NCAA Watch Party: Iowa/Minnesota

#2 Iowa vs #9 Minnesota Match Notes

#2 Iowa vs #9 Minnesota Match Notes

Updates of this classic Big Ten rivalry in real time!

Jan 8, 2022 by Andrew Spey
#2 Iowa vs #9 Minnesota Match Notes
Can't watch the classic Big Ten battle between #2 Iowa and #9 Minnesota live? Don't worry, we have you covered!

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Can't watch the classic Big Ten battle between #2 Iowa and #9 Minnesota live? Don't worry, we have you covered!

The live blog is also useful for recapping the action if you weren't able to follow along in real time. Our live blogs contain multitudes!

Action is starting at 165, so we'll end with #5 Brayton Lee vs #10 Kaleb Young. Excellent decision!

165: #4 Alex Marinelli, Iowa vs Cael Carlson, Minnesota

1st period: Shot off the whistle by Marinelli, stalemated. Carlson coming off a very solid performance at Southern Scuffle and gets the nod over Sparks, a talented second year man from California. Shot my Marinelli and quick stall call on Carlson. Marinelli was in deep by Carlson counters and gets the go behind for two. The Bull escapes to make it 2-1 with a minute left in the first. Another shot my Marinelli and he limp arms for the finish to take the lead. Carlson escapes with 20 seconds left in the period. Tied 3-3 at the break.

2nd period: Carlson chooses down. First stand up goes out of bounds. The next earns Carlson an escape and a 4-3 lead. Handfighting and some half shots from both guys that don't land. Period ends, Carlson with the one point lead. 30 seconds of RT for the Bull. 

3rd period: Marinelli on bottom. He's out in 5 seconds. Knotted up 4-4. Carlson has one stall, Marinelli none. Shot my Marinelli, into a body lock. Looking for a trip. Carlson backs away and gets out of danger. Marinelli back to a body lock. Times the footsweep perfectly and gets the takedown. Carlson had to belly out with urgency. 30 seconds to go. Carlson escapes with 20 to go, trails 6-5. Shot by Carlson, stuffed. Marinelli takes it by a point!

Great bout to start the dual. 

Iowa 3, Minnesota 0

174: #2 Michael Kemerer, Iowa vs Bailee O'Reilly, Minnesota

1st period: first action of the year for Kem Dawg. Brace on his left shoulder doesn't look like a lot of material though. Quick takedown for Kemerer. Has a navy ride on the legs. Loses the ride but has the two points secures. Rides for a little over a minute before O'Reilly escapes to make it 2-1. Short time. Level change and Kemerer finishes quickly for two more. Rides out to lead 4-1 at the break. 

2nd period: Kemerer chooses down. He's up and out, maintaining 1:27 of riding time and running the score up to 5-1. O'Reilly penalized for hands to the face. Kemerer shoots in, swing single, O'Reilly dinged for stalling and Kemerer finishes for his third takedown and now leads 8-1. Rides out the period. 

3rd period: O'Reilly takes bottom and trails by seven with riding time at 2:09. O'Reilly is out in just a few seconds. Kemerer's shoulder brace comes un-velcroed but he's refastened it in a jiffy. One minutes to go. O'Reilly shoots in, he has a leg. Kemerer defnds. Still scrambling. 8-2 the score, though riding time is locked. 20 seconds. 10, O'Reilly nearly has the takedown but match ends with no more scores. It's a 9-2 decision as Kemerer returns to action in Carver-Hawkeye Arena. 

Iowa 6, Minnesota 0

184: #19 Abe Assad, Iowa vs Sam Skillings, Minnesota

1st: Assad wastes no time blast-doubling Skillings down to the mat after a serious head snap to take a 2-0 lead. Skillings escapes after 20 seconds. Handfighting, low shot from Assad. Collar ties. Less than a minute left in the period. Single leg for Assad. He stays down on the leg, works his way up and gets the two. Quick escape in short time and it's 4-2. End of period. 

2nd period: Skillings underneath. Skillings is out in about 10 seconds, 4-3 lead for Assad. Mostly collar ties with a minute to go in the period. Another low shot by Assad. Stalling on Skillings as Assad finishes pretty for two more. Assad trying to get the ride out. Two big mat returns and the score stays at 6-3. 

3rd period: Assad underneath. Needs to get out in 19 seconds to keep riding time over a minute. He's out in 7 seconds. 7-3 Assad, RT at 1:12. Skilling trying to get on his offense but it provides an opportunity for Assad to strike again. 9-3, escapes makes it 9-4 with a minute to go. Takedown and rideout would give Assad the major. Another shot, Skillings doesn't give it up just yet. There it is. 11-4. RT locked. Needs another mat return. He gets it, and will win by major. Shane Sparks is beaming about the mat returns!

