NCAA Watch Party: Penn State vs Ohio State

Match Notes: #7 Ohio State At #1 Penn State

Match Notes: #7 Ohio State At #1 Penn State

All the wrestling action, updated in real-time, as the Nittany Lions host the Buckeyes in the Byrce Jordan Center.

Feb 4, 2022 by Andrew Spey
Match Notes: #7 Ohio State At #1 Penn State
We've got a packed Bryce Jordan Center as the #1 ranked Penn State Nittany Lion host their Big Ten rivals the Ohio State Buckeyes.

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We've got a packed Bryce Jordan Center as the #1 ranked Penn State Nittany Lion host their Big Ten rivals the Ohio State Buckeyes.

It should make for a most radical eventing of wrestling, and we will be here, providing updates in real time!

Projected lineups

125: #7 Drew Hildebrandt, PSU vs #11 Malik Heinselman, tOSU

133: #1 Roman Bravo-Young, PSU vs Dylan Koontz, tOSU

141: #1 Nick Lee, PSU vs #24 Dylan D'Emilio, tOSU

149: #15 Beau Bartlett, PSU vs #2 Sammy Sasso, tOSU

157: Terrell Barraclough, PSU vs Isaac Wilcox, tOSU

165: Creighton Edsell PSU vs Kevon Freemon, tOSU

174: Mason Manville, PSU vs #7 Ethan Smith, tOSU

184: #1 Aaron Brooks, PSU vs Rocky Jordan, tOSU

197: #2 Max Dean, PSU vs #20 Gavin Hoffman, tOSU

285: #3 Greg Kerkvliet, PSU vs #13 Tate Orndorff, tOSU

And don't forget to enjoy your TWO SCREEN EXPERIENCE by turning our watch party. We can't show you the dual itself, that would be stealing from our good friends at the Big Ten Network, but we can have a party watching it together!

The Penn State faithful have been instructed to wear white, as this tweet, featuring Carter Starocci in a white singlet, implores. 

The stage is set. It's quiet in the BJC right now. But, as we all know, quietude does not preclude the imminent approach of a storm!

Here are some more pics from inside the venue by the excellent Sam Janicki!

And here's pic of Slammy Sammy Sasso inside the BJC.

It's amazing what you can find on www dot twitter dot com. 

125: #7 Drew Hildebrandt, PSU vs #11 Malik Heinselman, tOSU

1st period: Slow start to the first period. Also, I was adjusting the projected lineups which just flashed on the screen. They are very different from what the schools released in their previews just a couple days ago!

Scoreless first period. 

2nd period: Quick escape by Hildebrandt. Around the minute mark, Hildebrandt charges forward. Heinselman to the edge of the mat. Scramble, no score, out of bounds. No more committed shots this period. 1-0 Hildebrandt leads. 

3rd period: Heinsleman sits off the whistle, almost shakes Hildebrandt off but Drew adjust and gets Malik flat on the mat. Malik can't get to his base and is dinged for stalling. Riding time ticking up. Point secured. Time running out. And a big, third period ride out for the win!

Penn State 3, Ohio State 0

133: #1 Roman Bravo-Young, PSU vs Dylan Koontz, tOSU

1st period: Due to scratches in the lineup, that 125 bout will likely be the most consequential result to the rankings, barring a massive upset the rest of the way. 

Quick takedown from RBY. Nice to hear that Roman's grandfather is in attendance. RBY hails from Arizona so one would assume he traveled a good distance to be here. An escape and another takedown makes it 4-2. RBY is too quick and is able to get through Koontz's defense. So Koontz goes on the offensive, grabs a leg but it's stalemated. Another level change and RBY is immediately behind Koontz again for another takedown. RBY rides out the period, leads 6-2 with 51 seconds of riding time. 

2nd period: RBY starts the period underneath, he's out in a hurry. Koontz attacks but RBY scores. 9-3 after an escape. Another TD, Bravo-Young continues to set it up and score at will. 11-3. 

3rd period: We're in neutral, attack by Koontz, cement job by RBY, Koontz bellies out before giving up backs. RBY slaps in an assassin and there's the fall! A big six team points for RBY with his grandfather in the building!

Penn State 9, Ohio State 0

141: #1 Nick Lee, PSU vs #24 Dylan D'Emilio, tOSU

1st period: D'Emilio has been wrestling well fore the Bucks this year but Nick Lee is a terminator and gets the first takedown. D'Emilio is out after 28 seconds. Two on one arm control from Lee turns into a single leg and another takedown for Lee. 4-1 with a minute left in the period. Strong ride for the rest of the period and Lee amasses 1:50 of RT, still leads 4-1. 

2nd period: D'Emilio takes bottom. He's able to escape to cut the lead to 2. Over 2 minutes of RT. Double leg from D'Emilio is stuffed. Lee sweep single and it's another 2. It's almost automatic once Lee gets a hold of a leg. Lee rides out the period, inducing a stall on D'Emilio along the way. 

