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2016 Olympic Trials


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Saturday - FS 65kg, 125kg; WM 58kg, 63kg, 69kg; GR 59kg, 66kg, 85kg

Sunday - FS 57kg, 74kg, 86kg, 97kg; WM 48kg, 53kg, 75kg; GR 75kg, 130kg

Nine champions were crowned at the 2016 Olympic Trials in Iowa City on Saturday. Three of them are Rio-bound, while the six others took a giant step towards their Olympic dreams.

All three of the wrestlers who are Olympic locks - one in each style - were on the 2012 London Olympic team: Elena Pirozhkova, Ben Provisor, and Tervel Dlagnev.

A fourth London Olympian, Kelsey Campbell, was one of six other champions on Saturday that won at weight classes which have not yet been qualified by the United States for the 2016 Games. There are two tournaments remaining to lock up their Rio spot.

On Sunday, nine more weights will be contested in Iowa. Click here for those brackets.


$ = Clinched Olympic Berth

Finals Match 1

86 FS: J’Den Cox, MWF dec. Kyle Dake, TMWC 8-1
Cox scores a takedown on the shot clock that was challenged by Dake. He lost the challenge and gave up a sequence of scores trying to get back in the match.

48 WM: Haley Augello, NYAC dec. Victoria Anthony, TMWC 6-4
Auger uses a big four-point throw late in the match to take match 1.

$-57 FS: Daniel Dennis, TMWC dec. Tony Ramos, TMWC 2-1
Ramos was unable to score on two shot clocks compared to Dennis' one.

$-130 GR: Robby Smith, NYAC dec. Adam Coon, CKWC 4-1
Two points on a correct throw was the pivotal sequence for Smith.

$-75 WM: Adeline Gray, NYAC tf. Victoria Francis, TMWC 11-0
Gray dominates start to finish to win math one of the series.

$-75 GR: Andy Bisek, MN Storm dec. Geordan Speiller, Florida Jets 6-2
Bisek uses a gut wrench to score all six point from a forced par terre situation.

53 WM: Helen Maroulis, Sunkist tf. Whitney Conder, Army 10-0

Maroulis overwhelms Conder to take match one of the series.

97 FS: Jake Varner, NLWC dec. Kyle Snyder, TMWC 4-4 by criteria 

Varner takes match one with a takedown and gut wrench. Snyder was only able to score a step out after getting into a deep body lock on Varner.

$-74 FS: Jordan Burroughs, Sunkist dec. Andrew Howe, NYAC 9-3

Burroughs scored a counter leg attack  and put two leg laces together to extend the first period lead. Howe countered with a late takedown to close it to 7-2 at the break. Burroughs held position the rest of the way to close out a 9-3 win in match 1.

Finals Match 2

86 FS: Kyle Dake, TMWC dec. J'Den Cox, MWF 5-3
Kyle Dake scored a takedown while on the shot clock as he trailed 3-2. He held on late in the match to win 5-3 and force a third match.

$-130 GR: Robby Smith, NYAC dec. Adam Coon, CKWC 7-2

Robby Smith used a big arm throw to score five points in the opening moments of the match. He made that stand up to win the series two matches to none.

48 WM: Victoria Anthony, TMWC dec. Haley Augello, NYAC 11-6

An early takedown and gut wrench for two turns built an early lead for Anthony. She defended late in par terre to finish the match and force a third bout. 
53 WM: Helen Maroulis, Sunkist tf. Whitney Conder, Army 10-0
?Maroulis scored a go behind to a single leg in the opening moments and never looked back. Helen will be off to Mongolia in the coming weeks to try to qualify the weight.
$-57 FS: Daniel Dennis, TMWC tf. Tony Ramos, TMWC 10-0
Daniel Dennis used a gut wrench after an opening takedown to close out the match and series quickly. Daniel Dennis to Rio!

$-75 WM: Adeline Gray, NYAC tf. Victoria Francis, TMWC 10-0

A few high singles, a lace, and a gut wrench will give Adeline the opportunity to use her Brazilian Visa again to travel to Rio.

$-97 FS: Kyle Snyder, TMWC dec. Jake Varner, NLWC 4-0
A caution from a shot clock, a step out and a takedown was enough for Snyder to extend it to a third match for the trip to Rio. 

