Class of 2020 High School Big Board

Class Of 2020 Big Board

I've never sat down to do a big board in which there was so much parity. Sometimes there are 110 wrestlers that are truly in the picture, and I have to shave it down. Sometimes there are really only about 90 and I have to force a few guys in at the bottom.

With this group - the most pivotal at this time as they become Seniors - there were well into 130/140 candidates and to make matters worse, their resumes are very similar.

I even fudged a little to get a couple guys in - listing a few wrestlers as 'injured'.

Compounding problems are, say, a kid that went 1-2 at Super 32 (with 'bad' losses) but an excellent season and postseason. Or the guy that was nails for months but had a poor postseason. In short, there are a lot of conflicting results that beget a lot of uncertainty but a also a lot of contenders. What I think you'll see is massive fluctuation over the next few months. There isn't much difference in the performance of those ranked in the 70's and those that didn't make the cut this go 'round.

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At the Top

The Top 10 stays exactly the same except for Bartlett moving just ahead of Saunders.

Big Movers

Ryan Jack has been a terror. He goes from #25 to #11.

New Faces

18 wrestlers are new in this update.

Commitment Report

37 wrsetlers on the JR Big Board are already committed.

Class of 2020 DI Commitment List

A Note On Everyone

#1 - AJ Ferrari: The most impactful prospect in the class. He could AA right now.

#2 - Dustin Plott: Is there anyone in the country with a better offense?

#3 - Keegan O'Toole: He's a folkstyle problem. That Askren feel. He'll continue the Eierman-type Mizzou tradition.

#4 - Robert Howard: He's a baby. Still a Cadet. Scary to think he's still trending up.

#5 - Braxton Amos: Dominant as a baby-faced 220. He'll now make the shift to 195/197.

#6 - Patrick Kennedy: Offense and pace. Perfect fit for the Hawks.

#7 - Beau Bartlett: Phenomenal second half with two wins over Van Ness.

#8 - Josh Saunders: Wrestled up most of the year. College ready now.

#9 - Jesse Vasquez: Out of action much of the year but cruised in Cali.

#10 - Trevor Mastrogiovanni: Will move up to JR division at US Open.

#11 - Ryan Jack: Has become offensive machine.

#12 - Rocky Elam: The best prospect no one talks about.

#13 - Gerrit Nijenhuis: Dominant win over Ruth in state title bout.

#14 - Greg D: Prized career 125lber.

#15 - Sammy Hillegas: Neutral and scramble game improving to go along with elite top game.

#16 - Dominick Serrano: Like Saunders, wrestled up for the team. Great combo of speed & power.

#17 - Sonny Santiago: Can still evolve offensively, but man, he's gutsy and gritty.

#18 - Jakason Burks: Quiet season, summer will tell us much more. Like Howard, Burks is young for the grade. 

#19 - Dominic Mata: Perhaps the best top wrestler in the class.

#20 - Julian Tagg: Did well at open college tourneys while training at OTC.

#21 - Nash Hutmacher: The top HWT prospect this year. Football or wrestling? That's the question.

#22 - Gaige Garcia: Football question here too. Major upside if he concentrates solely on wrestling.

#23 - Konner Doucet: Undefeated season keeps him on pace for 4 titles. Top HWT prospect after Hutmacher.

#24 - Chase Saldate: Big strides from SO to JR seasons.

#25 - Kysen Terukina: Very explosive. Hoping to see more of him this summer. On the verge of 'elite' status.

#26 - Luke Stout: Right on pace. Runner-Up to Starocci in Hershey.

#27 - Silas Allred: Love the intangibles. Expect to see more of a national schedule for him this year.

#28 - Eddie Ventresca: Blossomed this season. Perhaps the best career 125 in the class.

#29 - Aaron Nagao: Like Ventresca, Nagao delivered there breakout year we were waiting for, including a state title.

#30 - Ed Scott: Undefeated season. Rolled everyone in Hershey. 

#31 - Greyden Penner: Lost to Reiniche early but was dominant the rest of the way. Trending up.

#32 - Hunter Catka: Injured again at PA states. Still UWW Cadet eligible, he's young and full of upside.

#33 - Jake Kaminsky: Moves well for a big man. Will make for a very solid D1 HWT starter.

#34 - Thayne Lawrence: Got his state title. Still needs refinement (which is a good thing) and consistency.

#36 - Isaac Righter: 'Mean streak' is an understatement. Best 'pure' heavyweight next to Hutmacher and can ride and turn.

#37 - Tristan Lujan: State title at 113. Now we need to see him win on the national level at 120/126.

#38 - Jake Rundell: Also injured for state tournament. Could be a really fine career 125er.

#39 - Cullan Schriever: Battled through injures this season.

#40 - Luke Surber: Early lost to Darracott, but I like Surber to evolve as he grows into his frame.

#41 - Connor O'Neil: Runner-up to future teammate Kanniard. Solid middleweight prospect.

#42 - Cole Handlovic: Left some on the table at the state tournament but massive offensive leaps this season.

#43 - John Martin Best: Not the best NHSCA's, but he's improved overall and he's filling out now.

#44 - Jeremiah Reno: Up and down. Great at 113. Struggled when he bumped up.

#45 - John Poznanski: Runner-Up to Foca. Excellent combo for RU w/ O'Neil.

#46 - Nevan Snodgrass: Kept it close (5-1) with Kharchla. Probably leveled out weight wise. 65/74 in college.

#47 - Sheldon Seymour: All the tools and career 125. Won best hs state bracket.

#48 - Frankie Tal-Shahar: Excellent year. Ironman RU and beat Rivera in state finals.

#49 - Clayton Ulrey: Loves to wrestle and compete. He'll be competitive in college immediately. 

