2022 U20 World Championships

UWW U20 World Championships Match Notes - Day 3

UWW U20 World Championships Match Notes - Day 3

Audrey Jimenez reached the 50-kg women's freestyle finals while Bennett Berge won silver at 86 kg.

Aug 17, 2022 by Kyle Klingman
UWW U20 World Championships Match Notes - Day 3

Audrey Jimenez will wrestle for a spot in the women's freestyle finals while Bennett Berge (86 kg) wrestles for gold and Jaxon Smith (92 kg) and Nick Feldman (125 kg) wrestle for bronze. The action begins at 9:45 a.m. Eastern.

Semifinals (50 kg): Audrey Jimenez (USA) FALL Natalia Walczak (Poland), 2:49

First period: Walczak gets on the board first with a step-out and caution and one 46 seconds into the match. Jimenez attempts a front headlock but Walczak counters for two to take a 4-0 lead with a minute to go in the period. Jimenez fires off a single-leg shot at the end of the period and transitions into a fall will 11 seconds remaining. Jimenez will wrestle in the gold medal finals tomorrow. 

Gold Medal Match (86 kg): Rakhim Magamadov (France) over Bennett Berge (USA), 10-5

First period: Magamadov counters a Berge shot out of bounds halfway through the period but the action is grounded so no points are awarded. Berge gets placed on the activity clock but gives up the point just as he secured a takedown. Berge scores on a go-behind as time expires to take a 4-1 lead into the break.

Second period: Magamadov counters a Berge shot for two points on the exposure but Berge gets a reversal to take a 5-3 lead. Magamadov powers through on a shot out of bounds and scores four points to take a 7-5 lead with two minutes remaining. It appeared as though Berge was going to score on a shot but he exposed his back on the exchange and Magamadov extends his lead to 9-5. Berge gives up a step-out with 15 seconds to go and drops his gold medal match, 10-5. Brady Berge wins the silver medal at 86 kilograms.

Bronze Medal Match (92 kg):  Sergey Sargsyan (Armenia) over Jaxon Smith (USA), 12-2

First period: Smith scores on a beautiful counter and attempts a gut wrench out of bounds but settles for a 2-0 lead 45 seconds into the match. Sargsyan gets put on the activity clock at 4:07 and scores a takedown out of bounds to take a 2-2 criteria lead into the break.

Second period: Smith kicks out of a shot but he gives up a step-out to fall behind 3-2. Sargsyan blows through on a double to take a 5-2 lead. Smith was nearly grounded out of bounds but came to his feet and gave up a step-out point to fall behind 6-2 with a minute remaining. Sargsyan gets a takedown and two turns to end the match, 12-2, with 26 seconds remaining. Jaxon Smith places fifth. 

Bronze Medal Match (125 kg): Merab Suleimanashvil FALL (Georgia), 2:37

First period: Suleimanashvil scores when he attempts an arm throw but Feldman counters, however, Suleimanashvil stayed with the position and scored a takedown. Feldman scores four on a takedown but Suleimanashvil countered for two, but Feldman now has a 4-4 criteria lead. Suleimanashvil snags a step-out to take back the lead, 5-4. Feldman gets the lead back with a four-point takedown but Suleimanashvil steps over on the momentum of the shot and secures a fall with 23 seconds remaining in the period. Feldman settles for fifth.