH), Walker (IN), Littles (GA), Cramer (IL)

182: Abe Assad (IL) DEC Gerrit Nijenhuis (PA), 5-3

Notes: Assad won the toughest bracket in Akron and then a World Bronze. Nijenhuis has been busy - he AA'd in Akron, made FloNationals finals, and won NHSCA Sophs.

Paths: Assad - Elam (MO), Fisher (VA)

Paths: Nijenhuis - Poznanski (NJ), Turley (VA), Foca (NJ)

195: Jacob Cardenas (NJ) DEC Wyatt Hendrickson (KS), 9-7

Notes: Cardenas is an NJ State Champ that was 5th in Akron and won FloNationals. Hendrickson has numerous ranked wins and with 7th in Akron and 3rd in Fargo.

Paths: Cardenas - Tobiasson (CO), Allred (IN), Chakonis (NJ)

Paths: Hendrickson - Cantu (OR), Good (CA)

220: Braxton Amos (WV) DEC Konner Doucet (OK), 5-0

Notes: Amos is the returning champ and won Ironman. Doucet was an Akron finalist.

Paths: Amos - Cornwell (IN)

Paths: Doucet - McMaster (PA), Orduno (AL)

285: Aidan Conner (TX) DEC Colby Whitehill (PA), 11-4 

Notes: For Connor, who is committed to Princeton, this is his first real major other than JR Duals. Whitehill, a Clarion commit, was your runner-up in Fargo.

Paths: Whitehill - Mukai (VA), Kudra (MA)

Paths: Connor - Bryant (MD), Hoaglund (PA)

Semifinal Results

Quarterfinal Results