picture of 2017 Journeymen Cliff Keen World Classic and Duals

Completed, Apr 22, 2017

Imagine Fargo + the World! That’s what is being created. Eight different countries will be represented this weekend as the United States best high school wrestlers welcome studs from Austria, Canada, Italy, France, New Zealand, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan. Following the individual tournament, the United States will Canada in an all-star dual showdown.

Show Results

Imagine Fargo + the World! That’s what is being created. Eight different countries will be represented this weekend as the United States best high school wrestlers welcome studs from Austria, Canada, Italy, France, New Zealand, Bolivia, and Kazakhstan. Check out the results from the individual tournament and the all-star dual between the United States vs the World!

USA vs The World Dual Meet

110: McHenry (USA) DEC Kadyseit (KAZ) 14-9
120: Diakomihalis (USA) DEC Guarino (ITA) 3-2
126: Glory (USA) WBF Temirzhanov (KAZ) 4:03
132: Manville (USA) TF Leder (CAN) 11-0 2:26
138: Arujau (USA) TF Yezza (FRA) 12-0 2:27
145: Heard (USA) TF Richards (NZL) 15-3 2:44
152: Diakomihalis (USA) TF Mukhametkaliyev (KAZ) 10-0 1:39
160: Ramirez (USA) WBF Talamo (ITA) 0:28
170: Brooks (USA) WBF Afa (FRA) 1:10
182: Barnes (USA) TF Mornat (FRA) 10-0 0:34
195: Hoffman (USA) WBF Sovek (KAZ) 2:00
220: Schultz (USA) WBF Osserbay (KAZ) 1:45 

Tournament Placements

100 A

1st place Ryan Crookham
2nd place Cole Skinner
3rd place Wil Guida
4th place Josiah Encarnacion
5th place Nasir Wilkinson
6th place Cody Minor
7th place Blake Noonan
8th place Michael Reardon

100 B
1st place Joe Scheeren 
2nd place Ethan Fernandez 
3rd place Thomas Fischer 
4th place Joseph Manno
5th place Trent Thompson

1st place Lachlan McNeil
2nd place Andrew Chambal
3rd place Ryan Miller
4th place Anthony Noto
5th place Nick Kayal
6th place Brock Delsignore
7th place Ryan Burgos
8th place Micah Roes

113 A
1st place Damour Valentin
2nd place Akbar Kurbanov
3rd place Yelaman Kadyrseit
4th place Eric Barnett
5th place Greg Diakomihalis
6th place Drew Schafer
7th place Mateo Anisi
8th place Cody Holmes
9th place Jarod Kosman
10th place Christopher Trelli
11th place Drew Munch
12th place Tommy Nichols

113 B
1st place Kaya Sement
2nd place Gene Quodala
3rd place Logan Sciotto
4th place Michael Shiffer
5th place Drew Witham

120 A
1st place Trevor Mastrogiovanni
2nd place Brock Bergelin
3rd place Trent Svingala
4th place Kurt Mchenry
5th place Brayden Todd
6th place Virgilio Guarino
7th place Nurymbet Atabekuly
8th place Marco Vespa
9th place Michael Gonyea
10th place Zachary Redding
11th place Anthony Sciotto
12th place Corey Gamet

120 B
1st place Joseph Manginelli
2nd place Dylan Earl
3rd place Stone Lewis
4th place Ethan Ferro
5th place Pedro Quiros

120 C
1st place Logan Patterson
2nd place Michael James
3rd place Ronan Marino
4th place James Ryan
5th place Vito Rodriguez Jr.

126 A
1st place Nick Raimo
2nd place Carson Manville
3rd place Ramazan Attasauov
4th place Mel Ortiz
5th place Jakob Camacho
6th place Chris Cannon
7th place Patrick Glory
8th place Joshua Saunders
9th place Joey Bianchi
10th place Alex Samson
11th place Nick Incontrera
12th place Daulet Temirzhanov

126 B
1st place Satoshi Abe
2nd place Matthew Caccamise
3rd place AJ Derosa
4th place Gregory Hotaling
5th place Gianni Manginelli
6th place Adam Frost

132 A
1st place Patrik Leder
2nd place Tanner McHugh
3rd place Justin Vines
4th place Tristan Haviland
?5th place Jacob Falleni
6th place Nathaniel Camiscioli
7th place Joseph McGinty

138 A
1st place Vitali Arujau
2nd place Dan Moran
3rd place Mason Phillips
4th place Scott Cook
5th place Malcolm Robinson

138 B
1st place  Craig Manno
2nd place Ryan Angers
3rd place Willie Thacker
4th place Michelangelo Bolorin
5th place Paul Dimarco

145 A
1st place Yezza Marwane
2nd place Kiernan Shanahan
3rd place Imran Heard
4th place Garret Sales 
5th place Matthew Kolonia

145 B
1st place Shaun Wagner
2nd place AJ Kovacs
3rd place Devan Larkin
4th place Jason Ashline II

152 A
1st place Yianni Diakomihalis
2nd place Philip Conigliaro
3rd place Evan Barczak
4th place Gunner Sales
5th place Matt Grippi 
6th place Gianluca Talamo 
7th place Ryan Luth
8th place Tyler Hazard
9th place Will Lawrence
10th place Brahm Richards
11th place Zachery Lawrence
12th place Ray Cotto

152 B
1st place Walker Stephenson
2nd place Jack Chesman
3rd place Jay Nivison
4th place Luis Roca 
5th place Dempsey Carroll

160 A
1st place Julian Ramirez
2nd place Christopher Foca
3rd place Shynggys Mukhametkaliyev
4th place Michael O'Malley
5th place Grant Cuomo
6th place Sammy Cokeley
7th place Michael Angers
8th place Isaac Matthews
9th place Caden Wright
10th place Charlie Grygas
11th place Dylan Harrington
12th place Dyan Sousa

170 A
1st place Aaron Brooks
2nd place Afa Charles
3rd place Kyle Cochran
4th place Leo Tarantino 
5th place Algabek Kadirbayev

170 B
1st place Simon Marchl
2nd place Anthony Asatrian
3rd place Noah Curreri 
4th place Bryson Alsteen
5th place Ryan Devivo

170 C
1st place Paul Calo
2nd place Ethan Cooper
3rd place David Flynn
4th place Matthew Oxenham
5th place Anthony Sciuto

182 A
1st place Jelani Embree
2nd place AJ Pedro
3rd place Tyler Barnes 
4th place Mornat Pierre 
5th place Benjamin Greil

182 B
1st place Jake Lanning
2nd place Trevor Snow
3rd place Michael Ilic
4th place Levko Higgins
5th place Dillon Warner

195 A
1st place Daniel Kerkvliet
2nd place Jake Woodley
3rd place Gavin Hoffman
4th place Ablay Sovet
5th place Ryan Vasbinder
6th place Kyle Lightner

220 A
1st place Cohlton Schultz 
2nd place Bakdaulet Osserbay
3rd place Manur Abdul-Malik
4th place Khaled Dassan
5th place Narek Stepanyan
6th place Daniel Geriak