3rd period: D'Emilio gets a turn on top. Lee escapes quickly to make it 7-2, then another sweep single makes it 9-2. Escape and it's 9-3. Koontz in on a deep shot but Lee scrambles and turns it into his points. 11-3, now 12-3 after another stall call. RT long since locked up. And Nick Lee will by major, 13-3!

Penn State 13, Ohio State 0

149: #15 Beau Bartlett, PSU vs #2 Sammy Sasso, tOSU

1st period: Only 3 more ranked matchups this dual as a couple ranked wrestlers on each team are getting the night off. Both starters on the mat here, though. Sasso working his snaps and underhooks. No scores or shots after a minute. Sasso goes for an elbow control high-c. Bartlett defends. Sasso continues to control ties. Sasso shoots again, then reshoots, gets to Bartlett's legs. Bartlett goes over the top, grabs ankles and gets the stalemate. Another shot by Sasso, Bartlett sprawls and defends. Scoreless first period, all the action initiated by Sasso so far. 

2nd period: Sasso starts underneath, nearly escapes, Bartlett drops to a leg. No escape but Bartlett picks up a stall call. Sasso is right out on the restart to make it 1-0. Sasso back in on a shot, great back and forth scramble and once again Bartlett keeps Sasso from scoring. 

3rd period: Bartlett on bottom trailing by a point, plus has a stall call. Sasso throws in a leg. He's riding high, Bartlett shakes him off and comes out on top for a reversal. He's got the lead now 2-1! Sasso out in a hurry to tie it up 2-2. Riding time not a factor. Sasso shoots again, he's taken all of them in the match. Another scramble, this time Sasso won't be denied! He keeps his ankles hidden and comes out the back door for the go-ahead takedown with just 7 seconds left in the match. Sasso gets the Buckeyes on the board with the 4-2 victory!

Good fight from Bartlett. As a fan you'd like to see more shots but hard to argue with the strategy. Game planned his opponent and nearly got the upset. 

Penn State 13, Ohio State 3

157: Terrell Barraclough, PSU vs Isaac Wilcox, tOSU

1st period: So no Tony Negron for PSU and no Jashon Hubbard for tOSU, but those aren't the scratches I mentioned earlier, I think these weights are still just undecided for both teams. A cautious first period, not a lot in the way of attacks from either wrestler, 0-0. 

2nd period: Barraclough starts underneath and escapes in a hair under 10 seconds. He leads 1-0. After the escape though mostly the same as the first period. Few if any level changes and the score stays 1-0. 

3rd period: We begin in neutral and Wilcox gets things going with a shot and a score. Barraclough is out after about 30 seconds and the score is tied 2-2. Shot by Barraclough on a single leg but Wilcox kicks free. Another shot by Wilcox but it's defended. Short time. Soon to be overtime. Here we go!

Sudden victory: Riding time clock is erased. 2 minutes, first score wins. If no score we go to two 30-second rideouts. Winner determined by points. If still tied, we go to criteria, which is riding time. Anyway, Wilcox in on a single leg, he's gets behind Barraclough, great defense though squaring up and throwing in a whizzer. No score. Under a minute to go. Shot by Barraclough. Running out of time. And he converts with 5 seconds on the clock! 

Penn State 16, Ohio State 3

Intermission! Penn State rolling and will be heavy favorites in three of the final five matchups so this dual is essentially locked up from a team perspective. Should be some fun wrestling though, so don't worry, I'm still gonna watch and live blog it!

165: Creighton Edsell PSU vs Kevon Freemon, tOSU

1st period: No Berge and no Kharchla but we got action right off the whistle. Edsell on a single leg, Freeman tries to counter with a merkle. We get a stalemate. No Freeman in on a single, he's trying to muscle it up. Edsell holding tight to ankles. Another stalemate. Down to short time, still no score. Period ends.

2nd period: Edsell starts down. Leg goes in, Edsell up to a quadpod. Position not unlike when Bartlett shook off Sasso. But Freeman adjusts and gets Edsell flat. Edsell works his way back to his base but Freeman has amassed over a minute of riding time. Freeman still riding hight but Edsell can't shake him loose. Roll through by Edsell but Freeman sticks to him. And he'll get the rideout. Still 0-0 but exactly 2 minutes of riding time for Freemon.

3rd period: Now it's Edsell's turn to throw in legs and chew up clock. Freeman is flat, two boots in for Edsell. Ridding time back under a minute. Will we see dueling rideouts? Freeman to his base but just 30 seconds left. Freeman to his feet but he sits and turns in looking for a switch and Edsell breaks him down. No escape, no score, riding time at zilch. Overtime!

Sudden victory: So that was the absolute most tied a match can be so we go to sudden citory. Edsell with a DEEP single. Shallow whizzer for Freeman. They roll through, Edsell comes out on top. Another victory in sudden victory for Penn State! This one a bit less dramatic than the last. 