$-75 GR: Andy Bisek, MN Storm dec. Geordan Speiller, Florida Jets 4-0

Once again Bisek capitalizes on a forced par terre opportunity with a gut wrench. He followed it up with caution points forced from an arm drag. Bisek is headed to Rio.

$-74 FS: Jordan Burroughs, Sunkist tf. Andrew Howe, NYAC 10-0
Burroughs uses a leg lace to finish the match quickly and punch his ticket to return to the Olympic Games.

Finals Match 3

86 FS: J'Den Cox, MWF dec. Kyle Dake, TMWC 4-3
In the pivotal sequence Cox was able to score a reversal right after Dake took the lead with a takedown. After trading step out points Cox fend off a late surge from Dake. Cox is headed to Mongolia to try to qualify for the Olympic Games.

48 WM: Haley Augello, NYAC dec. Victoria Anthony, TMWC 8-2
?Augello built a lead with a crotch lift early and secured the victory coming out of a leg lace and scoring exposure with the same crotch lift.
$-97 FS: Kyle Snyder, TMWC dec. Jake Varner, NLWC
Snyder opened the scoring with an arm drag to a go behind takedown. He controlled the bout in every aspect to earn his first Olympic berth.

Challenge Finals
75 GR: Geordan Speiller, Florida Jets dec. Cheney Haight, NYAC 7-0
75 WM: Victoria Francis, TMWC dec. Jackie Surber, TMWC 10-2
74 FS: Andrew Howe, NYAC dec. Nick Marable, Sunkist 2-1
97 FS: Jake Varner, NLWC dec. Dustin Kilgore, Sunkist 6-0

57 FS: Tony Ramos, TMWC dec. Coleman Scott, Sunkist 4-4 by criteria
57 FS: Daniel Dennis, TMWC dec. Tyler Graff, NYAC 6-3

74 FS: Andrew Howe, NYAC dec. Alex Dieringer, Cowboy 5-2
74 FS: Nick Marable, Sunkist dec. Chris Perry, TMWC 10-6

86 FS: J’Den Cox, MWF dec. Keith Gavin, TMWC 3-1
86 FS: Kyle Dake, TMWC dec. David Taylor, NLWC 4-3

97 FS: Jake Varner, NLWC dec. Kyven Gadson, Sunkist 4-0
97 FS: Dustin Kilgore, Sunkist dec. JD Bergman, NYAC 6-3

48 WM: Haley Augello, NYAC dec. Alyssa Lampe, Sunkist 7-6
48 WM: Victoria Anthony, TMWC dec. Clarissa Chun, Sunkist 9-2

53 WM: Helen Maroulis, Sunkist tf. Katherine Fulp-Allen, NYAC 11-0
53 WM: Whitney Conder, Army vs Michaela Hutchison, TMWC 7-2

75 WM: Jackie Surber, TMWC dec. Forrest Molinari, TMWC 2-1
75 WM: Victoria Francis, TMWC dec. Niauni Hill, Lindenwood 2-2 by criteria

75 GR: Geordan Speiller, Florida Jets tf. Mason Manville, LVAC 13-2
75 GR: Cheney Haight, NYAC tf. Kendrick Sanders, NYAC 8-0

130 GR: Robby Smith, NYAC tf. Jacob Mitchell, NYAC 8-0
130 GR: Adam Coon, CKWC tf. Toby Erickson, NYAC 10-0
57 FS: Tony Ramos, TMWC dec. Nahshon Garrett, TMWC 3-3 by criteria
57 FS: Coleman Scott, Sunkist tf. Joe Colon, TMWC 14-4
57 FS: Daniel Dennis, TMWC dec. Alan Waters, MWF 9-2
57 FS: Tyler Graff, NYAC tf. Nathan Tomasello, TMWC 10-0

74 FS: Andrew Howe, NYAC tf. Mark Hall, OTC 10-0
74 FS: Alex Dieringer, Cowboy WC dec. Adam Hall, TMWC 10-4
74 FS: Nick Marable, Sunkist dec. Dan Vallimont, NYAC 3-0
74 FS: Chris Perry, TMWC dec. Kevin LeValley, Buffalo Valley RTC 6-0

