Class of 2020 High School Big Board

Class Of 2020 Big Board

Our Top 100 Juniors are reordered here with Super 32, Who's #1, and Journeymen in the books. 

Next week will be the Sophomore Class, the week after that will be Top 50 Freshmen and then the unveiling of a new Junior High Big Board.

The next updates will come sometime after Ironman.

Nomad and I discuss this Big Board on episode 34 of WNO: The Show.

At the Top

I vaulted Plott up to #1 based on his offensive proficiency against another elite JR (Patrick Kennedy) in Super 32 finals. 

Ferrari and Howard stay put. O'Toole followed up his Fargo title by going 1-1 at WNO and decimating the field at S32. He looks like a gigantic folkstyle problem.

He's the only new member of the Top 10, replacing Serrano, who dips in the mildest of ways, from 10 to 15.

Big Movers

O'Toole was not only the newest member of the Top 10, but also the most significant mover, going from #15 to #4.

Super 32 really upped the stock of Ryan Jack, who was certainly on our radar, but unranked. He goes from off the board to #24. The only other guy to go from unranked to Top 50 was Tristan Lujan, who jumps to #29.

Fargo Champ Jesse Ybarra continued doing strong work with wins Jeremiah Reno, Caleb Rathjen, and Dom Serrano. The Iowa commit goes from #42 all the way to #13.

The final significant jump I want to mention is Gerritt Nijenhuis who made the finals of Super 32 and enters the Top 15 from #31.

#35-Chase Saldate - from #87

#36-Peyton Hall - from #81

#44-Clayton Ulrey - from #70

New Faces

In total, there are ten wrestlers on the Big Board that weren't last go round. In addition to Jack and Lujan, they are as follows:

#55-Sam Fisher

#56-Dylan Cedeno

#57-Luke Odom

#84-Nick Villareal

#85-Cabe Dickerson

#86-DJ Lundy

#86-Colby Whitehill

#96-Nick Masters

Commitment Report

Top 100 JR's Committed - 22

Total Commitments from all Juniors - 27

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