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Sep 23, 3:30 PM UTC

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Doug Schwab

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Doug Schwab | The Bader Show

Dec 21, 2020

0:03 Doug Schwab’s memories from Gable’s final year as head coach
0:04 What it was like being a young wrestler in Iowa
0:05 Schwab was recruited by his brother at Minnesota
0:08 What it was like to get in a Gable program
0:10 Schwab’s best training partners
0:11 The things that made Gable a great coach
0:17 How Gable approached the transition between Big Tens and NCAAs
0:19 Schwab’s experience with Real Pro Wrestling
0:23 When Schwab was trying to lift as much as Wes Hand
0:23 The plan for UNI wrestling this strange year
0:24 What it’s like training without competition
0:27 Putting a schedule together in 2020-2021 is tough
0:29 The year Schwab missed the state tournament due to injury
0:33 Where Schwab’s extreme confidence in his goals comes from
0:35 What it’s like setting goals for a team instead of as an individual
0:39 Schwab’s final word