86 FS: J’Den Cox, MWF dec. Jake Herbert, NYAC 8-1
86 FS: Keith Gavin, TMWC dec. Ed Ruth, Sunkist 15-8
86 FS: David Taylor, NLWC dec. Austin Trotman, TMWC 4-3
86 FS: Kyle Dake, TMWC dec. Richard Perry, NYAC 10-7

97 FS: Jake Varner, NLWC tf. Enock Francois, NYAC 11-0
97 FS: Kyven Gadson, Sunkist tf. Scott Schiller, MN Storm 13-2
97 FS: Dustin Kilgore, Sunkist dec. Wynn Michalak, TMWC 12-9
97 FS: JD Bergman, NYAC dec. Cayle Byers, TMWC 7-2

48 WM: Alyssa Lampe, Sunkist tf. Breonnah Neal, TMWC 11-0
48 WM: Haley Augello, NYAC dec. Erin Golston, NYAC 6-1
48 WM: Clarissa Chun, Sunkist tf. Nicole Woody, Terrapin WC 14-4
48 WM: Victoria Anthony, TMWC fall Cody Pfau, TMWC 0:51

53 WM: Helen Maroulis, Sunkist tf. Sharon Jacobson, Army 13-2
53 WM: Katherine Fulp-Allen, NYAC tf. Sarah Hildebrandt, NYAC 10-0
53 WM: Michaela Hutchison, TMWC dec. Deanna Betterman, Sunkist 3-0
53 WM: Whitney Conder, Army dec. Carlene Sluberski, NYAC 9-0

75 WM: Jackie Surber, TMWC tf. Brandy Lowe, McKendree 11-1
75 WM: Forrest Molinari, TMWC dec. Kristie Davis, Gator 3-2
75 WM: Niauni Hill, Lindenwood dec. Hanna Hall, Campbellsville 7-4
75 WM: Victoria Francis, TMWC dec. Tanya Kusse, X-Treme 9-0

75 GR: Geordan Speiller, Florida Jets tf. Alec Ortiz, MN Storm 10-2
75 GR: Mason Manville, LVAC dec. Jake Fisher, MN Storm 3-3 by criteria
75 GR: Cheney Haight, NYAC fall Taylor Walsh, Hoosier WC 0:57
75 GR: Kendrick Sanders, NYAC tf. Dillon Cowan, Army 8-0

130 GR: Robby Smith, NYAC fall Patrick Carey, MN 0:39
130 GR: Jacob Mitchell, NYAC tf. Parker Betts, MN Storm 12-4
130 GR: Toby Erickson, NYAC dec. Matt Lamb, Army 6-0
130 GR: Adam Coon, CKWC tf. Donny Longendyke, MN Storm 9-1

57 FS: Nahshon Garrett, TMWC dec. Angel Escobedo, NYAC 12-9
57 FS: Joe Colon, TMWC dec. Obe Blanc, TMWC 15-10
57 FS: Alan Waters, MWF dec. Erkin Tadzhimetov, NYAC 10-3
57 FS: Nathan Tomasello, TMWC dec. Nico Megaludis, NLWC 4-3

74 FS: Mark Hall, OTC dec. Logan Massa, NYAC 13-11
74 FS: Dan Vallimont, NYAC dec. Vladyslav Dombrovskiy, Army 5-0
74 FS: Kevin LeValley, Buffalo Valley RTC dec. Quinton Godley, TMWC 6-3

86 FS: J’Den Cox, MWF dec. Clayton Foster, GRIT 7-7 by criteria
86 FS: Ed Ruth, Sunkist tf. Deron Winn, TMWC 10-0
86 FS: Austin Trotman, TMWC dec. Jon Reader, Sunkist 9-6
86 FS: Richard Perry, NYAC dec. Tyler Caldwell, Sunkist 10-4

97 FS: Enock Francois, NYAC dec. Micah Burak, TMWC 2-1
97 FS: Kyven Gadson, Sunkist dec. Kallen Kleinschmidt, OTC 3-2
97 FS: Dustin Kilgore, Sunkist dec. Blaize Cabell, PWC 7-5
97 FS: Cayle Byers, TMWC dec. JT Felix, TMWC 4-3

