2015 UWW Senior World Championships
Las Vegas, NV
Sep 7-12, 2015
Show Results


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Wednesday, Sept. 9th Finals Mat
85kg Gold#2-Zhan Belunyuk (UKR) dec. #12-Rusam Assakalov (UZB), 6-0
85kg Bronze#3-Habibollah Akhlaghi (IRI) dec. Rami Hietaniemi (FIN), 5-1
85kg BronzeSaman Tahmesabi (AZE) dec. #4-Viktor Lorincz (HUN) , 2-1

Semifinal Results
85kg#12-Rusam Assakalov (UZB) fall. Rami Hietaniemi (FIN)
85kg#2-Zhan Belunyuk (UKR) dec. Saman Tahmesabi (AZE), 3-1

Quarterfinal Results

85kg: Rami Hietaniemi (FIN) dec. #20-Nursultan Tursynov (KAZ), 4-3
85kg#12-Rusam Assakalov (UZB) fall. #3-Habibollah Akhlaghi (IRI)
85kg: Saman Tahmesabi (AZE) tf. #1-David Chakvetadze (RUS), 8-0
85kg#2-Zhan Belunyuk (UKR) dec. Damien Janikowski (POL), 2-1

Brock's Points of Interest:
85kg 1/16:
Jordan Holm (USA) gets a chance in forced par terre a minute into the match against Hamzatov (BLR), but is unable to convert. Holm gets on the board with a passivity point two minutes into the match. For the second time Holm isn't able to convert in par terre. Holm gives up a step out to go behind 1-1. A second passivity call puts Holm down in forced par terre and gets gut wrench, 3-1 BLR. Holm is unable to convert a takedown and Hamzatov moves on.

85kg 1/16: Returning World Champion Melonin Noumanvi (FRA) is pinned in the first round by Rustam Assakalov (UZB). Noumanvi got choked out fighting off his back.

85kg 1/4: #2-Belenyuk (UKR) trailed #4-Lorincz (HUN), 1-0, late in the match before getting a pushout and a takedown to win 3-1.

Tuesday, Sept. 8th 

Final Match-Ups
59kg Gold: Ismael Borrero Molina (CUB) tf. Rovshan Bayramov (AZE) 8-0 
59kg Bronze: Won Chol Yun (PRK) tf. Arsen Eraliev (KGZ) 8-0
59kg Bronze: Almat Kebispayev (KAZ) wbf. Soslan Daurov (BLR) 1:51

71kg Gold:
 Rasul Chunayev (AZE) dec. Armen Vardanyan (UKR) 6-4
71kg Bronze: Adam Kurak (RUS) dec. Tsimur Berdyieu (BLR) 4-0 
71kg Bronze: Knut Zakar Tallroth (SWE) dec. Matthias Maasch (GER)  3-0

80kg Gold: Selcuk Cebi (TUR) dec. Viktar Sasunouski (BLR) 2-0
80kg Bronze: Yousef Ahm Ghaderian (IRI) dec. Askhat Dilmuhkamedov (KAZ) 2-0
80kg Bronze: Lasha Gobadze (GEO) tf. Samat Shirdikhov (KGZ) 8-0

130kg Gold: Riza Kayaalp (TUR) dec. Mijain Lopez (CUB) 1-0
130kg Bronze: Oleksandr Chernetsky (URK) wbf. Sabahi Shariat (AZE) 1:15
130kg Bronze: Bilyal Makhov (RUS) dec. Robert Smith (USA) 10-8 

Semifinal Results
 Rovshan Bayramov (AZE)  dec. Arsen Eraliev (KGZ), 4-0
59kg: Ismael Borrero Molina (CUB) tf. Almat Kebispayev (KAZ) 

71kg: Rasul Chunayev (AZE)  tf. Simur Berdyieu (BLR), 8-0
71kg: Armen Vardanyan (UKR) dec. Matthias Maasch (GER), 2-1

80kg: Viktar Sasunouski (BLR) dec. Yousef Ahm Ghaderian (IRI), 3-3
80kg: Selcuk Cebi (TUR) fall. Lasha Gobadze (GEO)

