picture of 2016 Body Bar Women's National Championships

Completed , May 21-22, 2016

Cadet World Team Trials, more commonly known as Body Bar on the women’s side, is this weekend in Irving, Texas, and our nation’s best 14-17 year old women will be scrapping it out for chance to represent the United States in Tbilisi, Georgia this summer at the Cadet World Championships.

Show Results

Women's Junior World Team Trials

World Team Best of 3 Finals

44KG: Marina Doi (Titan Mercury) tf. Naomi Chavez (Maverick Elite), 10-0
44KG: Marina Doi (Titan Mercury) fall. Naomi Chavez (Maverick Elite), :58

48KG: McKayla Cambell (OH) dec. Aleeha Gould (Titan Mercury), 16-13
48KG: McKayla Cambell (OH) dec. Aleeha Gould (Titan Mercury), 14-9

51KG: Brenda Reyna (Vandit) tf. Autumn Gordon (Lancaster), 10-0
51KG: Brenda Reyna (Vandit) tf. Autumn Gordon (Lancaster), 10-0

55KG: Becka Leathers (Titan Mercury) dec. Ronna Heaton (Sunkist), 6-0
55KG: Becka Leathers (Titan Mercury) dec. Ronna Heaton (Sunkist), 5-0

59KG: Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) fall. Elissa Douglass (Vici), 1:42
59KG: Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) fall. Elissa Douglass (Vici), 1:51

63KG: Maya Nelson (Sunkist) dec. Francesca Giorgio (Simon Fraser), 8-1
63KG: Maya Nelson (Sunkist) dec. Francesca Giorgio (Simon Fraser), 3-2

67KG: Alexis Porter (Mckendree) tf. Jessica Kee (King), 14-4
67KG: Alexis Porter (Mckendree) dec. Jessica Kee (King), 5-2

72KG: Rachel Watters (Gator) tf. Hannah Gladden (Patriot WC), 10-0
72KG: Rachel Watters (Gator) dec. Hannah Gladden (Patriot WC), 7-0

Outstanding Wrestler - Maya Nelson (Sunkist Kids) - 63KG


44KG: Marina Doi (Titan Mercury) fall. Genae Sampract (IL), 6:00
44KG: Naomi Chavez (Maverick Elite) tf. Maia Phanthadara (Cumberlands), 12-2

48KG: McKayla Cambell (OH) dec. Regina Doi (Titan Mercury), 5-2
48KG: Aleeha Gould (Titan Mercury) fall. Katlyn Pizzo (Michigan WW), 2:35

51KG: Brenda Reyna (Vandit) tf. Kasey Baynon (GA), 10-0
51KG: Autumn Gordon (Lancaster) fall. Daisha Jaime (Gator), :52

55KG: Becka Leathers (Titan Mercury) tf. Arian Carpio (Sunkist), 10-0
55KG: Ronna Heaton (Sunkist) dec. Dominique Parrish (Simon Fraser), 6-4

59KG: Kayla Miracle (Campbellsville) tf. Hailey Valleskey (WI),11-0
59KG: Elissa Douglass (Vici) fall. Rebekah Cordova (Tech Fall), 2:08

63KG: Maya Nelson (Sunkist) tf. Hannah Jewell (King), 10-0
63KG: Francesca Giorgio (Simon Fraser) tf. Steffanie Hampton (Campbellsville), 12-2

67KG: Jessica Kee (King) tf. Margaret Douma (Gator), 10-0
67KG: Alexis Porter (Mckendree) tf. Skylar Grote (Blair), 12-1

72KG: Rachel Watters (Gator) tf. Andrea Sennett (IL), 14-4
72KG: Hannah Gladden (Patriot WC) dec. Alexandria Glaude (Mckendree), 7-6