picture of Ethan Lizak

2017 NCAA Finalist, Three-time All-American ('17, '18, '19) for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Two-time PA State Champion.

Anthony Cassar And Ethan Lizak

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Anthony Cassar And Ethan Lizak | The Bader Show (Ep. 171)

Mar 17, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from Mar 17, 2021 with Anthony Cassar and Ethan Lizak

0:01 The first time Anthony Cassar attended NCAAs helped prepare him to compete there in the future

0:08 Anthony Cassar had a major hill to climb during his senior year in high school

0:09 Cassar’s senior year was do or die

0:12 The lifestyle changes Cassar made to win NCAAs

0:17 Gable Steveson was standing in the way of Cassar’s goal

0:19 What Cassar thinks about how Gable is competing this season

0:21 Why does Penn State perform so well at NCAAs?

0:23 How it felt to be around the 2015 Penn State team that didn’t win

0:25 The role of mindset in achieving goals

0:26 Cassar says Penn State can pull off NCAAs this year

0:27 The dual of the century against Ohio State

0:31 Cassar’s future plans

0:33 Anthony Cassar’s wins & whoopins

0:35 Anthony Cassar asks Ethan Lizak whether or not he’s a ginger

0:36 Cassar asks Lizak where the backpack nickname came from

0:37 Ethan Lizak asks Anthony Cassar what sets Penn State’s culture apart

0:39 Ethan Lizak’s first time at NCAAs

0:41 Lizak still follows Pennsylvania wrestling a little

0:43 The emphasis on top wrestling in Pennsylvania

0:45 Lizak watched some college wrestling when he was in high school

0:46 Some memories from the first NCAAs Lizak attended

0:48 Lizak’s run to the NCAA finals as a sophomore

0:52 How the NCAA atmosphere looks, sounds, and feels

0:54 The grind of an NCAA season can wear guys out

0:55 Lizak’s thoughts on a shorter season

0:57 Weight cutting used to be brutal for Ethan Lizak

1:00 Lizak’s situation at the PRTC

1:02 Ethan Lizak’s thoughts on wrestling McDonough

1:03 Lizak’s feelings about Minnesota’s chances at NCAAs

1:04 Ethan Lizak’s wins & whoopins