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Rob Koll

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Rob Koll | The Bader Show

Jun 1, 2021

Watch the replay of The Bader Show from June 1, 2021, with Rob Koll.

0:00 - Reflecting on the Pan Ams.

1:30 - Rob Koll is already on the road to building his staff.

2:30 - Reflecting on Cornell University.

6:00 - How did Cornell get so good?

8:00 - Ivy League canceling sports made the decision easier.

12:00 - What happened when?

17:00 - Who’s staying and who’s going to Stanford?

21:30 - Rob Koll has the fire inside.

25:00. - ‘I wanted to make sure Mike Grey got the job.’

30:00 - Job responsibilities.

31:00 - A snapshot of Cornell.

33:00 - Memorial Day.

36:00 - What are the goals at Stanford?

38:00 - ‘You don’t hand over the most important jobs.’

40:30 - Who is Rob Koll’s employer?

45:00 - What will Rob miss the most at Cornell?