Iowa 10, Minnesota 0

197: #3 Jacob Warner, Iowa vs Michial Foy, Minnesota

1st period: Nice flurry to start the match. Warner outwrestles Foy in the exchange and scores the first points. Granby roll and scramble and Foy gets the escape as they tumble out of bounds. 2-1, 90 seconds left in the period. They mostly keep their distance for the next minute. Another good flurry and once again Warner gets the better of Foy. He leads 4-1. Warner gets the ride out too. 

2nd period: Foy starts underneath and escapes quickly. 4-2 Warner lead now. Lots of time left in the match. Alternating collar ties to some distance. Half shots from both but not much as far as level changes. Period ends, still 4-2 Warner. 

3rd period: Warner gets a try on bottom. Foy putting a decent ride on. Riding time down to just 30 seconds in Warner's favor. 1:17 on the clock after they go out of bounds. Foy needs more than a rideout though. Now Warner is out to make it 5-2. One minute to wrestle, RT not a factor. Low shot, Foy gets behind both ankles and Warner falls to his butt. That's two for Foy and we get a restart. Foy cuts him and its 6-4 with over 30 seconds to go. TD and rideout for Foy will send us to OT. Foy in on a re-attack but Warner will keep him at bay as time runs out. The comeback is not enough and Warner keeps it a clean sheet for the Hawkeyes so far. 

Iowa 13, Minnesota 0

285: #5 Tony Cassioppi, Iowa vs #1 Gable Steveson, Minnesota

1st period: Olympic champ on the mat. Slim Cass has his work cut out for him. Quick takedown for Steveson, who looks as unstoppable as ever. Escape for Cass. Snap fo the wrists for Gable and he's in on a double. Thunderous takedown to make it 4-1. Now 4-2 with the escape. Snap down and Gable locks up a cradle! Good defense by Cassioppi and he's back to referee's position. 6-2 Gable leads. Now 6-3 with an escape. Short time. Periods ends, 3 takedowns to 3 escapes. 

2nd period: Cass takes down and is up and out. Gable snaps and looks for a cradle again. He'll get two takedown and two nearfall before Cass bellies out. 10-4 now. Riding time over two minutes. Periods ends, same score. 

3rd period: It's let em up, take em down time for Steveson and he slices through Cassipoopi's defenses without difficulty. It's 14-7 now, riding time locked up. Cass gets dinged for stalling. 16-7 after another TD. Match ends and it was all Steveson. He wins by 10. Impressive stuff. Gable gets a standing ovation inside Carver-Hawkeye. Respect!

Iowa 13, Minnesota 4

125: Drake Ayala, Iowa vs #5 Pat McKee, Minnesota

1st period: Holla for Ayala! The redshirt is pulled. Third place at the Scuffle less than a week ago. And it's a slide-by for a takedown in the first 20 seconds. Ayala first points in Carver-Hawkeye! McKee escapes after 36 seconds. Another slideby for Ayala, close to a score but a chest wrap keeps him from collecting a second takedown. 2-1 still with about 90 seconds left in the period. A more conservative second half to the period and it ends, still 2-1. 

2nd period. McKee underneath. He's out before RT gets over a minute and the score is tied. Ayala in on a leg but he couldn't convert. Under a minute in the period. McKee's left leg is heavily bandaged. Crowd wants a stall call. Now they get it as Ayala shoves McKee out of bounds. On the restart McKee doubles Ayala to his back and holds him there just long enough to get two nearfall. That's what McKee needed to change momentum entirely. Rideout and its 6-2. 

3rd period: Ayala out almost immediately. 6-3. Riding time not a factor. Shot by Ayala, McKeen goes over the top, gets a stalemate and chews up about 30 valuable seconds. One minute to go, still 6-3. Well timed reattack by McKee and he takes Ayaa down to make it 8-3. That puts Ayala in a deep hole late. Ayala out. 8-4, 30 seconds to go. McKee with a stall warning but he can give up a point without having to sweat. Flurry, Ayala gets the two but its as time expires so end result is the same. 8-6 and McKee goes 3-0 against Ayala this season, spoiling his Carver-Hawkeye debut. 

Iowa 13, Minnesota 7

133: #3 Austin DeSanto, Iowa vs #21 Jake Gliva, Minnesota

1st period: ADS looks to get this going back in the Hawkeyes' favor. He attacks, as is his fashion, and collects two. Gliva out and its 2-1 after a minute of wrestling. DeSanto keeps shooting. He scores two takedowns in the next minute. 6-2 is the score. Minnesota throws the challenge brick. Looks like Coach Eggum is saying DeSanto had locked hands. 54 ticks left in the first period. And after a lengthy review its a locked hands on DeSanto. 6-3 is the score, 1:04 goes on the clock, RT at 30. Optional start, Gliva gets another point. Gliva on a shot. It's stuffed. DeSanto keeps attacking, but can't get through Gliva's defenses before time runs out in the period. 6-4 still.

