2022 U23 World Championship

U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 4

U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 4

The U.S. women's freestyle team had a big day with Dymond Guilford going for gold, three going for bronze, and two in the semis.

Oct 20, 2022 by Kyle Klingman
U23 World Championships Match Notes - Day 4

The U.S. women's freestyle team has four medal opportunities with Dymond Guilford (76 kg) wrestling for gold and Alisha Howk (55 kg), Lexie Basham (59 kg), and Sienna Ramirez (68 kg) going for bronze. Felicity Taylor (53 kg) and Amit Elor (72 kg) are in the semifinals. The action begins at 10:45 a.m. Eastern.

SEMIFINAL (53 kg):  Haruna Okuno (JPN) tech Felicity Taylor (USA), 11-1

First period: Okuno gets on the board first with an activity clock violation then scores a takedown and a gut wrench for a 5-0 lead. Taylor gets an immediate reversal to go down 5-1 at the break. 

Second period: Okuno hits a high crotch then switches off to a double for a two-point takedown and a 7-1 lead with 45 seconds remaining. Okuno falls into a single and finishes the takedown for a 9-1 lead with 20 seconds to go. Okuno scores late for an 11-1 tech and a spot in the gold medal finals. Taylor will wrestle for bronze tomorrow.

SEMIFINAL (72 kg): Amit Elor (USA) FALL Maria Nitu (ROM), :35

First period: Elor scored on a go-behind then locked up a folkstyle cradle to a fall in 35 seconds. Elor will wrestle for gold tomorrow.

BRONZE MEDAL MATCH (55 kg): Alisha Howk (USA) over Nethmi Poruthotage (SRI), 13-5

First period: Howk hits a fireman's carry for a two-point takedown within the first 30 seconds for a 2-0 lead. Poruthotage scores one on a step-out off of a driving double to cut the lead in half then powers through on another double a few seconds later for a 3-2 lead. Howk scores four on a feet-to-back takedown on the edge to regain the lead, 6-3, with 20 seconds to go. She adds another takedown before the buzzer for an 8-3 lead at the break. 

Second period: Poruthotage strikes first in the second period with a straight-on double but Howk still leads, 8-5. Howk counters an arm throw attempt for a takedown and a 10-5 lead halfway through the period. Howk counters a shot for two pounds but Poruthotage bridges like crazy. Howk extends her lead, 12-5, with a minute to go. She adds another point on a step-out for a 13-5 lead. Howk holds out for a 13-5 win and earns a bronze medal at the U23 World Championships. 

BRONZE MEDAL MATCH (59 Kg) Solomiia Vynnyk (UKR) tech Lexie Basham (USA), 10-0 

First period: Vynnk scores four on a counter off of Basham's shot to take a 4-0 lead within the first minute. Vynnyk scores four from a double to a body lock then scores a gut wrench out of bounds for a 10-0 tech. Basham places fifth. 

BRONZE MEDAL MATCH (68 kg): Irina Ringaci (MDA) FALL Sienna Ramirez (USA) 

First period: Ringaci scores two on takedown off of a scramble for a 2-0 lead then hits a fireman's carry a few seconds later for a 4-0 lead. Ramirez scores a reversal then Ringaci steps over for exposure to a fall. Ramirez places fifth. 

GOLD MEDAL MATCH (76 kg):Tatiana Renteria (COL) over Dymond Guilford (USA), 2-1

First period: Guilford scores first on an activity clock violation for a 1-0 lead with a minute to go in the period and that lead holds into the break.

Second period: Guilford was in on a body lock off of a slide by but Renteria countered for two and takes a 2-1 lead. No scoring for the remainder of the match. Renteria takes gold and Guilford wins silver.