48 WM: Breonnah Neal, TMWC dec. Marina Doi, TMWC 6-0
48 WM: Erin Golston, NYAC tf. Regina Doi, TMWC 10-0
48 WM: Haley Augello, NYAC tf. Candice Workman, TMWC 11-0
48 WM: Clarissa Chun, Sunkist tf. Alesha Zappitella 12-0
48 WM: Nicole Woody, Terrapin WC tf. Ashley Iliff, King 10-0
48 WM: Cody Pfau, TMWC dec. Sarah Allen, Cumberlands 11-6
48 WM: Victoria Anthony, TMWC tf. Tayler Resuriz, McKendree 12-0

53 WM: Helen Maroulis, Sunkist tf. Christina Powell, MVWC 10-0
53 WM: Sharon Jacobson, Army dec. Jessica Medina, Sunkist 8-3
53 WM: Sarah Hildebrandt, NYAC dec. Cady Chessin, Menlo 10-2
53 WM: Katherine Fulp-Allen, NYAC tf. Rachel Archer, OK City 11-0
53 WM: Michaela Hutchison, TMWC tf. Dajan Treder, Jimmie WC
53 WM: Deanna Betterman, Sunkist dec. Samantha Klingel, King 3-1
53 WM: Carlene Sluberski, NYAC tf. Amy Fearnside, TMWC 10-0
53 WM: Whitney Conder, Army tf. Shelby Morrison, OK City 10-0

75 WM: Brandy Lowe, McKendree dec. Alyssa LaFrancis, Escondido 11-5
75 WM: Forrest Molinari, TMWC tf. Renee Samano, Veneta 10-0
75 WM: Kristie Davis, Gator dec. Nahiela Magee, Waylon 10-4
75 WM: Niauni Hill, Lindenwood dec. Julia Salata, NYAC 3-0
75 WM: Hanna Hall, Campbellsville tf. Mary Westman, Jimmie WC 14-3  
75 WM: Tanya Kusse, X-Treme dec. Jessika Rottier, Cumberlands 8-3
75 WM: Victoria Francis, TMWC tf. Brittany David, Lindenwood 11-0

75 GR: Alec Ortiz, MN Storm tf. Barret Stanghill, NYAC 9-1
75 GR: Jake Fisher, MN Storm tf. Michael Brandt, Marines 10-1
75 GR: Mason Manville, LVAC tf. Tarrence Williams, NYAC 8-0
75 GR: Taylor Walsh, Hoosier WC fall Corey Hope, NYAC 0:46
75 GR: Dillon Cowan, Army dec. Timothy Blaeu, Army 4-2

130 GR: Patrick Carey, MN Storm tf. Eric Fader, Marines 8-0
130 GR: Donny Longendyke, MN Storm tf. Jack Griggs, NMU 8-0

$ = Clinched Olympic Berth

Finals - Round 1
58 WM: Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist dec. Alli Ragan, NYAC, 2-1
66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm dec. ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC, 2-0
65 FS: Aaron Pico, TMWC dec. Frank Molinaro, NLWC, 4-2
98 GR: Caylor Williams, Army fall. Joe Rau, MN Storm, 1:36
69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC dec. Brittany Roberts, Sunkist, 8-1
$ - 85 GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC dec. Jake Clark, 3-0
$ - 63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC dec. Erin Clodgo, Sunkist, 3-1
59 GR: Jesse Thielke, NYAC tf. Ildar Hafizov, Army, 10-0
$ - 125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist dec. Zach Rey, LVWC, 3-1

Finals - Round 2
58 WM:  Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist dec. Alli Ragan, NYAC, 2-1
66 GR: ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC dec. Pat Smith, MN Storm, 2-2
65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC dec. Aaron Pico, TMWC, 4-3
98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm dec. Caylor Williams, Army, 5-2
69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC dec. Brittany Roberts, Sunkist, 8-1
59 GR: Jesse Thielke, NYAC dec. Ildar Hafizov, Army, 8-3
$ - 63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC fall. Erin Clodgo, Sunkist, 3:59
$ - 85GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC fall. Jake Clark, 2:30
$ - 125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist dec. Zach Rey, LVWC, 5-3

Finals - Round 3
65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC dec. Aaron Pico, TMWC, 4-4
66 GR: ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC dec. Pat Smith, MN Storm, 9-2
98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm vs. Caylor Williams, Army