130kg: Riza Kayaalp (TUR) dec. Sabahi Shariat (AZE), 4-0
130kg: Mijain Lopez Nunez (CUB)  tf. Robert Smith (USA), 8-0

Quarterfinal Results
Arsen Eraliev (KGZ) tf. Mate Krasznai (HUN), 8-0
Rovshan Bayramov (AZE) won by dq. Hamid Moha Soryan (IRI)
Ismael Borrero Molina (CUB) dec. Seunghak Kim (KOR), 8-6
Almat Kebispayev (KAZ) dec. Ivo Serafi Angelov (BUL), 4-3

Tsimur Berdyieu (BLR) tf. Kairatbek Tugolbaev (KGZ) 8-0
Rasul Chunayev (AZE) tf. Justin Lester (USA) 8-0
Matthias Maasch (GER) dec. Darkhan Bayakhmetov (KAZ) 4-4
Armen Vardanyan (UKR) tf. Knut Zakar Tallroth (SWE) 9-0

Yousef Ahm Ghaderian (IRI) tf. Jinhyeok Kim (KOR), 8-0
Viktar Sasunouski dec. Askhat Dilmukhame (KAZ), 3-2
Selcuk Cebi (TUR) dec. Laszlo Szabo (HUN), 3-2
 Lasha Gobadze (GEO) fall. Evgeny Saleev (RUS)

Sabahi Shariat (AZE) tf. Erwin Jose Caraballo Cabre (VEN), 9-0
Riza Kayaalp (TUR) tf. Oleksandr Chernetskyy (UKR) 8-0
Robert Smith (USA) dec. Murat Ramonov (KGZ) 1-1
Mijain Lopez Nunez (CUB) dec. Keiki Nabi (EST) 2-0

Brock's Points of Interest
59kg Qualification: Mango (USA) gives up a takedown and turn that put him in deep trouble early in the bout. Passivity calls gave Mango two opportunities in forced par terre, but he was unable to convert, 4-2 on the passivity points. Ismael Borrero Molina (CUB) holds on and wins the opening round bout 4-2.

59kg Qualification: Six-time World Champion and 2012 Olympic Champion Hamid Soryan (IRI) was impressive in his opening bout with a technical fall. 

59kg Qualification: Stepan Maryanyan (RUS) answers Soryan's technical fall with an easy one of his own. Plenty of par terre game for Maryanyan.

59kg 1/8: Ivo Angelov (BUL) comes back from a 6-0 deficit to beat Elmurat Tasmuradov (UZB). Both wrestlers score four-point throws and an exposure from par terre. Angelov won on criteria by scoring the last points.

59kg 1/8: Seunghak Kim (KOR) won a wild bout over Stepan Maryanyan (RUS) 9-7. The match was back and forth with the wrestlers trading four-point manuevers. Maryanyan held a late criteria lead, but Kim scored a takedown to take away the victory.

71kg Qualification: Rasul Chunayev (AZE) got off to a slow start getting reversed off of his forced par terre by Franck Hassli (MON), A passivity point tied the bout before a barrage of high gut wrenches showed why Chunayev is ranked #1 in the World.

71kg Qualification: After defending forced par terre, Justin Lester (USA) hits a big headlock for four points. Lester takes out Euro Silver Balint Korpasi of Hungary with a second four-point throw from a double-overhook situation.

71kg Qualification: Evgeny Saleev (RUS) is called for passivity early, but is able to defend in forced par terre. When he gets his chance on top shortly after he lifts Rafig Huseynov (AZE) clear of the mat and throws him for four points. Into the second period Saleev continues to lead 4-0. The Azeri scores on a passivity call and follows with a turn. Saleev comes out of the turn with a reversal and correct throw  for one and two points to open the lead back up to 9-3. The match finishes with Saleev moving on with a 9-3 victory.

