picture of 2017 Jazz Town Duals

Completed, Jun 17 - 18, 2017

30 of some of the nation's best high school teams from six different states will descend on New Orleans looking to pick up a prestigious Jazz Town Duals title.

2017 Jazz Town Dual Teams
Evanston (IL)
Granite City (IL)
Southmoore (OK)
Oklahoma Rampage (OK)
West Ranch (TX)
All-Star Club (LA)
Bufard HS (GA)
North Hall HS (GA)
Oswego HS (IL)
Fort Myers Riverdale (FL)
3F Wrestling (TX)
Dark Star WC (TX)
Clay WC (FL)
Niceville (FL)
Allen / Best Trained (TX)
Camden (GA)
Palmetto Ridge (FL)
Rayne (LA)
Leonidas (TX)
Crusader A (LA)
Springstead (FL)
Bayou Elite (TX)
Belle Chase (LA)
Woodward (GA)
Talon (FL)
Eagle WC (FL)
Live Oak (LA)