Class of 2021 High School Big Board

Cali Crushing Sophomore Big Board

The Sophomore Class (2021) is quickly becoming my favorite group in high school, and Cali is balling out.

California has: 4 of the Top 15, 5 of the Top 20, and seven about #27. In total, Californians make up 10% of the Sophomore Big Board. PA has 10 of the Top 100, too. But not as many at the top as the Golden State. 

The overall leader is Ohio with a great Sophomore group and 14 of the Top 100. NJ has 9.

The great part about the Sophomore Big Board coming out now is that we'll see so many of them at FloNationals and Akron.

At the Top

Alex Facundo remains at #1, but Figs is inching ever closer. Figs has the longest winning streak in high school currently and he's wrestled - without question - the toughest schedule and has done so at multiple weights.

There are three new members of the Top 10: Paddy Gallagher (who we'll get to in a second), Drake Ayala, and Peyton Craft.

Craft's inclusion gives Blair Academy three of the Top 10 Sophs with Mastro and Van Ness.

Big Movers

After an injury caused him to miss some time, Gallagher moved from 15 to 5 after beating Super 32 Champ Connor Brady in state finals. 

Big men Craft and Haas are rounding into form as they mature.

NHSCA Champs Max Wilner (44 to 17) and Jordan Titus (77 to 18) also made big leaps. 

The highest newcomer to the Board is Micah Norwood (47) who was a runner up in Ohio and at NHSCA's (to Condomitt).

New Faces

17 wrestlers are either new to the Board or back on it. 

Commitment Report

Top 100 SO's Committed - 2 

Richie Figueroa - Arizona St.

Ryan Sokol - Iowa 

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