71kg 1/8: Justin Lester (USA) narrowly misses a superduck to start the bout against Yunus Saban Ozel (TUR). Ozel scores a four-point throw from a peakout, then pushes Lester into forced par terre. 4-0 as they move to the second period. Ozel ducks into Lester's head pinch four-point throw. Step out point for Lester leads 5-4. After a passivity call, Lester stays on his feet and scores a takedown. Ozal challenges and loses another point, 8-4. Ozel closes to 8-5 with a step out. Now 8-6 with a third passivity call. Lester hangs on 8-6 over the Turk.

80kg Qualification: Patrick Martinez (USA) spends a big portion of the first period fighting off his back after a big headlock by Viktar Sasunouski (BLR). He escapes off his back and scores a reversal to close it to 4-1 as they head to the break. A late step out point for Martinez closes the bout at 4-2 for the Belarussian.

130kg Qualification: Smith (USA) is put into forced par terre 2:15 into the bout. Abdullaev (AZE) converts a lift to four-point exposure. Smith gets to a deep bodylock, but misses the throw. The official looked for confirmation for two points for the Azeri. After a conference they score a step out for Smith 4-1. Force par terre closes it to 4-2 with Smith on top. Smith crawls up to a front head/assasin situation for four and another two. A step out point is followed by a missed throw for Abdullaev and Smith secures the fall. 

130kg Qualification: The showdown in round one between Makhov (RUS) and Lopes (CUB) gets underway with some heavy hands. Forced par terre gives Lopez a chance and he converts on the turn. Makhov chooses to not put Lopez down after a passivity call, and follows it with a third call for a point. Makhov again chooses to keep the match on their feet. An uneventful finish as Lopez holds position and wins 2-1. 

130kg 1/8: Robby Smith (USA) opens with a four-point arm throw before missing a head pinch on Eduard Popp (GER). 4-2 after the first exchange and Germany challenges. Challenge won and Smith's throw is changed to two points. Popp is called for passivity and Smith starts on top with :20 to go in the period. Working for a head pinch Smith misses and gives Popp two points. A challenge overturns it because of a leg fould. 4-2 Smith into the second period. A go behind scores a takedown for Smith and extends his lead. Smith closes the match 6-2.

130kg 1/4: Robby Smith (USA) outlasts Murat Ramonov (KGZ) in the quarterfinals, 1-1. Smith won on criteria by scoring his passivity point last. This win qualifies the USA at 130kg for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Monday, Sept. 7th

Day I Results
Medal Matches:
66kg Gold: 
Frank Staebler (GER) dec. Hansu Ryu (KOR) 5-1
66kg Bronze: 
Davor Stefanek (SRB) dec. Tarik Benaissa (ALG) 4-0
66kg Bronze: 
Artem Surkov (RUS) dec. Migran Arutyunyan (ARM) 6-2

75kg Gold: 
Roman Vlasov (RUS) dec. Mark Madsen (DEN) 6-0 
75kg Bronze: 
Andy Bisek (USA) dec. Saeid Mora Abdvali (IRI) 2-0
75kg Bronze: 
Doszhan Kartikov (KAZ) dec. Elvin Mursaliyev (AZE) 1-0

98kg Gold: 
Artur Aleksanyan (ARM) dec. Ghasem Gho Rezaei (IRI), 3-0
98kg Bronze: 
Islam Magomedov (RUS) dec. Elis Guri (BUL) 6-2
98kg Bronze:Dimitriy Timchenko (UKR) dec. Alin Alexuc Ciurariu (ROU), 4-2

Semi-Final Matches:
66kg: Frank Staebler (GER) dec. Davor Stefanek (SRB) 5-1 
66kg: Hansu Ryu (KOR) dec. Migran Arutyunyan (ARM) 4-4

75kg: Mark Madsen (DEN) dec. Saeid Mora Abdvali (IRI) 2-2 
75kg: Roman Vlasov (RUS) dec. Elvin Mursaliyev (AZE) 6-0 

98kg: Ghasem Gho Rezaei (IRI) dec. Elis Guri (BUL) 3-0
98kg: Artur Aleksanyan (ARM) tf. Alin Alexuc Ciurariu (ROU) 9-0

Quarterfinal Results:

