Tracking Every 2022 NCAA Qualifier Into The New Season

Tracking Every 2022 NCAA Qualifier Into The New Season

An update on eligibility, school, and weight class for every wrestler that competed at the D1 2022 NCAA Tournament.

Sep 29, 2022 by Jon Kozak
Tracking Every 2022 NCAA Qualifier Into The New Season

Who's coming back? What weight are they at? Who transferred where? Get the answer to all of those questions and more below as we dive deep into every national qualifier from the 2022 NCAA Tournament heading into the 2022-23 season. 


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Nick SurianoMichigan0No
2Patrick GloryPrinceton1Yes
3Vito ArujauCornell2Yes at 133
4Michael DeAugustinoNorthwestern2Yes
5Patrick McKeeMinnesota2Yes
6Brandon CourtneyArizona State1Yes
7Eric BarnettWisconsin2Yes
8Brandon KaylorOregon State2Yes
Rd of 12Killian CardinaleWest Virginia1Yes
Rd of 12Sam LatonaVirginia Tech3Yes at 133
Rd of 12Joey PrataOklahoma1Yes
Rd of 12Noah SurtinMissouri3Yes
Rd of 16Brody TeskeNorthern Iowa2Yes at 133 for Iowa
Rd of 16Jakob CamachoNC State2Medical Redshirt
Rd of 16Taylor LaMontUtah Valley1Yes at 133 for Wisconsin
Rd of 16Dylan ShawverRutgers3Yes
Rd of 24Drew HildebrandtPenn State0No
Rd of 24Trevor MastrogiovanniOklahoma State3Yes
Rd of 24Malik HeinselmanOhio State1Yes
Rd of 24Drake AyalaIowa3Will likely redshirt
Rd of 24Fabian GutierrezChattanooga0No
Rd of 24Ryan MillerPennsylvania3Yes
Rd of 24Caleb SmithApp State3Yes
Rd of 24Anthony NotoLock Haven3Yes
Rd of 32Logan AshtonStanford3Yes
Rd of 32Devin SchroderPurdue0No
Rd of 32Korbin MeinkCampbell0No
Rd of 32Joe ManchioColumbia1Yes
Rd of 32Jace KoelzerNorthern Colorado2Yes at 133
Rd of 32Justin CardaniIllinois2Yes
Rd of 32Kysen TerukinaIowa State3Yes
Rd of 32Antonio LorenzoCal Poly3Yes
PigtailPatrick McCormickVirginia2Yes

Quick stats for 125:

  • Graduated - 6
  • Changing Weights - 5
  • Projected to redshirt - 6
  • Returning All-Americans - 6


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Roman Bravo-YoungPenn State1Yes
2Daton FixOklahoma State2Yes
3Austin DeSantoIowa0No
4Michael McGeeArizona State1Yes
5Lucas ByrdIllinois3Yes
6Korbin MyersVirginia Tech0No
7Chris CannonNorthwestern3Yes
8Devan TurnerOregon State0No
Rd of 12Matt RamosPurdue3Yes at 125
Rd of 12Brian CourtneyVirginia2No
Rd of 12Micky PhillippiPittsburgh1Yes
Rd of 12Dylan RagusinMichigan3Yes
Rd of 16Kai OrineNC State3Yes
Rd of 16Chance RichCal St Bakersfield2Yes
Rd of 16Richie KoehlerRider2Yes
Rd of 16Joe HeilmannNorth Carolina2Yes - At Rutgers
Rd of 24Haiden DruryUtah Valley3Yes
Rd of 24RayVon FoleyMichigan State1Yes
Rd of 24Sidney FloresAir Force0No
Rd of 24Kyle BiscogliaNorthern Iowa2Yes
Rd of 24Brock HudkinsIndiana0No
Rd of 24Joe OlivieriRutgers3
 Will likely redshirt
Rd of 24Michael ColaioccoPennsylvania2Yes
Rd of 24Josh KoderhandtNavy3Yes at 141
Rd of 32Dom LaJoieCornell0No
Rd of 32Ramazan AttasauovIowa State3Yes
Rd of 32Codi RussellApp State0No
Rd of 32Jake GlivaMinnesota2Yes
Rd of 32Brayden PalmerChattanooga2Yes
Rd of 32Malyke HinesLehigh3Yes at 141
Rd of 32Anthony MadrigalOklahoma1Yes
Rd of 32Kyle BurwickWisconsin3Yes at Nebraska
PigtailDomenick ZacconeCampbell3Yes

