picture of 2016 Walsh Ironman

Completed, Dec 10, 2016

Entering its 23rd year the Walsh Ironman is known nationwide as the toughest in-season high school wrestling tournament in the nation. Over 500 wrestlers from 26 different states and 96 different schools will descend on Walsh Jesuit High School looking to win a prestigious Ironman title. Don't miss your chance to see Spencer Lee, Sammy Sasso, David Carr, Jacob Warner, Jason Renteria, Kevin Vough, Cohlton Schultz, Jordan Decatur, Dylan D'Emilio, Brandon Courtney, Joey Silva, Real Woods, Mitch Moore, Jaime Henandez, Dom Demas, Julian Ramirez, Rocky Jordan, Travis Stefanik, Anthony Mantanona, Michael Beard, Chase Singletary and so many more in action.