2022 U23 World Championship

U23 World Championships Quick Updates

U23 World Championships Quick Updates

Results from the 2022 U23 World Championships in Pontevedra, Sprain

Oct 20, 2022 by Andrew Spey
U23 World Championships Quick Updates

Seven days of championship caliber wrestling as the U23 Worlds gets underway in picturesque Pontevedra, Spain. 

Below are the quick and dirty results for where Team USA stands at the moment. 

Five new weight classes compete each day, and each style will take three days to complete. Greco kicks things off, followed by women's freestyle and concluding with men's freestyle. 

The schedule can be found here (link). 

Men's Freestyle

Team Record: 22-12

Team USA earned three silver medals and two bronze. The Americans also finished in fifth-place two times. In the team race America placed third, behind Georgia and Iran. 

57kg Vito Arujau - Eliminated

Round of 16: Bekzat Almaz Uulu (KGZ) defeats Vito Arujau (USA), 11-6

Quarterfinal: Almaz Uulu (KGZ) pins Batkhuyag (MGL), 3:54

Semifinal: Aman (IND) defeats Almaz Uulu (KGZ), 10-5

61kg Aaron Nagao - FIFTH

Round of 16: Taiyrbek Zhumashbek Uulu (KGZ) defeats Aaron Nagao (USA), 9-0

Quarterfinal: Zhumashbek Uulu (KGZ) defeats Espana (COL), 11-0

Semifinal: Zhumashbek Uulu (KGZ) pins Ormanoglu (TUR)

Repechage: Aaron Nagao (USA) techs Elkin Espana (COL), 14-4

BRONZE medal match: Emrah Ormanoglu (TUR) defeats Aaron Nagao (USA), 9-4

65kg Cole Matthews - Eliminated

Round of 16: Cole Matthews (USA) defeats Gia Ugrelidze (GEO), 6-2

Quarterfinal: Adlan Askarov (KAZ) defeats Cole Matthews (USA), 6-4

Semifinal: Tevanyan (ARM) defeats Askarov (KAZ), 7-6

70kg Yahya Thomas - FIFTH

Round of 16: Yahya Thomas (USA) defeats Emmanuel Olapade (CAN), 2-0

Quarterfinal: Yahya Thomas (USA) defeats Tobias Portmann (SUI), 4-1

Semifinal: Amir Yazdani (IRI) defeats Yahya Thomas (USA), 4-2

BRONZE medal match: Kota Takahashi (JPN) defeats Yahya Thomas (USA), 4-0

74kg David Carr - Eliminated

Round of 16: David Carr (USA) techs Sonny Santiago (PUR), 12-2

Quarterfinal: Temuri Beruashvili (GEO) defeats David Carr (USA), 4-3

Semifinal: Firouzpour (IRI) defeats Beruashvili (GEO) via forfeit

79kg Carter Starocci - BRONZE

Round of 32: Carter Starocci (USA) techs Oktay Hasan (BUL), 11-0

Round of 16: Carter Starocci (USA) defeats Erik Reinbok (EST), 10-0

Quarterfinal: Carter Starocci (USA) techs Abdulvasi Balta (TUR), 11-1

Semifinal: Daulet Yergesh (KAZ) defeats Carter Starocci (USA), 8-7

BRONZE medal match: Carter Starocci (USA) techs Valentyn Babii (UKR), 11-0

86kg Trent Hidlay - SILVER

Round of 32: Trent Hidlay (USA) defeats Sajjad Gholami (IRI), 15-6

Round of 16: Trent Hidlay (USA) defeats Nurtilek Karypbaev (KGZ), 6-0

Quarterfinal: Trent Hidlay (USA) defeats Maksat Satybaldy (KAZ), 6-0

Semifinal: Trent Hidlay (USA) techs Ivan Ichizli (MDA), 11-1

GOLD medal match: Tatsuya Shirai (JPN) defeats Trent Hidlay, 3-3

92kg Jacob Cardenas - SILVER

Round of 16: Jacob Cardenas (USA) defeats Denys Sahaliuk (UKR), 4-0

Quarterfinal: Jacob Cardenas (USA) defeats Baisal Kubatov (KGZ), 7-2

Semifinal: Jacob Cardenas (USA) defeats Miriani Maisuradze (GEO)

GOLD medal match: Amir Firouzpour (IRI) defeats Jacob Cardenas (USA), 10-0

97kg Tanner Sloan - SILVER

Round of 16: Tanner Sloan (USA) defeats Mucahit Celik (TUR), 10-2

Quarterfinal: Tanner Sloan (USA) defeats Andro Margishvili (GEO), 6-3

Semifinal: Tanner Sloan (USA) defeats Islam Ilyasov (AZE), 10-2

GOLD medal match: Amirali Azarpira (IRI) defeats Tanner Sloan (USA), 5-3

125kg Tony Cassioppi - Wrestles for BRONZE

Round of 16: Tony Cassioppi (USA) techs Lior Altshuler (ISR), 10-0

Quarterfinal: Solomon Manashvili (GEO) defeats Tony Cassioppi (USA) 16-4

Semifinal: Manashvili (GEO) defeats Idzinskyi (UKR), 10-0

Repechage: Tony Cassioppi (USA) pins Kai Shutto (JPN) 0:32

BRONZE medal match: Tony Cassioppi (USA) defeats Yurii Idzinskyi (UKR), via forfeit

Women's Freestyle

Team Record: 18-12

Team USA won one gold, one silver, and two bronzes. Three Americans also placed fifth. The team finished in second place behind Japan. 

