Class Of 2021 Big Board

Sophomore Class Making Strides

If you've followed along with FloWrestling recruiting coverage, you've heard us comment that we consider the 2019 class to be light in terms of the number of elite prospects. For a good while, we sang the praises of the current Juniors or the 2020 class. But tides are turning a bit. While I still consider 2020 to be a deeper group than 2019, the current group of Sophomores look to be gaining on them.

There are already as many (3) Sophomores on P4P as there are Juniors.

From the Top down through Luka Wick, you can say at least thirty wrestlers have emerged with legit DI impact potential already, with the balance setting themselves up nicely to attain that status. It compares favorably to prior classes at this stage in their careers.

At the Top

Facundo remains at the top of the class. Richie Figs, who's been on the longest winning streak in the Class of 2021 moves to #2. He's won Akron, medaled at Worlds, won WNO, Super 32, Ironman, and Doc B while going back and forth between 106 and 113 where he's the #1 at either weight.

Manville drops a bit mostly because he's been out of action with an injury. 

Van Ness who won NHSCA's, Super 32, Ironman, Beast and Geary goes from #9 to #3.

Travis Mastrogiovanni stays at #4.

Big Movers

Alejandro Herrera goes from #52 to #5 after reaching Ironman finals and winning Powerade over Kurt McHenry, a former #1 of the Class of 2019.

Although Herrera's ascension is not without precedent. He was #5 after the 2018 season before falling after Fargo.

Fargo Champ Tate Picklo is having a fine Sophomore season and moves from #20 to #6. 

Cael Valencia's 4th place finish at Ironman (with a win over Mastrogiovanni) sees him jump from #30 to #8. 

New Faces

The highest ranked member of this update that wasn't ranked previously is Ohio's Derek Fields who decisively beat Marco Regalbuto in January. 

Surprisingly, this update shows less turnover than the Junior Big Board update last week. Twenty wrestlers in the Class of 2020 fell out. Just thirteen fall out of the 2021 update - showing a great deal of consistency for such a young group.

#52-Derek Fields (OH)

#59-Jacob Christensen (CA)

#65-Casey Wiles (OH)

#67-Cael Berg (MN)

#68-Gable Strickland (PA)

#69-Dom Vacura (MN)

#70-Enrique Minguia (OH)

#78-Kelly Dunnigan (NJ)

#79-Gary Steen (PA)

#95-Ian Oswalt (PA)

#96-Adrien Cramer (IL)

#97-Bennett Tabor (MN)

#98-Anthony White (NJ)

Commitment Report

Top 100 SO's Committed - 2 

Richie Figueroa - Arizona St.

Ryan Sokol - Iowa 

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