Quick stats for 133:

  • Graduated - 8
  • Changing weights - 3
  • Projected to redshirt - 1
  • Returning All-Americans - 5
  • All-Americans coming up from 125 - 1


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Nick LeePenn State0No
2Kizhan ClarkeNorth Carolina0No
3Sebastian RiveraRutgers0No
4Grant WillitsOregon State1No
5Cole MatthewsPittsburgh2Yes
6Real WoodsStanford2Yes
7Jakob BergelandMinnesota1Yes
8CJ CompostoPennsylvania3
Will likely redshirt
Rd of 12Stevan MicicMichigan0No
Rd of 12Chad RedNebraska0No
Rd of 12Andrew AlirezNorthern Colorado2Yes
Rd of 12Clay CarlsonSouth Dakota State2Yes
Rd of 16Jaydin EiermanIowa0No
Rd of 16Dylan DroegemuellerNorth Dakota State2Yes
Rd of 16Dresden SimonCentral Michigan0No
Rd of 16Ryan JackNC State3Yes
Rd of 24Dylan D'EmilioOhio State3Yes
Rd of 24Frankie Tal ShaharNorthwestern3Yes
Rd of 24Matt KazimirColumbia1Yes
Rd of 24Ian ParkerIowa State0No
Rd of 24Parker FiliusPurdue1Yes
Rd of 24Joseph ZargoWisconsin3Yes
Rd of 24Allan HartMissouri1Yes
Rd of 24Quinn KinnerRider2Yes
Rd of 32Josh MasonBloomsburg2Yes
Rd of 32Carter YoungOklahoma State3Yes
Rd of 32Colllin GerardiVirginia Tech2Yes
Rd of 32Conor McGonagleLehigh2Yes at 133
Rd of 32Jacob ButlerOklahoma2Yes
Rd of 32Shannon HannaCampbell2Yes
Rd of 32Gabe WillochellEdinboro3Yes
Rd of 32Wil GilFranklin & Marshall0No
PigtailDylan CedenoVirginia3Yes

Quick stats for 141:

  • Graduated - 10
  • Changing weights - 1
  • Projected to redshirt - 1
  • Returning All-Americans - 3


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Yianni DiakomihalisCornell1Yes
2Ridge LovettNebraska2Yes
3Bryce AndonianVirginia Tech2Yes at 157
4Austin GomezWisconsin1Yes
5Sammy SassoOhio State2Yes
6Jonathan MillnerApp State1Yes
7Tariq WilsonNC State0No
8Kyle ParcoArizona State3Yes
Rd of 12Anthony ArtalonaPennsylvania1Yes
Rd of 12Max MurinIowa1Yes
Rd of 12Yahya ThomasNorthwestern1Yes
Rd of 12Kaden GfellerOklahoma State1Yes at 157
Rd of 16PJ OgunsanyaArmy0No
Rd of 16Colin RealbutoNorthern Iowa2Yes
Rd of 16Cory CrooksOregon State0No
Rd of 16Willie McDougaldOklahoma3Yes
Rd of 24Zach ShermanNorth Carolina1Yes
Rd of 24Joshua HeilCampbell0No
Rd of 24Mike Van BrillRutgers0No
Rd of 24Joshua FinesilverDuke0No
Rd of 24Beau BartlettPenn State3Yes at 141
Rd of 24Marcus RobinsonCleveland State2Yes
Rd of 24Jaden AbasStanford3Yes
Rd of 24Michael BlockhusMinnesota2Yes
Rd of 32Jarrett DegenIowa State0No
Rd of 32Corbyn MunsonCentral Michigan2Yes
Rd of 32Kody KomaraKent State1Yes
Rd of 32John ArceriBuffalo0No
Rd of 32Marshall KellerPrinceton1Yes
Rd of 32Max BrignolaLehigh3Yes
Rd of 32Josh EdmondMissouri3
Will likely redshirt
Rd of 32Legend LamerCal Poly3Yes at 165
PigtailDashawn FarberLock Haven3Yes

