picture of 2022 U17 World Championships

Jul 25-31, 2022

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2022 Cadet World Championships men’s freestyle bios

Domenic Munaretto
Weight: 45 kg
Hometown: Barrington, Illinois
High School: Mount Carmel
Grade: entering freshman year
Club: Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy
Instagram: @domenicmunaretto 

What you need to know: Munaretto made 2021 14U National Team at 83 pounds in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco. He is a four-time Tulsa National champion, 2021 Reno World champion and 2021 USAW Folkstyle National champion. 

Championship series: Munaretto over Haakon Peterson, 2-0

Match 1: Munaretto over Peterson, 4-0

Match 2 - Munaretto over Peterson, 3-0

Christian Castillo
Weight: 48 kg
Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
High School: Valiant Prep
Grade: entering sophomore year
Club: Thorobred Wrestling Club
Instagram: @chrissy_da_kid

What you need to know: Castillo was a runner-up in the 2021 Fargo U16 freestyle bracket at 100 pounds as a middle schooler. He earned a third place finish in the 2021 U15 Nationals in Greco and a seventh in freestyle. He was also the 2021 Western Regionals 16U champion in freestyle and the runner-up in Greco. 

Championship series: Castillo over Seth Mendoza, 2-0

Match 1: Castillo over Mendoza, 4-4

Match 2: Castillo over Mendoza, 5-2

Luke Lilledahl 
Weight: 51 kg
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
High School: Wyoming Seminary
Grade: entering junior year
Club: Xtreme Training
Instagram: @lightnin_luke20

What you need to know: This is Lilledahl’s second Cadet World Championship team after earning a silver medal at 48 kg in 2021. He defeated returning 45 kg Cadet World champion Bo Bassett to make this year’s team. Lilledahl took third at 2022 prep nationals after winning the 2021 Powerade tournament in December. He was also a state champion in Missouri his freshman year.

Championship series: Lilledahl over Bo Bassett, 2-0

Match 1: Lilledahl dec Bassett, 6-1

Match 2: Lilledahl dec Bassett, 10-0

Jax Forrest 
Weight: 55 kg
Hometown: Johnstown, Pennsylvania+
High School: Bishop McCourt
Grade: entering freshman year
Club: Young Guns
Instagram: @jaxforrest_ 

What you need to know: Forrest was a Super 32 middle school champion in 2020 and placed third in the following year in the high school division. He placed fourth in the 16U freestyle division (113 pounds) and sixth in Greco at 2021 Junior Nationals (Fargo).

Championship series: Jax Forrest over Nathanael Jesuroga, 2-0

Match 1: Jesuroga tech Forrest, 12-2

Match 2: Forrest over Jesuroga, 11-10

Match 3: Forrest over Jesuroga, 4-4

Kyler Larkin 
Weight: 60 kg
Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
High School: Valiant Prep
Grade: entering junior year
Club: Thoroughbred Wrestling Club+
Instagram: @larkin.kyler 

What you need to know: Larkin became the Fargo U16 freestyle champion at 126 pounds in 2021 and was named the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler. His father and high school coach, Eric, was a 2003 NCAA champion and four-time All-American for Arizona State. 

Championship series: Larkin over Dalton Perry

Match 1: Larkin tech Perry, 10-0

Match 2: Larkin dec Perry, 9-2

Tyler Kasak
Weight: 65 kg
High School: Bethlehem Catholic
College commitment: Penn State
Grade: entering senior year
Club: M2
Instagram: @tylerkasak

What you need to know: Kasak is a Pennsylvania AAA state champion from Bethlehem Catholic. He placed third at 138 pounds during the AAA Pennsylvania state tournament. He was a 2021 16U national runner-up (Fargo) at 138 pounds. In 2019, he was a double Pennsylvania state championship in freestyle and Greco-Roman. 

Championship series: Tyler Kasak over Joel Adams, 2-1

Match 1: Adams over Kasak, 4-3

Match 2: Kasak over Adams, 7-0

Match 3: Kasak over Adams, 6-4

Joseph Sealey
Weight: 71 kg
Hometown: High Point, North Carolina
High School: Wyoming Seminary
Grade: entering junior year
Club: School of Hard Knocks
Instagram: @joesealey.jit

What you need to know: Won the 152-pound state title in North Carolina before winning the 2022 prep national championships at the same weight. He is also a 2021 Beast of the East and Powerade champion.

Championship series: Joseph Sealey over KJ Evans, 2-0

Match 1 - Sealey over Evans, 9-2

Match 2 - Sealey over Evans, 15-7

Zack Ryder
Weight: 80 kg
Hometown: Minisink Valley, New York
High School: Minisink High School
Grade: entering junior year
Club: KD Training Center
Instagram: @zakryderr 

What you need to know: Ryder is a New York State Champion from Minisink Valley High School, who won a 2021 Fargo 16U freestyle title at 152 pounds. His first New York state tournament appearance was as a 7th grader in 2019, where he placed second after losing 4-3 to Stevo Poulin in the 106-pound state finals. In 2020, Ryder competed up at 126 pounds and won the state title as an eighth-grader then moved up to 160 pounds and won the title as a sophomore in 2022. 