66kg: Davor Stefanek (SRB) dec. Demeu Zhadrayev (KAZ) 4-3 
66kg: Frank Staebler (GER) dec. Bryce Saddoris (USA) 5-0 
66kg: Migran Arutyunyan (ARM) dec. Shmagi Bolkvoadze (GEO) 3-0
66kg: Hansu Ryu (KOR) dec. Dominik Etlinger (CRO) 4-3

75kg: Mark Madsen (DEN) tf. Andy Bisek (USA) 9-0
75kg: Saeid Mora Abdvali (IRI) dec. Zurabi Datunashvili (GEO) 2-0
75kg: Elvin Mursaliyev (AZE) dec. Atabek Azisbekov (KGZ) 7-0
75kg: Roman Vlasov (RUS) dec. Doszhan Kartikov (KAZ) 1-0

98kg: Ghasem Gho Rezaei (IRI) dec. Cenk Ildem (TUR) 4-0
98kg: Elis Guri (BUL) dec. Vilius Laurinaitis (LTU) 8-3
98kg: Artur Aleksanyan (ARM) tf. Dimitriy TImchenko (UKR) 10-1
98kg: Alin Alexuc Ciurariu (ROU) dec. Di Xiao (CHN) 2-1

Brock's Points of Interest:
66kg qual:
Lorincz (HUN) wins the first round match of returning bronze medalists over 
Venckaitis (LTU) 3-0

66kg Returning champion Stefanek (SRB) was impressive with a tf in the 1/16 final.

66kg 1/16: Ryu (KOR) dec. Surkov (RUS) 1-0, Ryu World Champion in '13

66kg 1/8: Saddoris (USA) wins a challenge in the first where a takedown/step out was turned into an unscoring pushout. A slip call negates a Saddoris takedown to close the first. Passive call gets Stas on the board. Go behind takedown followed by two guts builds a 6-1 lead. Finishes 6-1 and is into the quarters.

66kg 1/8: Arutyunyan (ARM) works two guts from forced par terre to lead 4-0 early in the second period. Passivity puts Lorincz (HUN) on the board, but unable to convert in par terre. One of the favorites at 66kg goes down.

75kg qual: 
Roman Vlasov (RUS) dec. Arsen Julfalakyan (ARM) 6-0
-Vlasov four point throw from forced par terre
-lost challenge
-step out

Vlasov(RUS) dec Bacsi (HUN) 5-0. Vlasov used a four point throw from par terre to win the showdown of former World/Olympic Champions. Kim didn't hold his end of the bargain to set up another showdown in the quarters.

75kg qual: Mursaliyev (AZE) survies Escobar(MEX) 3-2
75kg 1/16: Mursaliyev (AZE) comes back late to beat Kuhar (SLO) 3-2

75kg 1/16: Madsen (DEN) dec. Yanakiev (BUL) 5-1 in a battle of past medalists.

75kg 1/16: Bisek trailed 2-0 in the second period before two guts opened the match up, 5-2 Bisek.
75kg 1/8: Forced par terre gives Bisek (USA) an opportunity early in the first, he converts a gut for two and a lift for two. 4-0 Bisek. A duck under for Gurpreet (IND) closes the gap to 4-2 to end the first priod. Front head position Bisek runs the Indian over for exposure, 6-2 Bisek. Takedown for Gurpreet closes the match to 6-4. Bisek moves to the quarters, 6-4.

75kg 1/8: Kartikov (KAZ) upsets Kim (KOR) 4-2. Kim '12 Olympic Champion '13 World Champion

98kg 1/16:
Williams trailed Albino (BRA) 5-2 before a caution led to forced par terre. Four points throw gave Williams the lead before the fall.
98kg 1/8: Williams (USA) steps over a turn attempt for a reversal and 1-0 lead. The period ends 1-0. Takedown for Guri (BUL) gives him the lead 2-1. Correct throw to lead 4-1, Williams reverses the situation for one before a turn to tie it at 4-4. Guri leads on criteria. Forced par terre for Williams, and he isn't able to convert. Williams needs Guri to pull him back into the repechage.

98kg 1/16: Ildem (TUR) is a 4-4 criteria winner over Kiss (HUN)