Penn State 19, Ohio State 3

174: Mason Manville, PSU vs #7 Ethan Smith, tOSU

1st period: Haven't seen Mason Manville yet this season but he's a solid option for when your national champ needs to sit out a match. Shot by Smith, Manville tries to roll through and pass and ankle but Smith converts. 30 seconds of riding later and Manville is out. But not for long, quick finish this time to make it 4-1. Escape and another quick level change and finish makes it 6-2. Repeat, with another low level shot and it's 8-3 with 30 seconds on the clock. That's how the period ends. 

2nd period: Smith on bottom. Half switch/half granby (or maybe I just didn't get a good look at it) and Smith reverses Manville. Riding time well over 2 minutes now. Smith guts Manville after a stalemate, then promptly takes him down to amek it 12-4. Rides out the rest of the period. 

3rd period: Manville chooses down, Smith goes optional start. Doesn't let him go though. Riding time secured. Now an escape and takedown. 14-5. Smith dominating but not working for the tech. Still 30 seconds to go. And now it's official. Smothering 15-5 major decision for Ethan Smith!

Penn State 19, Ohio State 7

184: #1 Aaron Brooks, PSU vs Rocky Jordan, tOSU

1st period: Smith and Romero moving up a weight causes Jordan to have to battle it out with Hoffman at 197 but with Romero sitting he'll have an opportunity to wrestle his old weight again. Brooks moves forward right off the whistle. He's not wasting any time getting on his offense. Down on a leg, Brooks works his way up and collects the first points of the match. Escape with a minute on the clock and 41 seconds of riding time. Brooks feasting off the restarts. Gets another takedown just like the last. Or does he? TD waived off and stalemate called. Brooks tries to score in the closing seconds but can't convert and it's just 2-1 after 3 minutes.

2nd period: Brooks starts underneath. Stands, goes right back in, has a cradle locked. Reversal points on the board. Brooks flips Jordan and a fall! Quick call but that was locked in tight. Pinfall for the reigning national champ!

Penn State 25, Ohio State 7

197: #2 Max Dean, PSU vs #20 Gavin Hoffman, tOSU

1st period: No scores after a minute. Make that two minutes. Both guys active though not much in the way of committed shots. Dean more aggressive if I had to choose but it's 0-0 at the break. 

2nd period: Hoffman is a brave man and chooses down. Hoffman able to stand up off the whistle but Dean brings him down to the mat. Still riding after a minute. Dean stays on him until short time when Hoffman is able to sit, turn in and block Dean's follow. 1-0 after 2 periods but almost 2 minutes of RT for Dean.

3rd period: Dean chooses down. Quickly gets into a scramble and throws in a boot to complete the reversal. Riding time locked up with a minute to go. Stall call after a five-count on an ankle but Dean still riding. 2-1 but really 3-1 with 43 seconds to go. Now Hoffman gets a reversal! Looked like Dean relaxed and Hoffman pounced after somersaulting with one of Dean's leg in. He can ride out to force overtime. Coach Ryan throws a brick. Not sure why. Hoffman on a leg, picks up a stall but he had one to give. 3-2 Hoffman leads. Ah, Tom Ryan wanted an escape and a takedown, not a reversal. Good brick, nothing to lose. Call on the mat confirmed. 3-2 but now 3-3 and into our third overtime match!

Sudden Victory: Action in overtime. Wonderful scramble, but potential dangerous called on Hoffman. Dean in on another shot. Hoffman holding to ankle for dear life. Scramble still going. And Dean finally comes out on top with just 24 left on the clock. Three OT wins in a row for Penn State!

Penn State 28, Ohio State 7

285: #3 Greg Kerkvliet, PSU vs #13 Tate Orndorff, tOSU

1st period: Final bout of the evening. All the ranked favorite have won with the two toss-ups between unranked wrestlers also going in Penn State favor (although you could argue Edsell would be ranked if he was starting) makes for a lopsided scoreboard. It will likely get more lopsided by then end of this match but Orndorff will at least have a say in the matter. Kerkvliet strikes first though and leads 2-0. Now 2-1, and that's how the period ends. 

2nd period: Kerkvliet starts on bottom, escapes quickly to make it 3-1. Orndorff tries to snap him down into a front headlock but Kerkvliet counters and blasts through him for two more. 5-1 with riding time ticking up. Kerkvliet gets the rideout to keep the score 5-1.

3rd period: We start in neutral. Double leg from Kerkvliet and it's 7-1, riding time locked up. Orndorff is out with a minute to go. 7-2, 8-2 with RT. Kerkvliet with bonus points within reach. There's a single leg for Kerkvliet, he'll convert, and rideout for the 10-2 major decision! Penn State dominates in a sold out Bryce Jordan!

Penn State 32, Ohio State 7

That's all for the live blog! Thanks for reading and see you next time!