Ryder also won the 2021 New York state tournament at 152 pounds hosted by Journeyman Wrestling, which included all divisions. This championship was in place of the traditional state tournament that was canceled due to COVID. 

Championship series: Zack Ryder over Connor Mirasola

Match 1: Ryder over Mirasola, 8-0

Match 2: Ryder over Mirasola, 4-1

Max McEnelly
Weight: 92 kg
Hometown: Waconia, Minnesota
High School: Waconia High School
College Commitment: Minnesota
Grade: entering senior year
Club: Waconia Wrestling Club
Instagram: @maxmcenelly_ 

What you need to know: Mcenelly is a three-time Minnesota AAA state champion, winning his first title as a freshman in 2020 at 170 pounds, his second in 2021 at 182 pounds, and his third in 2022 at 195 pounds. As a junior, became a national freestyle champion in 2021 when he went to Fargo and won the 16U division at 195 pounds. 

Championship series: Max McEnelly over Camden McDanel, 2-1

Match 1: McDanel dec McEnelly, 12-12

Match 2: McEnelly dec McDanel, 5-3

Match 3: McEnelly dec McDanel, 15-14 

Koy Hopke
Weight: 110 kg
Hometown: Amery, Wisconsin
High School: Amery High School
Grade: entering junior year
Club: Pinnacle Wrestling Club
Instagram: @koyhopke 

What you need to know: Hopke won a 220-pound Wisconsin state title as a freshman in 2021 and as a sophomore in 2022 to remain undefeated for his prep career after two seasons. He earned the 2021 Triple Crown by winning USA Wrestling's national tournaments in folkstyle, freestyle, and Greco-Roman (16U). 

Championship series: Koy Hopke over Carter Neves

Match 1: Hopke tech Neves, 14-4

Match 2: Hopke tech Neves, 20-9

2022 U17 Women’s World Team

Megan Valdez
Weight: 40 kg
Hometown: San Jacinto, California
High School: San Jacinto High School
Grade: entering senior year.
Club: Academy of Striking and Grappling
Instagram: @fmu.meg

What you need to know: Valdez was a 2021 16U National All-American and a Western Regional champion at 94 pounds.

Championship series: Megan Valdez over Annalise Maralit, 2-0

Match 1: Valdez over Maralit, 14-12

Match 2: Valdez over Maralit, 10-0

Erica Pastoriza
Weight: 43 kg
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
High School: Wyoming Seminary+
Grade: entering senior year
Club: Wyoming Seminary Wrestling Club
Instagram: @ericapastorizaa 

What you need to know: Pastoriza made her second trip to the Cadet Worlds after winning the 40 kg title in 2021. She was also a 2022 Tallinn Open champion and a 2021 winner at Who’s #1.

Championship series: Erica Pastoriza over Katey Valdez, 2-0

Match 1: Pastoriza over Valdez, 6-4

Match 2: Pastoriza over Valdez, 4-3

Gabriella Gomez
Weight: 46 kg
Hometown: Carol Stream, Illinois
High School: Glenbard North High School+
Grade: entering junior year
Club: Gomez Wrestling RTC
Instagram: @gabriella_g22

What you need to know: Gomez was a 2021 16U National runner-up, U15 Girls National runner-up, and a UWW U17 All-American.

Championship series: Gabriella Gomez over Valarie Solorio, 2-0 

Match 1: Gomez over Solorio, 8-3

Match 2: Gomez over Solorio, 4-1

Audrey Jimenez
Weight: 49 kg
Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
High School: Sunnyside High School
Grade: entering junior year (graduating early)
Club: Sunkist Kids
Instagram: @_audreyjimenez

What you need to know: Jimenez was a 2019 U15 Pan Am Championships gold medalist and bronze medalist at the 2021 Cadet World Championships 49 kg. She had an impressive run at this year’s Women’s Nationals, making U17 (Cadet) and U20 (Junior) World teams. 

Championship series: Audrey Jimenez over Ava Ward, 2-0

Match 1: Jimenez over Ward, 6-0

Match 2: Jimenez over Ward, 4-0

Elena Ivaldi
Weight: 53 kg
Hometown: New Castle, California
High School: Del Oro High School
Grade: entering senior year
Club: MatTime
Instagram: @elenaaivaldi 

What you need to know: Ivaldi was a Fargo 16U All-American at 117 pounds and a 2022 California state champion. 