Quick stats for 149:

  • Graduated - 8
  • Changing weights - 4
  • Projected to redshirt - 1
  • Returning All-Americans - 6


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Ryan DeakinNorthwestern0No
2Quincy MondayPrinceton1Yes at 165
3David CarrIowa State2Yes at 165
4Peyton RobbNebraska2Yes
5Will Lewan Michigan2Yes
6Jacori TeemerArizona State2Yes
7Hunter WillitsOregon State1No
8Austin O'ConnorNorth Carolina1Yes
Rd of 12Ed ScottNC State3Yes
Rd of 12Dazjon CastoCitadel1
Yes at Pittsburgh
Rd of 12Josh HumphreysLehigh1Yes
Rd of 12Jared FranekNorth Dakota State2Yes
Rd of 16Brady BergePenn State0No
Rd of 16Jake KeatingVirginia1Yes
Rd of 16Hunter RichardCornell0No
Rd of 16Kaleb YoungIowa0No
Rd of 24Johnny LovettCentral Michigan3Yes
Rd of 24Doug ZapfPennsylvania1Yes
Rd of 24Connor BradyVirginia Tech3Yes at 165
Rd of 24Elijah ClearyPittsburgh0No
Rd of 24Justin ThomasOklahoma0No
Rd of 24Jacob WrightWyoming1Yes
Rd of 24Markus HartmanArmy0No
Rd of 24Wyatt SheetsOklahoma State0Yes at 165
Rd of 32Derek HolschlagNorthern Iowa1Yes
Rd of 32Jarrett JacquesMissouri1Yes
Rd of 32Chase SaldateMichigan State3Yes
Rd of 32Michael PetiteBuffalo2Yes
Rd of 32Kendall ColemanPurdue2Yes
Rd of 32Garrett ModelWisconsin1Yes
Rd of 32Ben Barton Lock Haven0No
Rd of 32Andrew CernigliaNavy2Yes
PigtailJordan SlivkaOhio3Yes

Quick stats for 157:

  • Graduated - 9
  • Changing weights - 4
  • Returning All-Americans - 3
  • All-Americans coming up from 149- 1


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Keegan O'TooleMissouri3Yes
2Shane GriffithStanford2Yes
3Evan WickCal Poly0No
4Cam AmineMichigan3Yes
5Alex MarinelliIowa0No
6Dean HamitiWisconsin3Yes
7Carson KharchlaOhio State3Yes
8Peyton HallWest Virginia3Yes
Rd of 12Jake WentzelPittsburgh0No
Rd of 12Justin McCoyVirginia2Yes
Rd of 12Julian RamirezCornell3Yes
Rd of 12Philip ConigliaroHarvard1Yes at 174
Rd of 16Anthony ValenciaArizona State0No
Rd of 16Izzak OlejnikNorthern Illinois2Yes
Rd of 16Zach HartmanBucknell0No
Rd of 16Austin YantNorthern Iowa1Yes
Rd of 24Matthew OlguinOregon State3Yes
Rd of 24Brevin CassellaBinghamton3Yes at 174
Rd of 24Cael CarlsonMinnesota3Yes
Rd of 24Thomas BullardNC State0No
Rd of 24William FormatoApp State2Yes
Rd of 24Joshua OgunsanyaColumbia2Yes
Rd of 24BubbaNebraska3Yes
Rd of 24Lucas RevanoPennsylvania2Yes
Rd of 32Luke WeberNorth Dakota State0No
Rd of 32Brian MeyerLehigh2Yes
Rd of 32Riley SmuckerCleveland State2Yes
Rd of 32Andrew NicholsonChattanooga1
Yes at Virginia Tech
Rd of 32Evan BarczakDrexel1Yes
Rd of 32Rodrick MoselyGarnder-Webb2Yes
Rd of 32Ashton EylerLock Haven2Yes at 157
Rd of 32Caleb FishMichigan State3Yes
PigtailDavid FerranteNorthwestern3Yes

Quick stats for 165:

