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Sep 23, 3:30 PM UTC

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James Green

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James Green | The Bader Show

Dec 28, 2020

0:01 The highlight of James Green’s Christmas
0:02 James Green breaks down his experience at the 150 lbs 8-Man
0:05 Did Green expect to see Jordan Oliver in the semis?
0:07 James got a win over Pantaleo who will be a competitor at 70kg for a while
0:08 Why Green didn’t wrestle Pantaleo at the RTC Cup
0:10 Breaking down Green’s match with Bryce Meredith
0:16 James’ thoughts on wrestling Pat Lugo on January 9
0:18 How Green analyzed his performance against Bajrang
0:19 Green’s thoughts on Burroughs vs Taylor
0:23 How Green feels about Gray vs Mensah-Stock
0:24 Talking about the upcoming Flo film on James Green
0:27 James Green’s first interview on Flo
0:34 Green’s transition to the SERTC
0:37 James Green’s impressions of Dan Gable
0:43 Green’s final word