Championship series: Elena Ivaldi over Persaeus Gomez, 2-0

Match 1: Ivaldi over Gomez, 5-2

Match 2: Ivaldi fall over Gomez

Shelby Moore
Weight: 57 kg
Hometown: Buckley, Washington
High School: White River High School
Grade: entering senior year
Club: Takedown Express
Instagram: @shelbymooore

What you need to know: Moore was a 2021 16U National champion and a USA Junior National champion. She also won the USA Wrestling High School Recruiting Showcase this year. 

Shelby Moore over Skylar Little Soldier, 2-0

Match 1: Moore over Little Soldier, 11-0

Match 2: Moore over Little Soldier, 5-0

Valerie Hamilton
Weight: 61 kg
Hometown: Gridley, Illinois
High School: El Paso-Gridley High School
Grade: entering junior year
Club: SOTC

Instagram: @valeriehamilton2409 

What you need to know: Hamilton was a 2018 U15 Pan American champion at 33 kg. She also won the 2019 U15 School Combat Games at 36 kg.

Valerie Hamilton over Marissa Rumsey, 2-0

Match 1: Hamilton fall over Rumsey

Match 2: Hamilton fall over Rumsey

Sydney Perry
Weight: 65 kg
Hometown: Batavia, Illinois
Club: Batavia Wrestling Club

What you need to know: Perry took silver at the 2022 U17 Pan American Championships and earned All-American status twice at USMC 16U Nationals, in 2022 with third place and in 2021 with second place. Perry is the alternate for World Team Trials champion Lizzie Shunn. 

Lizzie Shunn over Sydney Perry, 2-0

Match 1: Shunn over Perry, 7-2

Match 2: Shunn over Perry, 10-0

Jasmine Robinson
Weight: 69 kg
Hometown: Allen, Texas
High School: Allen High School
Grade: entering junior year
Club: Best Trained Wrestling
Instagram: @jasminerobinson26

What you need to know: Robinson won 2021 16U and Junior National titles (Fargo) and participated in FloWrestling’s 2021 Who’s #1? 

Jasmine Robinson over Mishell Rebisch, 2-0

Match 1: Robinson over Rebisch, 8-3 

Match 2: Robinson fall Rebisch

Kaiulani Garcia
Weight: 73 kg
Hometown: Stockton, California
High School: Gilroy High School
Grade: entering junior year
Club: NorCal Queens

What you need to know: Garcia placed third at U17 Women’s Nationals and the Girls High School Recruiting Showcase. She also earned bronze at the U17 Pan Am Championships earlier this year. 

Greco-Roman team

2022 U17 Greco-Roman World Team

45 kg: Davis Motyka (XCalibur Athletics)

Championship series: Davis Motyka over Hudson Loges, 2-1

Match 1: Loges over Motyka, 3-2

Match 2: Motyka over Loges, 5-1

Match 3: Motyka over Loges, 2-2

48 kg: Christian Castillo (Thorobred WC)

Championship series: Christian Castillo over Mack Mauger, 2-1

Match 1: Mauger dec Castillo, 6-5

Match 2: Castillo tech Mauger, 8-0

Match 3: Castillo tech Mauger, 9-1

51 kg: Elyle Francisco (Anchorage Youth Wrestling Academy)

Championship series: Elyle Francisco over Edwin Sierra, 2-0

Match 1: Francisco tech Sierra, 9-1

Match 2: Francisco tech Sierra, 10-1

55 kg: Nick Treaster (Newton WC)

Championship series: Nick Treaster over Austin Laudenbach, 2-1

Match 1: Laudenbach dec Treaster, 5-0

Match 2: Treaster dec Laudenbach, 4-1

Match 3: Treaster tech Laudenbach

60 kg: Zan Fugitt (Missouri)

Championship series: Zan Fugitt over Tanner Frothinger, 2-0

Match 1: Fugitt dec Frothinger, 4-2

Match 2: Fugitt tech Frothinger, 12-2

65 kg: Joel Adams (The Best Wrestler), 2-0

Championship series: Joel Adams over Pierson Manville, 2-0

Match 1: Adams tech Manville, 10-1

Match 2: Adams dec Manville, 7-6

71 kg: Arvin Khosravy (California), 2-0

Championship series: Arvin Khosravy over Cordell White, 2-0

Match 1: Khosravy tech White, 9-0

Match 2: Khosravy inj White

80: Cole Han-Lindemyer (Pinnacle WC), 2-0

Championship series: Cole Han-Lindemyer over Omaury Alvarez, 2-0

Match 1: Han-Lindemyer dec Alvarez, 6-0

Match 2: Han-Lindemyer dec Alvarez, 7-1

92: Cody Merrill (Daniel Cormier), 2-0

Championship series: Cody Merrill over Soren Herzog, 2-0

Match 1: Merrill dec Herzog, 4-2

Match 2: Merrill dec Herzog, 7-0

110: Koy Hopke (Pinnacle WC)

Championship series: Koy Hopke over Sampson Stillwell, 2-0

Match 1: Hopke tech Stillwell, 8-0

Match 2: Hopke tech Stillwell, 8-0