  • Graduated - 7
  • Changing weights - 3
  • Returning All-Americans - 6
  • All-Americans coming up from 157 - 2


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Carter StarocciPenn State3Yes
2Mekhi LewisVirginia Tech2Yes
3Hayden HidlayNC State0No
4Michael KemererIowa0No
5Logan MassaMichigan0No
6Dustin PlottOklahoma State3Yes
7Mikey LabriolaNebraska1Yes
8Clay LauttNorth Carolina1Yes
Rd of 12Michael O'MalleyDrexel2Yes
Rd of 12Hayden HastingsWyoming1Yes
Rd of 12Peyton MoccoMissouri2Yes
Rd of 12Ethan SmithOhio State1Yes
Rd of 16Lancey RunyonNorthern Iowa3Yes
Rd of 16Mason KauffmanNorthern Illinois1No
Rd of 16Matt FinesilverDuke1
Yes at 184 for Michigan
Rd of 16Anthony MantanonaOklahoma1No
Rd of 24Nick IncontreraPennsylvania3Yes
Rd of 24Tyler EischensStanford2Yes
Rd of 24Ben PasiukArmy2Yes
Rd of 24Thomas FlitzApp State0No
Rd of 24Chris FocaCornell3Yes
Rd of 24Cade DeVosSouth Dakota State3Yes
Rd of 24Gerritt NijenhuisPurdue3
Yes at 165 for Oklahoma
Rd of 24Adam KempCal Poly2Yes at 184
Rd of 32Connor O'NeillRutgers3Yes at 165
Rd of 32Joel DevineIowa State2Yes
Rd of 32Bailee O'ReillyMinnesota1Yes
Rd of 32Jay NivisonBuffalo3Yes
Rd of 32Jacob NolanBinghamton2Yes at 184
Rd of 32Sal PerrineOhio3Yes
Rd of 32Troy FisherNorthwestern3Yes
Rd of 32Dennis RobinWest Virginia3Yes
PigtailDominic SolisMaryland3Yes

Quick stats for 174:

  • Graduated - 6
  • Changing weights - 5
  • Returning All-Americans - 5


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Aaron BrooksPenn State2Yes
2Myles AmineMichigan0No
3Parker KeckeisenNorthern Iowa3Yes
4Bernie TruaxCal Poly2Yes at 197
5Trent HidlayNC State2Yes
6Kaleb RomeroOhio State1Yes
7Marcus ColemanIowa State1Yes
8Jonathan LoewCornell1Yes
Rd of 12Taylor VenzNebraska0No
Rd of 12John PoznanskiRutgers3
Will likely redshirt
Rd of 12Max LyonPurdue0No
Rd of 12Trey MunozOregon State3Yes
Rd of 16Jeremiah KentMissouri2No
Rd of 16Zach BraunagelIllinois2Yes at 197
Rd of 16Keegan MooreOklahoma1Yes
Rd of 16Dakota GeerOklahoma State0No
Rd of 24Hunter BolenVirginia Tech1Yes
Rd of 24Caleb HopkinsCampbell2Yes
Rd of 24Brit WilsonNorthern Illinois1No
Rd of 24Isaiah SalazarMinnesota3Yes
Rd of 24Kyle CochranMaryland1No
Rd of 24Tate SamuelsonWyoming1Yes
Rd of 24Travis StefanikPrinceton1Yes
Rd of 24Abe AssadIowa2Yes
Rd of 32Collin McCrackenKent State1No
Rd of 32Michael BattistaVirginia1Yes
Rd of 32Gregg HarveyPittsburgh0No
Rd of 32Chris WeilerWisconsin0No
Rd of 32Gavin KaneNorth Carolina3Yes
Rd of 32Layne MalczewskiMichigan State2Yes
Rd of 32Donnell WashingtonIndiana3Yes
Rd of 32AJ BurkhartLehigh2Yes
PigtailJack JessenNorthwestern2Yes

Quick stats for 184:

  • Graduated - 10
  • Changing weights - 2
  • Projected to redshirt - 1
  • Returning All-Americans - 6