#50 - Fidel Mayora: Runner-Up to Chumbley. Excellent position, but sometimes offense suffers.

#51 - Andrew Cerniglia: Came on at end of year and went un-scored upon in monster PA bracket.

#52 - Peyton Hall: We saw the best version of him at NHSCA's.

#53 - Kyle Swartz: Both athletic and gritty, Swartz turned in a surprising 1-loss state title year.

#54 - Dylan Ragusin: Won monster weight in Illinois 3A.

#55 - Ethan Hatcher: Lost 1pter to FR-Shumate in state semi's. Won NHSCA's.

#56 - Cael Happel: Stayed the course in Iowa with an undefeated season and a win over Rathjen.

#57 - Colton Hawks: OT loss to Elam in state finals backed up but NHSCA JR title.

#58 - Kenny Herrmann: Broke out at Ironman in deep bracket.

#59 - Kyle Rowan: Excellent wrestler (won Ironman) but will he get big enough?

#60 - Isaiah Salazar: Raw-ish and big-framed. Love him as a 174/184.

#61 - Chris Barnabae: Breakout season. Should make for a solid lightweight.

#62 - Dylan Shawver: 3rd at state tournament and the highest non-senior placer in his Ironman bracket.

#63 - Justin Rivera: His fight really improved since moving w/ Palazzo. Very consistent season.

#64- Anthony Clark: Another solid season by the steady Clark. Finished runner-up to Ventresca.

#65 - Garrett Kappes: Suffered a couple injuries but performed well at Preps. Still limited sample size.

#66 - Lachlan McNeil: Massive gains this year with placings at all majors.

#67 - Jason Miranda: Quietly put together a great season and placed 3rd in Cali.

#68 - Manzona Bryant: Great talent that struggles with consistency. Two late season losses to unranked guys.

#69 - Josh Edmond: Took care of business in state but had rough outings at GFC, S32, and Brecksville.

#70 - Dylan Cedeno: Odd season. Ineligible (transfer) for the first semester then injured at state tournament.

#71 - E'lan Heard: The kid keeps us guessing. DNP at Ironman. 5th at states. Wins awesome NHSCA bracket. He's a talent, though.

#72 - Anthony D'Alesio: All three losses were early as he finished with a state title.

#73 - Jon Miers: Sound defensively, the next step is to generate a bit more offense.

#74 - Luke Odom: Disappointing state tourney sees Odom slip.

#75 - Cam Robinson: Talented, but still with work to do. He's in the conversation now, though.

#76 - Sam Fisher: Solid season after breakout S32. Another guy we need to see more of.

#77 - Colby Whitehill: State title followed S32 finals appearance. Really developing into a top HWT. Could rise going forward.

#78 - Gabe Christenson: Breakout year many anticipated. Mopped up in Iowa. Cheeshead runner-up. Is he a 197 or Heavy?

#79 - Brandon Green: Arrived on the scene with a state title over Shane Rietsma. Followed it up with a 3rd at NHSCA's.

#80 - Tyler Badgett: Showed flashes then put it together by the end of the year with a win over Gandara to make Cali finals. 

#81 - BJ Bailey: Though he didn't place, he caught my eye at S32 where his losses were to Gandara and Balmaceda. He went on to a dominant season in-state with a title. The kid is a physical specimen and his younger brothers will also be heard from.

#82 - Ethan Basile: Beat Tal-Shahar in a dual, won a state title, then beat Rivera in NHSCA finals.

#83 - Nathan Haas: Won a strong Cali bracket with upperclassmen. Another guy who could soar up the board with a good summer. 

#84 - Aaron Gandara: Very solid season began with a 3rd place finish at Ironman. Loss to Badgett caused him to fall on the board, but there's no cause for concern. Otherwise super consistent talent.

#85 - Danny Striggow: A state title and an NHSCA title (over another Big Boarder) get Striggow on the map.

#86 - Charlie Darracott: I struggled with his placement on the board. Beat Surber at Stampede. Lost to unranked in state finals. Dropped to 145 and made NHSCA finals. Good kid, good talent. Worth monitoring.

#87 - Dominic Chavez: Quiet regular season. Chavez holds serve. Spring/Summer pivotal.

#88 - Kale Schrader: Gets on the board with a state title via pin over Ashton Sharp. 

#89 - Jackson Dean: 7th at Beast was only major event. Still a UWW Cadet. Will be at Flo and Akron.

#90 - Matt Lee: Broke out with an undefeated state title season in single class Indiana.

#91 - AJ Kovacs: NY state big school title and runner-up to Heard at NHSCA's. Could rise quickly.

#92 - Clayton Fielden: Was the surprise runner-up in a deep, deep Indiana bracket. 

#93 - Derek Gilcher: Intrigued by this 'other guy' in the DCC monster line-up. Titles at state and Brecksville.

#94 - Austin Boone: Tough kid to figure out. Won his 3rd state title but had some clunker losses. Doesn't wrestle much outside of season/state.

#95 - Bretli Reyna: Conservative ranking here. Can compete, but is often in close bouts he doesn't need to be in.

#96 - Jaxon Garoutte: Breakthrough season but we need more national competition out of him to get a better gauge.

#97 - Chase Warden: Another conservative ranking here. Warden has some big wins (Condomitti) as a Fargo AA. We should get a better gauge at Flo and Akron.

#98 - Gabe Johnson: Didn't hit top competition, but I liked what I saw when watching him. Geary and state titles.

#99 - Elliott Rodgers: Made his second state final and won his first title but took a couple unranked losses in the season.

#100 - Guillermo Escobedo: Was 3rd at 220 in Cali then made NHSCA finals vs. Striggow.

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