65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC dec. Logan Stieber, TMWC 5-5 by criteria
65 FS: Aaron Pico, TMWC tf. Reece Humphrey, NYAC 11-1

125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist dec. Dom Bradley, Sunkist 5-1
125 FS: Zach Rey, LVWC dec. Nick Gwiazdowski, NYAC 4-2

58 WM: Alli Ragan, NYAC dec. Kayla Miracle, Sunkist 6-4
58 WM: Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist dec. Teshya Alo, TMWC 4-2
63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC dec. Jennifer Page, TMWC 5-1
63 WM: Erin Clodgo, Sunkist dec. Amanda Hendey, TMWC 6-2

69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC tf. Julia Salata, NYAC 11-1
69 WM: Brittany Roberts, Sunkist dec. Randi Miller, Army 3-1

59 GR: Ildar Hafizov, Army dec. Ryan Mango, Army 8-4
59 GR: Jesse Thielke, NYAC tf. Spenser Mango, Army 8-0

66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm dec. Michael Hooker, Army 4-0
66 GR: ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC dec. Ellis Coleman, Army 3-2

85 GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC dec. Jordan Holm, MN Storm 3-0
85 GR: Jake Clark tf. Jon Anderson, Army 11-3

98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm dec. Orry Elor, NYAC 6-0
98 GR: Caylor Williams, Army tf. G'Angelo Hancock, NYAC 8-0

65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC dec. Brent Metcalf, NYAC 3-3 by criteria
65 FS: Logan Stieber, TMWC dec. Zain Retherford, NLWC 8-6
65 FS: Reece Humphrey, NYAC dec. Jimmy Kennedy, NYAC 14-10
65 FS: Aaron Pico, TMWC dec. Jordan Oliver, Sunkist 11-9

125 FS: Tervel Dlagnev, Sunkist tf. Connor Medbery, TMWC 10-0
125 FS: Dom Bradley, Sunkist dec. Tyrel Fortune, TMWC 6-2
125 FS: Nick Gwiazdowski, NYAC dec. Justin Grant, NYAC 4-1
125 FS: Zach Rey, LVWC dec. Tony Nelson, MN Storm 2-2 by criteria

58 WM: Alli Ragan, NYAC tf. Becka Leathers, TMWC 10-0
58 WM: Kayla Miracle, Sunkist dec. Randi Beltz, TMWC 8-3
58 WM: Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist dec. Natalia Hinojo, OK City 6-0
58 WM: Teshya Alo, TMWC dec. Jenna Burkert, Army 8-5

63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC tf. Alexis Porter, NYAC 11-1
63 WM: Jennifer Page, TMWC tf. Hannah Jewel, King 10-0
63 WM: Amanda Hendey, TMWC fall Katerina Lobsinger, CSA 6:00
63 WM: Erin Clodgo, Sunkist dec. Francesca Giorgio, Simon Fraser 6-0
69 WM: Tamyra Mensah, TWMC dec. Veronica Carlson, NYAC 9-0
69 WM: Julia Salata, NYAC dec. Iris Smith, Army 4-1
69 WM: Brittany Roberts, Sunkist tf. Forrest Molinari, TMWC 11-0
69 WM: Randi Miller, Army tf. Rachel Waters, Gator 11-0

59 GR: Ildar Hafizov, Army dec. Max Nowry, Army 5-0
59 GR: Ryan Mango, Army tf. Nikko Triggas, NYAC 9-0
59 GR: Jesse Thielke, NYAC dec. Jermaine Hodge, Army 8-4
59 GR: Spenser Mango, Army tf. Sammy Jones, NYAC 8-0

66 GR: Michael Hooker, Army dec. Bryce Saddoris, Marines 4-4 by criteria
66 GR: Pat Smith, MN Storm dec. Chris Gonzalez, NYAC 5-2
66 GR: ReVaughn Perkins, NYAC dec. Alejandro Sancho, NYAC 9-3
66 GR: Ellis Coleman, Army dec. Marco Lara, Army 4-0

85 GR: Jordan Holm, MN Storm tf. Mark Stenberg, NYAC 9-0
85 GR: Ben Provisor, NYAC dec. Patrick Martinez, Army 4-1
85 GR: Jake Clark tf. Hayden Zillmer, Crosby Hay 8-0
85 GR: Jon Anderson, Army tf. Ryan Hope, NYAC 8-0

