2022 NWCA All-Star Classic

David Carr vs Quincy Monday All-Star Classic Preview

David Carr vs Quincy Monday All-Star Classic Preview

The Nate Carr vs Kenny Monday rivalry is renewed when their sons face off at the 2022 NWCA All-Star Classic.

Oct 14, 2022 by Kyle Klingman

The NWCA All-Star Classic presented by Cliff Keen will be held on November 22 in Austin, Texas, and will be streamed LIVE on FloWrestling. Below is a preview of the 165-pound match between David Carr (Iowa State) and Quincy Monday (Princeton). 

The Sons


David Carr, JR
2020: 18-1 (NQ), 157 (Iowa State)
2021: 20-0 (1st), 157 (Iowa State)
2022: 28-1 (3rd), 157 (Iowa State)

Other: 2016 U17 World bronze medalist and 2019 U20 World champion

Quincy Monday, SR
2019: 24-13 (NQ), 157 (Princeton)
2020: 24-4 (NQ), 157 (Princeton)
2022: 24-4 (2nd), 157 (Princeton)

The Fathers

Nate Carr
1980: 28-9 (NQ), 150 (Iowa State)
1981: 38-3 (1st), 150 (Iowa State)
1982: 23-4-1 (1st), 150 (Iowa State)
1983: 33-1 (1st), 150 (Iowa State)

1983 Worlds (68 kg): DNP
1988 Olympics (68 kg): Bronze
1990 Worlds (68 kg): 5th

Kenny Monday
1981: 27-7-1 (NQ), 142 (Oklahoma State)
1982: 25-2-1 (2nd), 150 (Oklahoma State)
1983: 36-2 (2nd), 150 (Oklahoma State)
1984: 33-1 (1st), 150 (Oklahoma State)

1988 Olympics (74 kg): Gold
1989 Worlds (74 kg): Gold
1991: Worlds (74 kg): Silver
1992 Olympics (74 kg): Silver
1996 Olympics (74 kg): 6th

David Carr vs Quincy Monday College Match History

This is the first match between David Carr and Quincy Monday.

Nate Carr vs Kenny Monday College Match History

1982 Dual: Monday over Carr, 13-11
1982 Big 8 finals: Monday pinned Carr, 4:33
1982 NCAA finals: Carr over Monday, 3-3, 2-0
1983 Dual: Carr over Monday, 7-5
1983 Big 8 finals: Monday over Carr, 10-5
1983 NCAA finals: Carr over Monday, 3-3, 5-2

Total: 3-3

What You Need To Know? 

Even the most ambitious Hollywood script couldn’t dream this match would happen. How else can you explain a heated college wrestling rivalry between Nate Carr and Kenny Monday being resurrected with their offspring in 2022?

The timing had to be perfect. Each had to have a son born at approximately the same time, they both had to end up in the same weight class, and, most importantly, they both had to be good enough to face each other at the All-Star Classic. 

Seems impossible, right? Well, it’s happening on November 22, 2022, in Austin, Texas. 

Nate Carr vs Kenny Monday is in contention for the most contentious rivalry in wrestling history. The two faced off in duals, conference finals, and NCAA finals — which separates it from any college clash before or since. Not only that, both went on to have success at the international level in separate weights. 

Even though they are friends now, these matches were must-see-tv at the time. There was trash talk. There was heat. There was pride. And neither gave an inch. Even the moms got involved. 

Now, almost 40 years later, we get Carr-Monday II

David Carr and Quincy Monday could have met at the 2022 NCAA Championships but that moment was thwarted when David was upset in the second round of the tournament. Quincy had a magical run that ended by reaching the 157-pound finals. 

Monday placed second and Carr placed third. They haven’t met on the mat — yet. 

What You Can Expect?

This iteration of Carr vs Monday will have a different vibe than the original. This is a new era, so don’t expect the same type of heat that the fathers had. That doesn’t mean this match won’t have its own flavor and its own flair. These two can scrap, but the action will look different. 

There are rumblings in the Princeton camp that Quincy will go down to 157 for the season. Princeton coach Chris Ayres mentioned it in passing during a recent interview with Christian Pyles on FloWrestling. This could be the only time that we will see this matchup. That makes it even more meaningful since the only way it could happen again is if they meet in freestyle. 

Getting the first takedown is crucial. Both are hard to score on so getting an early lead might determine the final outcome. Hopefully, both wrestlers have fun and let it fly. This is an exhibition and an opportunity to showcase two of the greatest families in our sport's history. This is what the All-Star Classic is all about. 


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