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Max DeanPenn State1Yes
2Jacob WarnerIowa1Yes
3Stephen BuchananWyoming2Yes
4Rocky ElamMissouri3Yes
5Yonger BastidaIowa State3Yes
6Gavin HoffmanOhio State2Yes
7Eric SchultzNebraska0No
8Greg BulsakRutgers0No
Rd of 12Jake WoodleyOklahoma1No
Rd of 12Lou DePrezBinghamton1Yes
Rd of 12Nino BonaccorsiPittsburgh1Yes
Rd of 12Jay AielloVirginia0No
Rd of 16Kordell NorfleetArizona State1Yes
Rd of 16Thomas PenolaPurdue2Yes
Rd of 16Patrick BruckiMichigan0No
Rd of 16Cam CaffeyMichigan State1Yes
Rd of 24Luke StoutPrinceton3Yes
Rd of 24Jaron Smith Maryland1Yes at 285
Rd of 24Tanner SloanSouth Dakota State2Yes
Rd of 24Jacob KoserNavy1Yes
Rd of 24Jacob CardenasCornell2Yes
Rd of 24Owen PentzNorth Dakota State3Yes
Rd of 24Braxton AmosWisconsin3Yes
Rd of 24Isaac TrumbleNC State3Yes
Rd of 32Will FeldkampClarion1Yes at 184
Rd of 32Evan BockmanUtah Valley2Yes
Rd of 32Andrew DavisonNorthwestern1Yes
Rd of 32Ben SmithCleveland State1
Will likely redshirt
Rd of 32Alan ClothierNorthern Colorado0No
Rd of 32Michial FoyMinnesota1Yes
Rd of 32Cole UrbasPennsylvania2Yes
Rd of 32JT BrownArmy0No
PigtailMatthew WaddellChattanooga1Yes

Quick stats for 197:

  • Graduated - 7
  • Changing weights - 2
  • Returning All-Americans - 6
  • All-Americans coming up from 184 - 1


Place at NCAAsWrestlerTeamYears LeftReturning
1Gable StevesonMinnesota1No
2Cohlton SchultzArizona State3Yes
3Jordan WoodLehigh0No
4Greg KerkvlietPenn State3Yes
5Mason ParrisMichigan1Yes
6Lucas DavisonNorthwestern2Yes
7Tony CassioppiIowa2Yes
8Christian LanceNebraska0No
Rd of 12Lewis FernandesCornell2Yes
Rd of 12Gary TraubOregon State0No
Rd of 12Tate OrndorffOhio State1Yes
Rd of 12Zach ElamMissouri2Yes
Rd of 16Nathan TraxlerVirginia Tech0No
Rd of 16Joe DoyleBinghamton1No
Rd of 16Wyatt HendricksonAir Force3Yes
Rd of 16Matt StencelCentral Michigan0No
Rd of 24Trent HillgerWisconsin1Yes
Rd of 24Isaac ReidLock Haven2Yes
Rd of 24Tyrie HoughtonNC State1Yes
Rd of 24Luke LuffmanIllinois2
Will likely redshirt
Rd of 24Luke SurberOklahoma State3Yes at 197
Rd of 24AJ NevillsSouth Dakota State1Yes
Rd of 24Ben GoldinPennsylvania1Yes
Rd of 24Taye GhadialiCampbell3Yes
Rd of 32Tyrell GordonNorthern Iowa2Yes
Rd of 32Sam SchuylerIowa State1Yes
Rd of 32Michael McAleaveyCitadel0No
Rd of 32Brandon MetzNorth Dakota State1Yes
Rd of 32Josh HeindselmanOklahoma3Yes
Rd of 32Michael WolfgramWest Virginia3Yes
Rd of 32Quinn MillerVirginia1No
Rd of 32Zachary Knighton-WardHofstra1Yes
PigtailMatthew CoverPrinceton2Yes

Quick stats for 285:

  • Graduated - 9
  • Changing weights - 1
  • Projected to redshirt - 1
  • Returning All-Americans - 5

Complete Summary

NCAA Qualifier Totals125133141149157165174184197285Totals
Qualifiers & AA's Graduated68108976107980
All-Americans Graduated135122312323
Returning All-Americans652646566551
All-Americans Changing Weights10012001005
Projected Redshirts21110001118
Weight Changes531143522127
NCAA Champs Graduated10101000014

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