98 GR: Joe Rau, MN Storm tf. Jarod Trice, TMWC 9-0
98 GR: Orry Elor, NYAC inj. John Wechter, MN Storm 1:44
98 GR: G'Angelo Hancock, NYAC tf. Jacob Kasper, Roughhouse 8-0
98 GR: Caylor Williams, Army tf. Dan Miller, Marines 8-0

65 FS: Frank Molinaro, NLWC tf. Kellen Russell, NYAC 14-1
65 FS: Logan Stieber, TMWC tf. BJ Futrell, TMWC 10-0
65 FS: Zain Retherford, NLWC dec. James Green, TMWC 9-2
65 FS: Jimmy Kennedy, NYAC tf. Dean Heil, Cowboy WC 12-2
65 FS: Reece Humphrey, NYAC dec. Jason Chamberlain, TMWC 6-3
65 FS: Aaron Pico, TMWC tf. Jason Ness, MN Storm 20-9

125 FS: Connor Medbery, TMWC dec. Eric Thompson, NLWC 8-3
125 FS: Justin Grant, NYAC dec. Bobby Telford, TMWC 6-3
125 FS: Tony Nelson, MN Storm dec. Matt Meuleners, TMWC 6-3

58 WM: Alli Ragan, NYAC tf. Tarkyia Mensah, Wyland 10-0
58 WM: Becka Leathers, TMWC dec. Trinity Griffin, Sunkist 12-7
58 WM: Randi Beltz, TMWC tf. Lauren Louive, HWC 13-2
58 WM: Kayla Miracle, Sunkist fall Axa Molina, Lindenwood 2:59
58 WM: Kelsey Campbell, Sunkist tf. Arian Carpio, Sunkist 10-0
58 WM: Natalia Hinojo, OK City dec. Maya Nelson, Sunkist 9-9 by criteria
58 WM: Jenna Burkert, Army tf. Sally Roberts, Army 10-0
58 WM: Teshya Alo, TMWC tf. Megan Black, McKendree 12-2

63 WM: Elena Pirozhkova, TMWC tf. Olivia Seppinni, McKendree 10-0
63 WM: Alexis Porter, NYAC dec. Shai Mason, TMWC 4-4 by criteria
63 WM: Hannah Jewel, King dec. Leigh Jaynes-Provisor, Army 13-10
63 WM: Jennifer Page, TMWC fall Shelby Hall, Doylestown 3:31
63 WM: Amanda Hendey, TMWC fall Rosemary Flores, Staten Island 3:41
63 WM: Katerina Lobsinger, CSA dec. Monica Ramirez, Lindewood 10-4
63 WM: Francesca Giorgio, Simon Fraser dec. Mallory Velte, TMWC 6-2
63 WM: Erin Clodgo, Sunkist tf. Rachel Shannon, Xtreme 10-0

69 WM: Veronica Carlson, NYAC tf. Lorrie Ramos, TMWC 10-0
69 WM: Julia Salata, NYAC tf. Maggie Douma, OK City 12-0
69 WM: Forrest Molinari, TMWC fall Hannah Gladden, EAWC 5:25
69 WM: Rachel Waters, Gator tf. Lisa Gonzalez, Lindenwood 10-0

59 GR: Max Nowry, Army dec. Justin Lavalle, MN Storm 6-4
59 GR: Sammy Jones, NYAC dec. Dmitry Ryabchinskiy, NYAC 7-0

66 GR: Michael Hooker, Army dec. Devin Scott, MN Storm 3-2
66 GR: Marco Lara, Army dec. Brian Graham, MN Storm 4-2

85 GR: Mark Stenberg, NYAC dec. Kevin Radford Jr, Sunkist 9-8
85 GR: Hayden Zillmer, Crosby Hay dec. Luke Sheridan, Army 5-3
85 GR: Ryan Hope, NYAC inj. Courtney Meyers, Army 1:59

98 GR: Jarod Trice, TMWC dec.  Zach Merrill, TMWC 5-2

Sunday - FS 57kg, 74kg, 86kg, 97kg; WM 48kg, 53kg, 75kg; GR 75kg, 130kg