Class Of 2020 Big Board

Class Of 2020 Big Board

The in-season majors having come and gone, now seems like a great time to update the Class Rankings. And none are more important than the Junior class. With most of the top seniors already committed, it is the Juniors who will be scouted most heavily at their state tournaments.

At the Top

AJ Ferrari takes over my top spot. He has been utterly dominant wrestling a tough schedule. And I view him as the whole package: power, speed, athleticism, and work ethic. He's one of the few prospects in all of high school that I think can go with college wrestlers right now. 

Plott goes to #2, not because of anything other than Ferrari's continued development.

O'Toole, as a folkstyle prospect, to me goes next. Followed by Howard. Yeah, I know, Howard took losses. Doesn't much concern me in the least. His ability to score sets him apart. In fact, the first six on the Big Board here all have that in common - very high attack (and conversion) rates. 

Big Movers

Gaige Garcia moves up significantly (37 to 23). He'll likely be the #2 ranked 195lber behind Amos when seniors are removed.

I moved Eddie Ventresca from 89 all the way to #33 following his Beast performance. Like a lot of folks, I was waiting for him to break out, and he did. 

I gave a lot of love to potential career 125's. Reno and Rundell staying down in weight changes my perception of them considerably. Also in this go round is Ironman Champ Kyle Rowan and Sheldon Seymour, the two highest ranked Junior 106's. 

Allen's Trent Dooley went from Not Ranked to #44 following his Ironman performance and represents the first Top 100 recruit in the history of Little Rock's program.

New Faces

A great deal of turnover. Twenty wrestlers went from not ranked to inside the Top 100.

#39-Jake Rundell (IL)

#44-Trent Dooley (TX)

#49-Kyle Rowan (OH)

#50-Sheldon Seymour (PA)

#52-Lachlan McNeil (Canada)

#60-Jason miranda (CA)

#61-Chris Barnabae (MD)

#64-Matt Lackman (PA)

#69-Brayden Roberts (WV)

#73-Anthony D'Alesio (OH)

#74-Jaxon Garoutte (CO)

#82-Cael Happel (IA)

#83-Cameron Robinson (PA)

#85-Derek Gilcher (MI)

#86-Ashton Habeil (FL)

#91-Charlie Darracott (GA)

#92-Gabe Christenson (IA)

#96-Jackson Dean (DE)

#99-Cade Lautt (KS)

#100-Andrew Irick (IN)

Commitment Report

Top 100 JR's Committed - 30

Total Commitments from all Juniors - 40

Class of 2020 DI Commitment List

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