50kg Nyla Valencia - Eliminated

Round of 16: Sarra Hamdi (TUN) defeated Nyla Valencia (USA), 3-0

53kg Felicity Taylor - FIFTH

Round of 16: Felicity Taylor (USA) pins Aikaterini Vekri (GRE), 0:36

Quarterfinal: Felicity Taylor (USA) techs Ellada Makhyaddinova (KAZ), 12-2

Semifinal: Haruna Okuno (JPN) defeats Taylor (USA), 11-1

BRONZE medal match: Anastasia Blayvas (GER) defeats Felicity Taylor (USA), 3-3

55kg Alisha Howk - BRONZE

Round of 16: Alisha Howk (USA) defeats Erika Bognar (HUN), 2-1

Quarterfinal: Alisha Howk (USA) defeats Elnura Mammadova (AZE), InjDef

Semifinal: Mihaela Samoil (MDA) defeats Alisha Howk (USA), 9-8

BRONZE medal match: Alisha Howk (USA) defeats Nethmi Poruthotage (SRI), 13-5

57kg Alex Hedrick - BRONZE

Round of 16: Alex Hedrick (USA) pins Melda Dernekci (TUR), 3:28

Quarterfinal: Patrycja Gil (POL) defeats Alex Hedrick (USA), 9-6

Repechage: Alex Hedrick (USA) defeats Welvina Vemba (ANG), via forfeit

BRONZE medal match: Alex Hedrick (USA) techs Laura Almaganbetova (KAZ), 13-2

59kg Lexie Basham - FIFTH

Round of 16: Lexie Basham (USA) defeated Karoline Ortiz (PUR), 8-4

Quarterfinal: Lexie Basham (USA) pins Anne Nuernberger (GER), 5:44

Semifinal: Himeka Tokuhara (JPN) defeats Lexie Basham (USA), 9-0

BRONZE medal match: Solomiia Vynnyk (UKR) defeats Lexie Basham (USA), 10-0

62kg Alex Liles - Eliminated

Quarterfinal: Astrid Montero (VEN) defeats Alex Liles (USA), 4-0

65kg Emma Bruntil - Eliminated

Round of 16: Kateryna Zelenykh (UKR) pins Emma Bruntil (USA), 0:16

68kg Sienna Ramirez - FIFTH

Round of 16: Sienna Ramirez (USA) defeats Albina Kairgeldinova (KAZ), 9-3

Quarterfinal: Sienna Ramirez (USA) pins Zsuzsanna Molnar (HUN), 0:53

Semifinal: Nesrin Bas (TUR) defeats Sienna Ramirez (USA), 9-4

BRONZE medal match: Irina Ringaci (MDA) pins Sienna Ramirez (USA), 2:33

72kg Amit Elor - Wrestles for GOLD

Quarterfinal: Amit Elor (USA) pins Kendra Dacher (FRA), 5:31

Semifinal: Amit Elor (USA) pins Maria Nitu (ROM), 0:34

GOLD medal match: Amit Elor (USA) techs Wiktoria Choluj (POL), 11-0

76kg Dymond Guilford - SILVER

Round of 16: Dymond Guilford (USA) techs Daniela Tkachuk (POL), 10-0

Quarterfinal: Dymond Guildford (USA) defeats Yasuha Matsuyuki (JPN), 6-1

Semifinal: Dymond Guilford (USA) techs Inkara Zhanatayeva (KAZ), 11-0

GOLD medal match: Tatiana Renteria (COL) defeats Dymond Guildford (USA), 2-1


Team Record: 5-11, no medals

55kg Camden Russell - Eliminated

Round of 16: Camden Russell (USA) defeats Abduvali Rahimbayev (TKM), 11-5

Quarterfinal: Ken Matsui (JPN) defeats Camden Russell (USA), 8-2

60kg Phillip Moomey - Eliminated

Round of 16: Phillip Moomey (USA) defeats Georgios Scarpello (GER), 7-5

Quarterfinal: Nurmukhammet Abdullaev (KGZ) defeats Phillip Moomey (USA), 8-0 0:27

63kg Mason Carzino Hartshorn - Eliminated

Round of 32: Ahmed Baghdouda (EGY) defeats Mason Carzino Hartshorn (USA), 6-0

67kg Peyton Omania - Eliminated

Round of 32: Peyton Omania (USA) pins Aleksander Mielewczyk (POL), 4-0 0:34

Round of 16: Peyton Omania (USA) defeats Abdelrahman Omar (EGY), 7-0

Quarterfinal: Kyotaro Sogabe (JPN) defeats Peyton Omania (USA), 13-4 2:42

72kg Benji Peak - Eliminated

Round of 16: Irfan Mirzoiev (UKR) defeats Benji Peak (USA), 9-0 3:33

77kg Britton Holmes - Eliminated

Round of 32: Lamjed Maafi (TUN) defeats Britton Holmes (USA), 10-1 3:08

82kg Tyler Cunningham - Eliminated

Round of 32: Semion Brekkeli (MDA) defeats Tyler Cunningham (USA), 9-1 4:35

87kg Michial Foy - Eliminated

Round of 16: Filip Smetko (CRO) defeats Michial Foy (USA), 4-0

97kg Nicholas Boykin - In the repechage

Round of 32: Alex Szoke (HUN) defeats Nicholas Boykin (USA), 9-0 1:52

Repechage: Luka Katic (SRB) defeats Nicholas Boykin (USA), 7-4

130kg Colton Schultz - Eliminated

Round of 16: Cohlton Schultz (USA) techs Jonovan Smith (PUR), 9-0 2:22

Quarterfinal: Sarkhan Mammadov (AZE) defeats Cohlton Schultz (USA), 5-1