Class of 2022 High School Big Board

2022 Big Board: DI Talent Emerging

The Sophomores put on a show over the summer. 

Since the last updated 2022 Big Board (May), these guys have carved out their status at Akron and Fargo. And the thing that jumps off the page at you when you look at this list is just how deep it is. I don't know if there has been a group of kids - before they start their Sophomore years - that have been so far along in their development. Well in to the 50's are talents that I could characterize as legitimate DI prospects already.

At The Top 

I move Shumate to the top spot. On one hand, Crookham has been out of action. On the other hand, you can't quite imagine a better spring and summer than Shumate had. An Ohio big school state title was followed up with a dominating performance at NHSCA's, a 1-loss showing at Akron, and then back to dominating at Fargo. It was tough to move Crookham out of the top spot, but as an elite big man, Shumate checks a lot of boxes. 

Mendez, who won FloNationals and Akron, move up five spots. After reaching Akron finals, Jordan Williams defended his Fargo stop sign. Anthony Ferrari made the Akron finals for the second straight year. And Daniel Cardenas made another trip to the Fargo finals. 

Antrell Taylor made the U15 World Team and lost only to Cardenas in Fargo. I absolutely love him as a prospect and though he's a lesser-known entity nationally, I put him at #10 confidently. 

Big Movers

John Wiley was an absolute unknown in February. All he's done since then is win an Oklahoma state title (over Carter Young), go undefeated at Cadet Duals, and win Fargo. He goes from HM all the way to #18.

Dylan Fishback shot up 50 spots after an Akron that saw him tear up the backside and take 3rd. He beat two wrestlers that would reach the Fargo finals - Manny Rojas and John Martin Best. He also beat Clayton Whiting (3rd), Cael Valencia, FloNats Champ AJ Kovacs, and Elise Brown Ton.

After taking winning NHSCA's, Tennessee's James Howard took 3rd in both styles in Fargo. He makes his debut at #28. 

Mac Stout has been on our radar for a long time, but fell to #73 after not qualifying for the state tournament out of the ever-tough WPIAL section in PA. But he's back up to #30 after reaching Fargo finals.

Other New Faces

Last update produced 25 newbies to the 2022 Top 100. There were 11 in total this go round. In addition to Wiley and Howard, these nine debut.

Gabe Whisenhunt (OR) - #38

Bradley Gillum (IL) - #43

Nash Singleton (OR) - #47

Cam Lacure (OH) - #48

CJ Hamblin (WA) - #51

Garrett Grice (NE) - #55

Mikey Tal-Shahar (FL) - #67

Tyler Lillard (OH) - #82

Ismael Ayoub (OH) - #95

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