FloWrestling Radio Live

FRL 774 - How NIL Is Changing Wrestling

FRL 774 - How NIL Is Changing Wrestling

the 774th episode of FloWrestling Radio Live

Apr 5, 2022 by JD Rader
774. How NIL Is Changing Wrestling

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The boys talk about how Real Woods ended up at Iowa and what it means for the sport moving forward.

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Run of Show

(0:00) Shane Sparks is back to talk about why he thinks he was right about the NCAA team title

(17:28) Real Woods is transferring to Iowa, Ben addresses rumors he heard and started, and how NIL as a whole is changing the sport

(43:25) Gable at WrestleMania

(55:25) Bill Farrell takeaways

(59:55) New FloFilm 'Fight Of Your Life' streams tomorrow and you're not going to want to miss it

(1:04:47) CP is still buying Beau Bartlett stock

(1:07:25) Ben addresses Mark Branch's comments on NIL and the culture surrounding the current state of student athletes