2nd period: Gliva on bottom. DeSanto throws in a leg. Stalemated. Now Gliva's out, 6-5 is the score, 58 seconds of RT. Pace slowing down. Restart, low shot off the whistle for DeSanto. Gliva gets his hips back. Short time. Period ends. 

3rd period: DeSanto's turn on bottom. Austin sits, turns in and is free. Two point lead for DeSanto. Riding time not a factor. DeSanto's attack rate slows down. Gliva not with a lot of shots either though. There's a stall on DeSanto. Gliva needs a takedown. Not gonna get it without a committed shot. And time runs out, DeSanto holds on for the decision.

Started as a typical DeSanto match but maybe that challenge threw him off his game? Credit to Gliva for keeping it close, though. 

Iowa 16, Minnesota 7

141: #2 Jaydin Eierman, Iowa vs #13 Jake Bergeland, Minnesota

1st period: Shot off the whistle and Eierman down blocks and spins right around for the takedown. Bergeland escapes after 12 seconds, 2-1 Eierman. Action slows. Bergeland taking ground. They go out of bounds but Eierman pivoted in time to avoid the stall call. No more scores in the first. 

2nd period: Eireman chooses down. He's out in no time. 3-1. Lots of time left in the match, riding time not a factor. Bergeland taking ground again. Out of bounds but once again, no stall. Now. flurry and it's Eierman who gets the go-behind. Great gyro as always for Jaydin. Gets the rideout and it's 5-1 after the clutch TD. 

3rd period: Bergeland back on bottom. Eierman doesn't need to ride long to get the RT clock over a minute. Which he's now done. Eierman with a boot in keeping Bergland stuck on the mat. Bergeland finally free but less than a minute to wrestle. Riding time locked up. 5-2 but really 6-2 in favor of Eierman. Bergeland pressuring in but Eierman fends him off. And that'll do it, 6-2 final for Eierman! All but locks up the dual for Iowa as well. 

Iowa 19, Minnesota 7

149: #10 Max Murin, Iowa vs #23 Michael Blockhus, Minnesota

1st period: Cautious first 90 seconds by both wrestlers. Collar ties and hand fighting. And it's a tactical first period as donuts remain on the board. As tied as a match can be going into the second period. 

2nd period: Blockhus takes down. He's out in 10 seconds and breaks the goose egg on the Gopher side of the scoreboard. They go out of bounds with a minute and three left in the period. Things slow down to a medium pace and it's 1-0 as the period ends. 

3rd period: Murin's turn underneath and he's out in 5 seconds. 1-1, riding time not a factor, and chances are won't be a factor. Will we get our first OT match? Blockhus on a shot. Murin squares up and avoids giving up the takedown. Another deep shot by Blockhus but its parried by Murin again. Another flurry, things are heating up! Back to neutral, still 1-1. 30 seconds left in regulation. Single leg for Murin. 10 seconds to finish. And he gets it! Murin score the go-ahead takedown with seconds to spare. 

Iowa 22, Minnesota 7

157: #10 Kaleb Young, Iowa vs #5 Brayton Lee, Minnesota

1st period: And for the evening's finale, a top 10 matchup! Flurry off the whistle but back to neutral. No scores after a minute. Throwby for Young. Lee has to fight to not go to his back. It's a takedown for Young. Lee escapes almost immediately though. 2-1, Young leads with over a minute left in the first period. That's how the period ends.

2nd period: Young chooses bottom. he's out in about 4 seconds. 3-1 lead for the Hawkeye from Punxsutawney, PA. Brayton looking for a reattack. Kaleb scoots out of danger. 30 seconds left in the period. And we go to the final frame of regulation wrestling.

3rd period: Lee on bottom. Mat return for Young. Make it two. And a third as they go out of bounds. No points for those returns but Young keeps Lee from escaping and keeps the riding time clock ticking in his favor. Lee to his feet again on the restart. Young trying to keep control. Gets dinged for stalling. And Lee escapes to make it 3-2. Riding time at 57 seconds. That won't matter since Brayton needs a takedown anyway. And Lee chases Young down for the takedown. Clutch from Brayton. 4-3 lead for Lee as they go out of bounds. 15 seconds. Yougn to his feet, standing granby. Lee grabs hold of a leg. They'll stay in the scramble as time expires. Lee holds on for the 4-3 victory. Intense match to close out the dual. 

Iowa 22, Minnesota 10

That'll do it. Thanks for reading and apologies for the typos. We'll see you next time!